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Tips to Reduce PFAS in Drinking Water

PFA stands for polyfluoroalkyl substances and is a synthetic chemical used to make products like nonstick pans, clothing, and furniture. Unfortunately, PFAs have made their way into our drinking water. These chemicals interfere with hormones, immune systems and the development of fetuses in humans and animals.

PFOA and PFOS are two chemicals that were used in manufacturing. They were found in some of the previous industries that produced these two chemicals. Eventually, they became a regular part of the environment and ended up in water supplies as well. While it is important to focus on eliminating these chemicals from personal care products, it is equally important to ensure that these are not found in drinking water too.

How Can You Reduce PFA Drinking Water?

Drinking water is the thing that goes in a maximum amount in your body, and drinking water with PFA can cause several diseases. You can take steps to reduce your exposure to PFAS in drinking water.

Use an Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filter is a new technique used for PFAS water treatment. These activated carbon particles neutralize the PFA components in water and make water safe for your drinking.

Avoid Non-stick Pots, Pans and Other Kitchen Items

Throw out or recycle non-stick pans that have scratches or peeling because those layers of the non-stick are made out of PFA with Teflon mixed. Cooking in that kitchenware is very dangerous as it might get mixed with the food.

Avoid Microwavable Popcorn

Microwavable popcorns and heavily packaged foods are stored in packets made of PFA, which is likely to get mixed with it and will be taken in by us without even knowing what we are eating.

Look at the Label on Takeout Boxes

Fast-food containers and to-go cups contain PFA as they are made for packaging food, but some might not be made with it as well. So, you should check those takeout boxes before you throw them away.

Avoid Water Repellent Fabric Treatments

Water repellent fabric treatments are the ones that have a high amount of PFA in them. Even though it is water repellent, it still gets mixed with water to some extent and people get exposed to it unknowingly. 

Choose Personal Care Products 

Personal care products without PFA ingredients, like PTFE, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) or PFOS, are always the best choice. When overexposed to these might cause you cancer and other hazardous diseases.

Using Different Methods for Treating Drinking Water Before Supply

Membrane Systems Australia uses methods like ion exchange treatment and high-pressure membrane treatment for the process of PFAS water treatment for drinking water before supplying it to common people for drinking purposes.


PFAS are an emerging class of contaminants and are receiving increased public attention in Canada and elsewhere. Although it is difficult to fully eliminate PFAS compounds from drinking water sources, there are ways to significantly reduce their presence in tap water through a combination of treatment processes and operational control methods.

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