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To Visit In Connecticut On Your Best Places USA Vacation

In New England, Connecticut is a tiny state with several various attractions, stunning natural scenery, banquet halls, flea market, and museums. The establishment of Yale University became an early education center and today its museums of art and natural history are among the best in the Northeast. There are also many interesting historical sites and cultural relics to Visit In Connecticut.

Many of these, linked to the rich heritage of the seafarers of the city. The early roots and contributions of the Native Americans, who still have a history operating in Connecticut. These are the top attractions for visitors today. I’m sure you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you arent looking out for a vacation in Connecticut. So, check out some of the top places to visit in Connecticut on your vacation and Book your flight ticket by Visit Cheap Flights To Florida now and enjoy your vacation in the Best Places To Visit In Connecticut On Your USA Vacation. 

Mystic Seaport

One of the top places to visit in Connecticut! Mystic Seaport, a distinct maritime museum situated in the picturesque village of Mystic, at which Mystic River flows into Long Island Sound. This explains America’s early maritime legacy and the days Mystic was an important maritime harbor.

Most of the museum consists of his excellent floating art collection, including Charles W. Morgan, the only surviving wooden whaling ship in the world. The attraction for tourists is that they can go ashore, discover and see 500 historical vessels of various dimensions and sizes. His magnificent Museum of the Seaport is not only the city’s most popular sight but also the state.


On the riverbank of Norwalk, almost a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean, the town has a proud sea past. You find much of its biggest attractions on its decaying, but vibrant coastline. Although there are many stores and restaurants, the most spectacular of them is an aquarium. The place is home to various colorful fish and marine mammals, besides a few museums and art centers. An IMAX film is also available.

Wadsworth Falls State Park

Wadsworth Falls State Park is a famous 285-acre park in Connecticut, which extends between Middletown and Middlefield. This park provides spectacular walks for walking and mountain biking along the magnificent banks of the river Coginchaug surrounded by thick hemlocks and oaks. The river has excellent fishing opportunities.

Wadsworth Falls State Park is especially famous in the summer thanks to the grills used in cookouts. One path goes over a narrow bridge and finishes at the Wadsworth Drop, 30 feet high, with a further 52 feet of water running across the sandstone bordering on the path, drying up the air and making this walk very fun. There is also a public pool in the park. Don’t miss out to visit this place, as it’s a must on anyone’s list of places to visit in Connecticut!


Greenwich is known worldwide as one of the safest places to live in the United States for a specific reason. One of the city’s most prominent annual activities is the Greenwich International Film Festival, and Bruce Museum and Audubon Centre. It’s an excellent way to spend the romantic weekend in one of the lovely victorian B&Bs or a fast ride to the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk with youngsters.

For anybody who needs love for shopping, Greenwich Avenue is a must. A perfect mixture of art and science exhibits is the Bruce Museum. Greenwich Point Park is an outstanding location, with thousands of walking trails, a fine sand beach, and breathtaking views of the iconic New York City.

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Roseland Cottage

The Roseland Cottage, also called The Pink House, was Henry’s and Lucy Bowen’s summer home and young families because of its iconic hue. It’s a gothic modern structure built with beautiful gables, elegant barge boards, and decorative chimney pots as determined by the fashion of the time.

The house is a fine example of the Gothic Revival style, which was common in the mid-1840s, with a steep roof, pointed gables, and an intricately carved design underneath the eves. The best of it has survived and tourists will still enjoy it as an example of traditional Victorian over-indulgence. The house and gardens are historical landmarks in the region.

Saville Dam

This place will never be missed out on any list of places to visit in Connecticut! In the Barkhamsted reservoir, Saville Dam has the case that is called Connecticut’s most beautiful man-made wonder. For Hartford, Connecticut the reservoir is the primary source of water.

The dam became functional in May 1940, as the Barkhamsted Station took eight additional years to complete. The dam is the largest water supply for the city of Hartford, Connecticut, and is named for its chief engineer Caleb Mills Saville. On Route318 there’s a scenic parking area with a wonderful view of the spillway and reservoir and several great walking trails.

Ender Falls

Enders Falls is a series of five separate waterfalls in the 2000-acre Enders State Forest next to Granby. One of the greatest things to do in the entire state is a stroll across the gentle Enders Brook. The gap from the trailhead to the lowest decline is just 150 feet.

The largest cascade is about 30 feet long. For those wishing to appreciate the natural scenery of Connecticut, the Campbell Falls State Park in Norfolk and the Bigelow Hollow State Park in Union are also nearby. On a hike through the woods, you can reach Ender very easily and the main road leading to the falls remains well protected.


Last but not the least, Harford is another place on the list of top places to visit in Connecticut! Hartford is Connecticut’s capital and one of New England’s largest towns. The city is often closely associated with the written word and literacy. The once exciting publication industry drew prominent stars such as Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe to Hartford.

It’s a new city with more than 40 fantastic restaurants and beautifully varied houses, hidden away from tradition. Besides tourists will admire the many historic old buildings in the area, visited fascinating museums devoted to the life and works of these famous writers.

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Places to Go in CT: Old Saybrook 

A lovely old town snuggled on the banks of the Connecticut River where it merges with the Long Island Sound, Old Saybrook dates to 1635 when it was just a Saybrook Plantation independent colony. Incorporated in 1854, Old Saybrook is the place where Yale University was founded as the Collegiate School and the place where people from Boston and New York come during the weekend to enjoy the colorful marinas, great beaches, and lovely Main Street with its eclectic shops and restaurants.

If you are traveling with kids, they will love the mini-golf at Saybrook Point and the historic Saybrook Breakwater Light. Try to catch a performance at the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center and Theater, take a bike ride along the river, or try several kinds of fudge on Main Street.

Stonington, Connecticut

Stonington is a charming, historic port town with a turbulent history and a lovely historic downtown full of lavish Victorian mansions and beautiful views of ships of all sizes in its colorful harbor. The best place to learn about Stonington sealing, whaling, and farming history is Old Lighthouse Museum. Just next to the lighthouse is a magnificent Victorian mansion that belonged to the famous Captain Nathaniel Brown Palmer.

Enjoy the views of Stonington Harbor and Fishers Island Sound from small but lovely Dubois Beach. Let New England Science and Sailing take you boating, kayaking, or canoeing. Exploring Stonington vineyards, such as Stonington and Saltwater Farm, will give you a different perspective of the city.

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