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Tips To Reduce PFAS in Drinking Water

Around 70% of the Earth has water while the human body contains 60% of water. The noteworthiness of water cannot be denied. Having adequate amounts of water reduces the risk of suffering the pain induced by kidney stones. It keeps the body hydrated, resulting in flawless skin and loss of weight PFAS Water Treatment.

Water also aids in forming saliva in the mouth. This saliva helps to break down food into smaller parts. It is also required and used by every cell of the body for diurnal activities. Apart from drinking 2 liters of water every day, one can elevate water levels in the body by eating fruits enriched in water for example oranges and watermelons.

Here are the following steps to be taken for PFAS Water Treatment in one’s drinking water:

(1)First and foremost, we should be aware of PFAS and find out as much as we can about the same. Being aware of hazardous chemicals shields us as well as our loved ones from many untoward diseases.

(2)We should not put water on the stove to boil, since it concentrates the levels of PFAS. Higher concentration levels of PFAS further activate toxic microbes. Water when contaminated by microbes can cause various diseases namely cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, and typhoid. 

(3)  We should use bottled water for consumption since there is no danger of the presence of these hazardous chemicals.

(4)One can install a PFAS Water Treatment under the sink. We should take care to update our filters frequently. In order to have longevity devoid of illnesses, proper treatment of drinking water is vital.

(5)One should not pour the PFAS contaminated water on the garden’s vegetables. This is to prevent the influx of contaminants in our kitchen.

(6)We should be careful while using non-stick pans for cooking. These pans should not be heated excessively. Neither should they be scrubbed aggressively.

(7)We should avoid buying and consuming fish from places contaminated by PFAS. Hence we can steer clear of bioaccumulation altogether.

(8)Parents of newborn babies should resort to formulas for the baby where it isn’t required to add water. No risk should be taken with respect to the health of an infant.

(9) Breastfeeding is the apt decision to take in this case since recent research has shed light on the fact that, although PFAS travel from the blood onto the breast milk, the benefits obtained from breastfeeding are fundamental for the child’s growth. More so, the gains achieved from breastfeeding are way higher than the ill effects of these contaminants.

Now You Know!

By now, we are well aware of the side effects of PFAS and in accordance with our knowledge, Membrane Systems Australia advises its readers to be farther away from an environment reeking of its mere presence. There are a few tips that can be utilized in case one is subjected to its existence. Deploying these techniques will come in handy as it has been rightly said that a stitch in time saves nine.

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