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Top 20 Benefits of Using SPC Flooring

1. Save time before cleaning

The article continues to discuss how SPC Flooring are incredibly easy to clean up. There are no gaps in between the tiles, so once you mop the floor, all of it is hygienically cleaned at once! This allows you save time and resources for other tasks.

2. Different design options abound

With so many different tiles designs available online, there is definitely one that piques your interest. You can opt for designs with realistic wood grain or simple black and white ones if you prefer. The options are almost endless! Plus, isn’t it better to have more choices? If your chosen tile does not suit your style anymore, just exchange them at local stockiest near you.

3. Resistant to water, so no more slip-and-falls

If you have pets or small children in your household, worry not. SPC Flooring has anti-slip qualities! Your floor will still be slippery if it gets wet though. Installing mats is highly recommended for additional safety. These tiles are also perfect for kitchens and bathrooms since they’re waterproof.

4. Easy to install without professional help

You can do the installation by yourself! There’s no need to hire an expert or call up your friends to lend a hand. Most brands even offer installation videos that guide you through the whole process step by step; complete with pictures of course! Furthermore, these tiles are lightweight which makes them easy to carry.

SPC Flooring Dubai
SPC Flooring Dubai

5. They are sturdy, so they last for a long time

In the long run, flooring installations can also add up to your monthly expenses. If you have been putting off installing tiles in your home because of this reason, then fret no more! The average lifespan of stylish SPC Flooring is 7 years or even more! Plus, most brands offer a lifetime warranty too. This allows you to buy these tiles with peace of mind.

6. Environment-friendly materials used

Since SPC Flooring is made from recycled materials, it means plastic waste is converted into tiles instead of being thrown away – which results in less contamination and pollution to our planet’s landfills. In addition, manufacturers make sure they use non-toxic adhesives, glues, and paints. If you’re eco-conscious then this brand is perfect for you!

7. They are hardy yet easy to cut

The tiles can withstand certain impacts without getting scratched easily. However, there are brands that may scratch if the impact has been strong enough so be sure to read reviews or ask your friends who have bought this product before. Most SPC Flooring do not require heavy equipment for installation either. You just need a utility knife and straight edge, which allows you to cut tiles down to size with minimal effort.

8. Diverse color options available online

With so many different shades of brown, it will be difficult to pick one! There are also black and white tiles for those who prefer a stark color contrast. Since these items are available online, you get to choose from a wider range of options.

9. Perfect for both residential and commercial spaces

These tiles can be used in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, patios, garages etc. If you’re planning to install them on your patio however, make sure it gets enough sunlight during the day so they won’t feel cold at night. You can check out some posts by landscaping consultants if you want additional advice.

10. Go against allergens and dust particles

This product has low VOC emissions which means that they do not emit harmful chemicals into the air when exposed to heat and humidity. This means it is safe for people who have asthma or allergies to install tiles in their home too.

11. For any inquiries, customer services are just a phone call away

If you’re having doubts about your purchase, don’t hesitate to contact the brand’s representatives. They’re usually very helpful and available 24/7 so no matter what issues you may have regarding this product, they’ll be able to assist you accordingly! You can also find product FAQs online which should answer other queries that you may have.  Finally, happy shopping and enjoy your new SPC Flooring!

12. Easy to clean

All you need is a damp cloth and some soapy water. Make sure the tiles are dry after cleaning before walking on them though. This will ensure that you won’t slip when moving furniture etc. Plus, since these tiles are machine-friendly, you can just use the automatic washing feature on your floor for an even more thorough cleanup!

13. Cost-Efficient

The tiles “work” by reducing the impact or force of moving objects. This means that if you drop your keys, phone, wallet etc. onto them then there’s no need to worry about it breaking into pieces. Furthermore, they’re also more affordable than other flooring Dubai materials out there so expanding the area where you want them is not a problem at all! Also, if you ever plan on getting new furniture for different rooms in your home, these tiles will surely match any style of décor!

14. Can be installed with ease

You don’t need advanced skills for this! It only takes a few minutes and instructions from a DIY guide to get things going. The average homeowner can install these without spending a lot of money on labor costs.

15. Rubber-like texture

So you can wipe them clean with just a damp cloth and some soap. Spills will also be very easy to remove because just one swipe from the side is enough! These tiles are created from recycled materials which means that they’re ecofriendly too! So what are you waiting for?

16. Very versatile

They’re perfect for both homes and businesses, which makes them a great choice for places where there are lots of people moving around. You can also install these tiles on all types of surfaces including uneven ones! This is because the weight-reducing technology used to create these tiles helps reduce impact so you won’t have to worry about safety issues either.

17. Suitable for kids too

If your child frequently has accidents that spill liquids or food then having this tile will surely help ease some concerns. Furthermore, children learn primary skills by mimicking adults which means they’ll quickly develop motor skills if you let them play on these tiles as well. So it’s not just you who benefits from these tiles; your children will too!

18. Warranty is transferable

This means that the warranty will automatically apply to anyone who purchases this product in the future. This is especially great if you just want to upgrade your residential or commercial space because you don’t have to worry about losing money for a broken tile due to normal wear and tear after many years. Also, this brand’s service network is very resilient so even if it takes a long time before you can get hold of another set of tiles for replacement, no need to worry about installing them yourself! Just contact their representatives and they’ll send someone over ASAP.

19. Created with eco-friendly Materials

They don’t contain any harmful chemicals such as lead and mercury. They’re also made from recyclable materials which means they will not harm the environment in any way. Furthermore, because these tiles do not require thermal or electrical conductivity, there is no need to worry about costly appliances.

20. Heat retention isn’t a Problem

Even if you step on these tiles while wearing shoes for a long time, you won’t be able to feel any heat emanating from them. This means that it doesn’t get warmer when someone walks over them so your feet won’t get tired due to excess heat either! Also, if you plan on using these at home then this will add up during the colder months so you’ll never have to turn on your heater!

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