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Top 16 modular wardrobe designs for modern home

One of the really crucial aspects of your home is your wardrobes. You spend a lot of time in there getting ready for work, school, or any other event that requires dressing up. So it’s only right that you make your wardrobe as stylish and comfortable as possible. Any better method to execute this instead of through modular design? Modular wardrobes are unique pieces that can be designed to fit into any type or style of room. They come in various colors and sizes so they easily blend into the background without taking away from the décor around them. You’ll never be short on storage anymore owing to modular designs! Here are 16 modular wardrobe designs that will inspire you to finally organize your closets.

1. The white wardrobe

These modular wardrobes come in sets of 5, allowing you to add as much storage space as possible. They’re made out of wood and steel so they’re incredibly sturdy and will last years on end. The white color allows them to easily blend into any room without standing out too much. These modular wardrobe designs are common in bedrooms and walk-in closets due to their spacious nature.

2. Glass wardrobe designs

These glass modular wardrobes help reduce clutter by allowing you to see exactly what’s inside at a glance. This provides the benefit of having to look over stacks of stuff to find whatever you need. They come in sets of 3, each one offering twice as much storage space as traditional cabinets. The spacious shelves allow you to store purses, boots, clothes, and accessories out in the open, saving you lots of time when getting ready in the morning.

3. The square wardrobe

If square modular wardrobes are your style then this is the design for you! Made from either wood or glass these sturdy pieces are practical in any room. They can be stacked in sets to help you save space. Modular wardrobes are perfect for getting organized in the bedroom, but keep in mind that they can easily double as closets in any other part of your home!

4. The double wardrobe Designs

These large modular wardrobes are perfect for rooms with lots of storage space to spare. They’re available in sets of 4, each offering two times the amount of storage compared to regular cabinets. You won’t have to worry about major damage or fallen racks because these designs are formed of glass and wood. You can  get these types of modular wardrobes in a wide range of colors and styles to match the decor around them.

5. The wooden wardrobe Designs

Modular wardrobe designs made out of wood are practical and stylish at the same time. To compliment the design of your bedroom, restroom, or even living space, you may select from a number of wooden colours and patterns. These pieces come in sets of 5 so you’ll never run out of space when storing clothes and accessories. The double doors allow for easy access to everything inside without having to dig through piles like regular cabinets. And the best part is that these stylish cabinets double as stunning furniture so you won’t have to hide them away!

6. The mirrored wardrobe designs

These modular wardrobes set out to provide plenty of storage and lots of space. They come in sets of 3, each with 2 large shelves and a sizable door. These mirrors allow for easy organization so you’ll always be able to find the clothes that are in your collection. You can use them in any room of the house, not just bedrooms!

7. The wooden wardrobe with glass doors

This wardrobe is made out of wood and steel for an incredibly smooth look and feel. The mirrored windows give enormous internal storage while keeping a magnificent appearance. All doors and shelves come with full-length mirrors so you can easily check yourself out without having to find a wall or window nearby.

8. The multifunctional wardrobe

This is a great modular wardrobe design if you’re looking for something practical with lots of space to spare. Since these items are built of wood and glass, they will enhance the remaining of your room’s design. They come in sets of 3 where each one offers twice as much storage space as traditional cabinets! Each set is built to last so you won’t have to worry about cracks or any other structural damage.

9. The sleek dark wood design

These dark wood cabinets look incredibly stylish. They’re made out of solid walnut wood so they’re sturdy enough to last for years on end, but also lightweight enough that you can move them around if you need to.   The dark wood color is perfect for matching with existing furniture. This type of modular wardrobe design works great in small bedrooms, living rooms, or walk-in closets.

10. Double rail rack

This double rail design is perfect for those of you who aren’t extremely tall. It offers lots of storage space and comes with three shelves so you can keep your clothes organized from day one. They’re also made to be super sturdy so they won’t shake or wobble as you move around them. The best part is that these pieces are extremely easy to assemble so you won’t have to worry about hiring someone to do it for you.

11. The dark wood rack with mirror panels

This is a sleek wardrobe design that looks cool and modern! It’s made out of solid ash wood so it’s both sturdy and lightweight. You can adjust the height of each shelf to fit your needs. Two large drawers will help you store all of your accessories while the large mirror panels allow you to check yourself out without needing a mirror nearby. This is one of the largest modular wardrobe designs on the market so it’s perfect for anyone looking for some extra storage space.

12. The rotating mirror cabinets

These designs are great for people who need to maximize their use of floor space. They’re made with three fixed shelves, but the drawers on both sides make them super easy to move around! This is perfect if you have limited storage room and need something that can be used in many different places.

13. The traditional wardrobe

This traditional wardrobe design is made with solid ash wood and comes in a beige color. It features two drawers on top for your accessories while the bottom is designed to hold large items like coats or shoes. This set contains 6 pieces so you’ll have plenty of storage space without worrying about running out! This is yet one more great alternative for those who need additional storing space. This design not only looks stylish, but also offers lots of room to store clothes, shoes, coats, bags etc.

14. The open-plan closet 

This type of wardrobe design is perfect for those of you who prefer an open-plan look. It comes with 3 large drawers, 2 smaller drawers, and 4 shelves which makes it easy to organize all of your clothes into neat little piles. You can also easily remove the racks if you need even more space to move around! If you’re looking for a design that will allow you to add or subtract pieces as your storage needs change, these modular wardrobes are perfect for your home. They also feature lots of light so you’ll save energy thanks to reduced electricity cost.

15. The corner wardrobe

This set of bookcase designs is perfect for those of you who want to save some space. It’s made with contemporary design so it’ll look great in any modern home. Each piece features 5 shelves and 2 large drawers that are perfect for storing your shoes or accessories. They’re constructed of high-quality wood that won’t shatter or flex even if you use them all the time. The best part is that each design comes in a variety of colors so you can find the one that fits your home the best!

16. The white pine wardrobe with drawers

This set is perfect for people who need some extra storage space! Each piece features hanging rails, lots of shelves and 2 large drawers. The drawers are large enough to store a couple of pairs of shoes while the shelves can be used for bags or other accessories. You can also customize this set by altering the height of each shelf! This is a great choice if you need some extra storage space but don’t want to completely change your wardrobe design.


With so many different wardrobe designs to choose from, now is the time to start thinking about your new home design. If you’re not sure where to begin, we have a list of 16 modular wardrobe design ideas that can help with fashion and style inspiration for your modern homes. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a small studio or large mansion—there is an option out there for everyone. Which options will look that great in your room? Let us know which one grabbed your eyes by leaving a comment down.

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