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Tips To Prepare For Your Property Inspection

When you have listed your house and found a buyer for your property, you are not ready to pack and move all your boxes. You should be well prepared for the property inspection at first. The building inspections in Adelaide can provide you with some tips to prepare for your property inspection. 

Check Issues, If Any:

If there are major issues on your property, you should be aware of those. Problems can be electrical lines or sewage, termite infestations, structural issues, and many others. Any of the major issues can reduce the price of the property. So you should be aware before putting up the price to ensure a profitable sale.

Make a Checklist of Property Conditions:

You can always make a checklist of various property features before the property inspector starts checking. Your list may include bathroom, electrical, roof, ground, exterior, plumbing, kitchen, doors, etc. You should mention the condition of each of the features and also write down whether repairs are required or not.

Take Professional Help:

If you are not experienced in inspections and property sales, you can take help from trusted professionals. The real estate professionals have experience in selling properties, and therefore they can be of great help for you. The BPI Adelaide can guide you through the property inspection process.

Never Avoid Minor Issues:

You should never ignore the minor issues within your property. The minor issues may include outdated units, garage doors, lights, and appliances. You can always update and repair the minor issues before selling your property. Sometimes the smaller things get so negatively noticed that all the bigger positive things get overlooked. So before presenting in front of the inspector or the buyer, you should fix all the minor issues of your property.


Before the inspection, you should declutter your property. Ensure that the inspectors have easy access to the electrical panels, basements, and attics. All the appliances should be turned on for a smooth inspection process.

Clean The Property:

A clean property is always easier to sell compared to a dirty one. You can clean the property before the inspection process so that the inspectors can easily approve the property for selling.

Never Hide:

You should never hide any issues from the inspector. When you are filling out the disclosure form, you should disclose all the issues known to you. You should not intentionally try hiding issues inside your property. Your inspector will eventually find them. You should not lose the trust of the inspectors and the buyers.


During the inspection, it is a good idea to leave your property. To achieve cosiness in the property, you can read here. Your presence may cause various hindrances to the inspectors, and therefore they should be left alone on the property.


The building inspections in Adelaide can go smoothly if you can prepare yourself with the above-mentioned tips. If you have minor issues that can be repaired, you should repair them before the inspection process starts. You should disclose all the defects you are aware of and never hide anything related to the property.

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