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Tips to score A1 for your O Level Chemistry Exam

Have you tried all of your efforts to score A1 for your O Level Chemistry Exam? But still, failed to get your desired marks? Don’t worry as the teacher of Miracle Learning Centre have crafted an easy to follow solution for all of you with their years of experience in teaching O Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore. Almost a much bigger part of the students, who look forward to achieving A1 in Chemistry courses, have been found to end up with poor results. The reason behind this may be very common. It is mostly because they only dream about getting a high score in their exams but technically, they are not willing to put all their effort and hard work which is required to help them reach their goals.

After several analysis, we have listed down the most important points which will help you to achieve an A1 in chemistry very easily. With these images, you can witness a change in your concepts and understandings, in no time.

Create Questions out of Paragraphs

When you create your question, it is considered to be the most efficient and useful strategy for clearing any doubts you are having about the topic. A lot of students try to cram the topics and do not try to create any ideas as they are more focused on the marks only. Try writing maximum questions that can be asked from that subsection when you are reading a paragraph on a topic. This can help you in having a much better concept and making these topics easy to memorize. You will also no more require a book.

Appear in online and offline tests about that topic

Teachers usually take offline tests which are the pen and paper exams. The online tests are those which you can take online over the internet about any particular topic. Why is it important to take tests? No matter how many preparations have been done, you cannot check your progress until you take a rest. Tests offer you clear ideas about the kind of question which can be asked in the exam and also your memory will become sharper when you take frequent tests. You must focus on learning during a test. It means that you need to notice how the question id made out of that topic and compare it with the question which you have done while studying. It is ultimately all about practice as you will become more confident with the more tests you take.

Collect and remember punch points of each topic

Now you may think about what are the punch points? These are those keywords that an examiner will definitely like to expect in the answer sheet. These are the points which are very much important in the topics and the topic is completely incomplete without them. You can use proper sentences and also try to write specific topic-oriented phrases which make the content high. You may try to present your answers in a very structured manner with sufficient elaboration of the most important points.

Revise the entire book on the night before the final exam

Most of the students fail to score A1 as they do not revise the things properly. If you clearly follow these three steps, you will be in a much strong position for revising the articles quickly as you have the keywords and questions which are written in your notebook.

The revising strategy is to look at the name of the topic for painting a picture of the topic inside your head and also take a good look at the keyword and the concept that is underlying with all possible questions. Once you have done all of that, you can expect to be in a good position.

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