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Top 3 Car Wreckers in Melbourne

If you are looking for a reputable car wreckers melbourne, you will find information about car parts and accessories. A car wrecker is a company that purchases high-quality, used car parts, and you can sell your car for parts as well. If you are tired of paying monthly car insurance or just want to get rid of your old car for parts, you can contact a car wrecker in Melbourne and get instant cash for your unwanted car.

Auto recycling

In the present day, around 20 million motor vehicles end up as scrap every year. In addition to helping the environment, auto recycling helps in the steel manufacturing industry. By reducing raw materials in steel production, this industry contributes to a lower level of pollution and solid waste space. Automobiles deteriorate naturally over ten years, but some vehicles progress to this stage earlier due to damage or age.

Pick-a-part is a self-service car wrecker in East Melbourne. This place specializes in auto recycling and scrap metal. This company was established in 1986 and served Melburnians with high-quality services. This company has two locations in Kilsyth and Campbellfield, and they have new stock added to their site every week. Another renowned auto recycler in Melbourne is Harvey Wreckers. With its large wrecking yard and long-standing reputation, this auto wrecker is a popular choice for the people of Melbourne.

Auto recycling at car wreckers Melbourne is an eco-friendly way to dispose of your old vehicle. These companies use high-quality recycled parts and car parts and offer cash for scrap cars. Some wreckers even offer same-day pick-up and instant cash for your scrap car. So, if you are thinking of getting rid of your old car, give Car Wreckers Melbourne a try! You can benefit from their competitive buying and selling prices and get a great deal for your vehicle.

Auto wreckers

If you are looking for auto wreckers in Melbourne, there are several options you can consider. You may choose to sell your vehicle yourself or buy used parts. Most wreckers have websites you can check out. Some of them even offer you cash for your used car! So, what are your options? Read on to find out more. Listed below are some of the top Melbourne auto wreckers:

Holwreck Auto Wreckers is located in the Coburg North suburb and offers excellent service and a competitive price. Cash for Cars wreckers is an excellent option if you need cash for your car quickly. They offer daily services in most areas of Melbourne and will pay you cash on the spot. You can also call ahead of time to find out if they are open and their payment terms. The company also has a convenient online payment option for your convenience.

Vic Recyclers is another option for selling your car. They will remove the car for free and will depollute it upon arrival. They deal with trucks, utes, vans, and cars. Moreover, They also offer free towing services in Melbourne and accept all types of vehicles. The service is quick, easy, and convenient, and it’s worth checking out. There are many benefits to consigning your vehicle to an auto wrecker in Melbourne.

Auto parts

You can always turn to auto parts wreckers in Melbourne if you need car parts. Most wreckers offer free towing services in Melbourne. You can choose the part you want from a wide variety of vehicles. They will then dismantle and recycle them for cash. The company also offers warranties on the parts to ensure a high-quality service. They have a wide selection of car parts and offer a range of warranties.

If you are looking for a wrecker in Melbourne, you can try Harvey Wreckers. They have a wide variety of car parts for sale, and they have a solid reputation in Melbourne. The company has been in business for over 50 years and has a reputation for providing quality service to Melburnians. Moreover, they offer competitive prices and discounts. You can visit their website to see what parts and services they offer.

Wrecky Car Wreckers Melbourne is one of Melbourne’s largest auto recycling businesses. They offer used and new car parts. They buy all types of cars, and some specialize in particular brands. The specialized wreckers can provide better services. They are registered as second-hand dealers and can buy and sell second-hand parts. These companies also pay instant cash for cars. So, you can always expect your car to be picked up and sold at a fair price.

Harvey Wreckers

If you’re in the market for new wheels or a used car, look no further than Harvey Wreckers car wreckers Melbourne. Located in the city, this auto recycler has a huge wrecking yard where you can get the best price on your car parts and autos. Harvey Wreckers has been in business for 50 years and has an excellent reputation in Melbourne. They also have a large wrecking yard where you can find second-hand car parts. The website allows you to take your time while browsing through their massive inventory of salvaged cars.

If you’re considering selling your car to a car wrecker in Melbourne, don’t forget to check out the company’s website! The company’s website is updated daily, and all ads are available online. You can also set up personalized ad alerts based on your preferences to get notifications when new listings pop up. You can also check out their social media pages to see what kind of ads are trending.

The Pick-a-Part self-service wrecking yard is located to the east of Melbourne. This wrecker has been in business since 1986 and is a one-stop shop for all your scrap metal needs. This self-serve wrecking yard stocks nearly all Australian models, and its website offers a helpful search tool. They also offer scrap metal services for trades, so you’re guaranteed to find what you need.

Dynon Auto Wreckers

If you have an old car that has seen better days, you can take it to a reliable vehicle wrecker like Dynon Auto Wreckers in West Melbourne. They are specialists in dismantling, recycling, and salvage, and they’re always happy to answer your questions. Dynon Auto Wreckers is one of the best car wreckers in Melbourne, and they ship all over the country.

As a family-owned business, Holwreck Automotive has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. Their team of car wreckers in Melbourne provides quality recycled vehicles and is renowned for their integrity and honesty. In addition to removing damaged vehicles, they also specialize in European parts. Dynon Auto Wreckers in Melbourne are open seven days a week, including public holidays.

In addition to buying damaged cars, Nissan Wreckers are also a great option for selling your old Nissan. These Melbourne car wreckers buy used parts and sell them at very reasonable prices. Then, you’ll get cash in your hand, and you’ll be helping the environment simultaneously. These auto wreckers are happy to provide you with the parts you need for your next vehicle.


The impact is one of the most trusted and reliable auto parts providers. This Melbourne-based alternative parts provider operates a nine-acre Self Service Auto Recycling facility in Springvale. The company is committed to buying motor vehicles and reusing auto parts, so they close their yard 15 minutes before the yard closes. To avoid any disruption to your day, make sure to arrive before the yard closes. There is a small admission fee to visit Imlachs, but it’s well worth it.

Located in Springvale, Imlachs has eight acres of automobiles. They provide quality second-hand parts for all makes and models. Images also adhere to social responsibility and are licensed Motor Car Traders Act members. Their environmentally friendly practices ensure that no emissions are released from their yards. They also record the arrival of each vehicle and remove all batteries and fuel.

Apart from buying your car, Imlach’s car wreckers also provide you with the services of auto parts recycling. These companies buy used and scrap cars and sell them to auto part manufacturers. While some wreckers specialize in specific brands, some of them are generalists. Specialized wreckers are better at offering services to customers. These companies must also be licensed as second-hand dealers. The prices they charge will be more affordable than the car’s market value.

Finding the best service

If you want to sell your old car, finding the best old car removal service in your area can be challenging. Many companies are based in small towns and may not have a good reputation. You will want to find a company that is well known in your area, one that has been providing its services for a long time. Customers who are satisfied with the service will usually choose the same company again. However, if you live in a larger city, you may not have any idea of the number of companies in your area. So, check the internet for local websites and contact a few companies and choose the one with the best reputation.

You should look for a scrapping company based on where you live. If you live far away from a scrapping company, you must drag your junk car a longer distance. The scrapping company will charge extra for long distance trips, so it is best to contact a company that operates in your neighborhood. This will ensure that your old car gets recycled properly. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the cost of gas because they will be able to come to your area and pick up your junk car.

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