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Tips To Getting Perfect Anime Makeup Look

Have you people ever tried anime makeup? It urges many of you to give it a try. Don’t worry. We are not bringing you all the complicated designs. We have tried to share the most straightforward techniques. Everyone should know the perfect anime makeup looks, and here we are going to reveal the top 20 Anime Makeup Looks that you will all go to try for the parties or Halloween season. 

  • Hinata Makeup

Hinata Makeup 


The best way to create anime makeup looks is to use fake eyelashes. This is known as one of the best anime inspired makeup looks and you are not required to use massive makeup essentials for this only concealer can do the job perfectly. Hide the eyebrows and apply the powder. Black eyeshadow will be the best to recreate the eyebrows. To give some detailing to eyes use black eyeliner. You are ready to go for the party. 

  • Ino Makeup

Ino Makeup

Well, if it is difficult to find such an anime look suitable for all face shapes, then Ino makeup has reduced the trouble. Apply powder and get the eyeshadow in brick color to paint eyebrows and eyelids. Black eyeliner can define the eyes more, and this makeup look has been a favorite of many of you for so long. 

  • Sakura Makeup

Sakura Makeup

Sakura Makeup is all about techniques; you need to learn the right makeup technique. Use a concealer or a powder to recreate the look with dark and pink eyeshadow. You can also apply mascara to the eyes to define the look more. Always use it on eyelids, and to create the right anime makeup look, delineate your eyes using black eyeliner. 

  • Spirited Makeup 

Sakura Makeup

Are you one of those who love watching Studio Ghibli movies? Spirited makeup would remind you of that. This is a cute anime makeup look, and this look is simple to achieve with eyeliner on the lids and to paint colorful stars on the cheeks. It’s the cutest thing you might have ever seen, and those who wish to go for something unique can have this for summer evenings to show a playful look. 

  • Tsuyu Asui Makeup

Tsuyu Asui Makeup

This makeup technique can be created using powder and a good amount of black eyeliner to get a defined look. Don’t forget to apply a little foundation and powder on the skin to get a radiant face. You can get more anime makeup ideas from this inspiration. 

  • Mikasa Makeup

Mikasa Makeup

Mikasa makeup is a great option to look good; you can have this in various situations. Create this anime makeup look by using concealer and powder. Delineate the eyes by going for black eyeliner and drawing eyelashes. Always choose the right foundation, contour, powder, and baby pink lipstick. 

  • Neferpitou Makeup

Neferpitou Makeup

You will find this makeup a bit different; to create this look, you must work on your eyebrows to hide them properly. Use contact lenses and black eyeliner for the eyelids. 

  • Mina Makeup Look

Mina Makeup Look

To all those who want to create a Mina Makeup look, they should have to paint all their face with pink color. You must make sure while drawing eyebrows on black and using black eyeliner. Apply the mascara and give it a finishing touch with some pink and brown eyeshadows. 

  • Sailor Moon Makeup

Sailor Moon Makeup

The Sailor Moon anime makeup look is the best which you can imagine. This look is pretty fantastic and can be applied easily as well. Create this look and start with moisturizer, then correct the imperfections with the corrector. Apply the foundation and powder. Define the eyes with white eyeshades at the lower line and apply black eyeliner. 

  •  Pikachu Makeup 

Pikachu Makeup

Pikachu Makeup gives you a unique look. Paint your eyes by starting from the lower eyelid or use a mac white and black paint for this. Paint with a yellow color over the face; when you are done with this, you should paint the nose black and the upper lips. 

  •  Harley Quinn Makeup

Harley Quinn Makeup

Harley Quinn draws the eyebrows with dark brown pencils and creates the perfect Harley Quinn makeup look. Paint the left eye with blue. You can blur it with some black color to enhance the appearance. 

  •  Maleficent Anime Makeup

Maleficent Anime Makeup

This is the best anime makeup look that you can go for. Apply the cheeks prosthetics instead of moisturizing and concealer. Use contour on your face with some brown color. 

  •  Yuno Gasai Makeup

Yuno Gasai Makeup

An anime makeup look is a great option that you can go for. These anime makeup inspirations can be easily created. Hide your eyebrows and then recreate these in pink. Put on your favorite contact lenses and apply some pink eyeshadow. Blur it with some brown color. 

  •  Nezuko Makeup

Nezuko Makeup

This look can be easily created by adding contact lenses. Use numerous nude eyeshadow, and you can delineate the through black color.

  •  Raphtalia Makeup

Raphtalia Makeup

Raphtalia Makeup look can help to create this look by hiding eyebrows through the concealer. You can get help from powder and recreate this look; trust me, you will have the best anime makeup looks. 

  •  Hisoka Makeup

Hisoka Makeup

This is one of the favorite looks of everyone these times, and people have been taking inspiration from this look more often. You need to apply sharp graphic eyeliner a nude lipstick. This look definitely should try.

  •  Asta


Cheska’s stunning graphic eyeliner makeup look is used in Asta from Black clover. You can take it as inspiration or exaggerate the eye look. 

  •  Spider Demon

Spider Demon

Spider demon from the anime Demon slayer paired this look with frosty eyebrows, which we need to install. The perfect way to show off the intricate makeup skills for anime. 

  •  Chrollo Lucifer

Chrollo Lucifer

If you are planning to go to cosplay this summer then you can create this look from the most famous villain of the world. Reversed cross symbol and red blood dripping scar, paired with bold winged eyeliner as well as thick lashes.

  •  Blue Period

Blue Period

The blue period look is the most stunning appearance. People who want to recreate the appearance of a pop of color on the eyes should give it a try. 

Final thoughts

These are the best anime makeup looks we have gathered for you. Always make sure you have chosen the right anime look through makeup. Do let us know which makeup appearance you find more attractive and best for you. 


What does testing makeup on animals look like?

Some makeup such as shampoos, sunscreens and anti-acne creams which are considered drugs and usually tested on animals to comply with FDA drug testing requirements.

How to look anime without makeup?

  1. Download the snap chat app.
  2. Open the snapchat app on mobile device.
  3. Search for the anime style filter on snapchat
  4. Turn Yourself into an animated character

How to look like an anime character makeup?

All you need to do is to apply concealer and foundation. Add eye primer and do makeup as it is you want to give yourself a character appearance. Use eyeshadow and brush on eyeshadow around the eyes to give the exact look. 

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