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Top 10 Creative Networking Ideas for Virtual Events

Networking is an important reason why people visit on-site events; how can one best implement that when we talk about digital events? Virtual events allow attendees to be a part of the online event from any remote location according to your convenience through any device.

Networking between the participants is an essential part in making your virtual event prosperous. When you are visiting an event in a remote environment, networking between the participants, hosts, speakers, and organizers becomes even more valuable. It can seem a little difficult to discover networking strategies for your virtual event, but we’ll help you with some vital ideas.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Event gamification components, such as a virtual scavenger hunt, can enhance the way of promoting networking at your virtual event.

Help the virtual attendees make teams for competing in a scavenger hunt. These teams will have to travel the virtual event space to find things on a list. This will not only promote networking among team members but will also boost the participants to show interest and engage with the event content.

Imagine practicing this networking approach at a virtual conference or trade show where we can keep the attendees involved and minimize the chances of distraction.

Send teams searching for particular items or data that can only be achieved by connecting with those operating the virtual booths or by visiting particular sessions and demonstrations.

Virtual Gathering Spaces

As an event organizer, you’re well informed that visitors often mingle and connect outside the designated spaces and activities. Though these networking experiences aren’t always possible at virtual events, you can build them. Make sure your virtual event space has a virtual entryway or room where attendees can lounge around in between sessions.

Pre-event Contest

At times we can expect efficient networking to occur before the commencement of the event. Prompting audiences to share something special regarding themselves or details about their modern business needs can assure that participants start the event with the notion of interacting with other virtual attendees. It can be a friendly start and lead the event to a successful path.

Whether the pre-event engagement is entertaining or more business-focused, occupying guests to interact and connect before the event starts can allow the audience to get to understand others as well as promote better engagement throughout the event.

Incorporate AI Matchmaking Innovations

We cannot ignore the fact that for an online event, networking is a little difficult compared to physical events. During any physical event, verbal communication and body language perform a significant role, for a virtual space, it’s a completely different scenario. Attendees might face an unusual challenge that serves as a barrier in their communication or engagement. This does not let the brand delegates connect with the curious attendees and vice versa. To resolve this problem efficiently, you must include AI matchmaking tools.

This feature designs an efficient list that includes information about the attendees and their respective areas of interest. It permits all the attendees & exhibitors to interact conveniently with the other virtual members having similar interests by suggesting the right prospects. Also, they can plan a productive meeting with them based on their requirements. It promotes the entire event and makes networking experiences a favorable meeting for both parties.

Build Community

Urging participants to interact during virtual sessions is a bonus that begins with networking virtually, a specialty that in-person events cannot provide. At on-site events, having side conversations with other participants during a live conference or discussion can be challenging but with digital break-out rooms, the private community lets you engage with others conveniently.

During your virtual events, begin conversations with inquiries regarding the speaker or the subject of discussion. This will drive the audience to interact and hear from one another that will form relationships that might have been impossible otherwise.

Forming Social Media Groups

Social media platforms are beneficial for event marketing and creating excitement among everyone in advance, they are also useful for sustaining networking prospects during and after the events.

By forming private groups and adding attendees, you can continue the conversations even after the event has concluded. Facebook is an ideal choice for this idea. Make a group and ask essential questions that will improve audience engagement and participation chances. With passing time, the group members will naturally begin to connect, decreasing the requirement for more facilitation or oversight.

Another good approach is to set up a Twitter feed for your virtual event and likewise a group of participants on LinkedIn as well.

Creating more groups is directly proportional to more accommodation. Participants will have social media choices and because your online event can attract a broader audience as compared to a live event, utilizing various platforms will assure that no stone is left unturned.

Creative Storytelling

Whether it’s a real story, historic, or a tale, storytelling enables attendees to communicate enjoyably. Mercat Tours, a storytelling and walking tour organization in Scotland, has created the strategy mentioned above, where they have virtualized their in-person travel experiences. An outstanding virtual storyteller explores methods to involve the audience, either by colluding on a story or asking them to share their narratives.

Virtual House Band

A show from a musician can act as an interesting way to help keep the attendees engaged. Even more helpful: Hire a performer who can change the concert into a great interactive networking experience. That’s the strategy of various companies that aim at engagement during virtual events and gatherings.

Coffee Talk

Grabbing coffee is a well-known way for individuals to interact and share their industry requirements, so discovering a method to incorporate that into the virtual space can be a useful approach to encourage communication between participants.

When any participant registers for the event, they get the Coffee Chat Community Members List as well as a coffee kit with a choice of four distinct artisanal coffees along with a french press. “The panel will present themselves to the crowd and speak on some important points to start the event,” describes Henry Guttilla, executive creative director for Virtual With Us. “Once the meeting is done, Coffee Chats may start. This will enable attendees to connect and perform one-on-one face time with attendees.”

A more casual coffee chat period, programmed before or between meetings or education sessions in a separate virtual room can offer a more easygoing approach for attendees to interact with one another.

Virtual Cocktail Hour

For most digital audiences, gazing at your device’s screen all day is tiring. Mix and match things by including a fun or enjoyable session. To promote greater attendance and cooperation, you can send each virtual participant a unique gift. You can give a small bottle of wine, constituents for a custom cocktail, or just a craft beer example.

Engage local supporters by having them provide these pieces or put their names on them. Remember to be polite and efficient in this case and provide an alcohol-free alternative. Choices and details can be collected via registration.

You can also add a theme to the cocktail hour and ask attendees to dress up accordingly for the event. This provides remote audiences an opportunity to showcase their creativity while attending and interacting with other participants.


With the adoption of virtual space, you can still connect to the latest business events and vital relationships without visiting an in-person event.

Use the above-mentioned ideas on how to interact with attendees at virtual events to enjoy the advantages of virtual experiences in building modern, significant connections.

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