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Top 20 Benefits Of Roman Blinds

When choosing blinds for your home it can be a real struggle to find the perfect window treatment. There are many companies and manufacturers who provide a variety of options you can choose from. One type of window treatment which remains popular among homeowners is Roman Blinds, but what exactly do these blinds offer? Besides looking great, there are several benefits that go into selecting this type of window treatment:


1. Light Control

The material used to make Roman Blinds lets you control how much light floods into your room through the windows. Depending on the opacity level of the fabric, you will get varying degrees of natural light and privacy. The adjustable nature also ensures you only get the right amount of sunlight or view when needed. It’s possible to use Roman Blinds as a room divider too, giving you the flexibility to control the light in any number of ways.

2. Easy To Clean

Roman Blinds are resistant to dusty and dirty fingers which makes them easier to clean compared to other window treatments. The slats on Roman blinds slide up and down easily allowing you access to wipe down or vacuum dust from between slats. Most manufacturers today offer machine-washable fabrics, so cleaning your roman blind is a breeze!

3. Energy Efficient

Many homes have windows which let in heat from sunlight during the day time, leading to energy loss. Window coverings such as curtains and drapes can block out some heat but it’s often not enough. Roman Blinds, however, were designed to keep homes cool during the summer and warm during winter. The construction of Roman blinds ensures heat is well insulated keeping your rooms cooler or warmer.

4. Customizable

Roman Blinds are an ideal choice if you’re looking for a window treatment which can be customized for your windows. There are several head rail options available including top-down/bottom up depending on the type of view you want in any given room. You can also choose between different styles of slat brackets including flat bracket, round tube bracket, arch bracket and more. For extra support you can even attach Roman Blinds to wall mounted hardware allowing both headrail and bottom rail support so they stay taut at all times.

5. Minimal Light Distortion

Roman blinds are the most popular option for homes with children and pets because of their low light distortion capability. The construction process ensures the fabric is properly layered to prevent “light spill” which can be a problem with regular curtains or drapes. Even if a single slat is broken, it will not affect the performance 24/7.

6. Hard To Lose Slats

In any household you have kids, pets and those who forget to put things back in place after using them! Roman Blinds come equipped with not one but two options to hold slats securely together when lowered down fully. This ensures that even if a few slats manage to fall out of the bracket they will still be attached to a cord, preventing a ‘blinds disaster’!

7. Resistant To Pinching Fingers

When Roman blinds are fitted with cord cleat, there is no need to worry about kids or pets getting fingers caught in between slats as they slide the blind up and down. The cord cleat is designed so that you can easily lower your roman blind without fingers being pinched. If they come too close to the outside of the window frame.

8. Fun Easy-to-Use Controls

Forget taking off shoes or socks before entering a home. If you have Roman Blinds installed on your windows because all you need is a simple touch to operate them. Most manufacturers these days offer motorized controls which allow you to effortlessly close, open or tilt your roman blinds via remote control.

9. Quick And Easy To Fit

You don’t need to worry about hiring an expensive carpenter when it comes time for installation because Roman Blinds are quick and easy to fit. All you need is a tape measure, drill and screwdriver – voila! You can install them DIY style which makes them perfect for renters too.

10. Low Maintenance Cost

If you’re tired of constantly changing curtains because they become faded after just one wash then the low maintenance cost of Roman Blinds might be what you’re looking for to give your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank! If the fabric is machine-washable there’s no need to hire a dry cleaner. You can simply pop it in the washing machine, no professional skills required.

11) Energy-efficient and Environment-friendly

Roman blinds are manufactured via modern cutting edge processes which require minimal energy use. In fact 90% of window coverings in North America are made by just two manufacturers who have been at the forefront of reducing environmental impact from manufacturing operations. The slats covering your Roman blinds should have a very small carbon footprint because they’re made from recyclable wood fibers and water based natural raw materials, which means it’s safe to say your choice of window covering will not add to landfill waste!

12) Wide Choice Of Colors And Designs

Roman Blinds are available in a wide range of fabrics and materials, which means you can customize them to suit any style or décor. What’s more they come in hundreds of different styles, prints and patterns so no matter what your taste or budget is there’s something for everyone! From blackout roman blind right through to decorative roman shades with patterned fabrics – the choice couldn’t be wider.

13) Perfect Fit For Any Modern Home

From contemporary homes through to traditional styled bungalows, Roman Blinds will fit perfect no matter what the architectural design. They allow you to take advantage of natural light whilst improving privacy at the same time.

14) Great Ventilation

Roman Blinds allow you to keep your window open for ventilation without worrying about dust, bugs or debris getting in. The slats are made from recyclable wood fibers which are resistant to insects and moisture. This makes them perfect for use where there is high humidity levels such as bathrooms.

15) Low-cost Curtain Replacement

A set of modern Roman blinds will cost far less than a traditional curtain valance which means that if you’re thinking replacing curtains then why not replace them with roman blinds instead! They will give the same look but at a fraction of the cost plus they come with all the benefits mentioned above too! It’s no wonder more people are choosing to go ‘blind’ when it comes time to replacing their curtains with modern blinds.

16) Personalized Style

Roman Blinds are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to put their own personal touch on their living space. With hundreds of different prints and fabric options you can find something that will match your taste, décor or style. They allow you to transform your home into your very own boudoir!

17) High Quality & Durable Materials

If you’re searching for high quality at an affordable price then roman blinds could be just what you’re looking for. Depending on the manufacturer they use materials such as premium string cords, stainless steel springs and non-corroding aluminum valances. Which means they won’t rust or fade even when they’ve been exposed to the elements.

18) Style & Privacy

Roman Blinds offer style and privacy; they can be used as an alternative to drapes especially if you don’t have the space for drapes or you’ve run out of curtain track. This makes them perfect for small windows, bathrooms, hallways and children’s rooms where you may want to keep prying eyes off your little ones!

19) Modern Alternative To Curtains And Drapes

If you’re looking for a modern alternative to traditional curtains then roman blind might be just what you’re searching for. The pleasing clean lines of Roman blinds give you the look of stylish contemporary drapes but without having the hefty price tag that comes with them.

20) Affordable Prices

You can buy roman blinds for a fraction of the price you would pay for traditional curtains and drapes. They vary in price depending on their style, materials and brand but you should be able to pick up a stylish set of Roman blind for less than $100 US Dollars. If you’re looking for something that’s more custom then there are plenty of luxury options available which will cost you more but improve the look of your living space no end.

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