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TOP 3 folding knives according to Top Knives

If earlier a folding knife was used only as a cold weapon or cutlery, now this type of tool is in demand in various areas, including for everyday tasks. The secret of the popularity of folding blades lies in their ease of wearing, as well as the functionality of the design, which, depending on the type of tool, can perform different options: cut, prick, open metal utensils, sharpen pegs, and even break the glass.

But choosing the right folding knife can be difficult due to the specific materials used and the variety of models on the market. In our review, we will analyze the main points that you should pay attention to when buying a blade, and also talk about the TOP 3 folding knives according to the Top Knives YouTube channel.

How to choose a folding knife?

When choosing a folding knife, pay attention to three elements in the design, on which the effectiveness, durability, and safety of the tool depend:


The main part of any knife is responsible for the functionality of the tool. The quality of the blade is affected by the grade of steel used and the shape of the blade. The main parameters of the blade, which pay attention to:

  • Hardness. Ideally, it should be within 56-60 HRC so that the blade can withstand loads of different intensities, does not deform, and is easy to sharpen.
  • Sharpness and duration of its retention. A factor derived from hardness that influences tool comfort. The knife must have optimal hardness to keep the sharpness of the cutting edge as long as possible and not require constant sharpening.
  • Anti-corrosion properties. An important factor, especially for outdoor knives, which are used in different conditions, including in a humid environment. To prevent the blade from rusting and becoming covered with dark spots, the steel must contain a high content of chromium.
  • The need for care. Depends on the resistance of the blade to corrosion. Stainless types of steel require minimal maintenance: it is enough to wipe them after use to remove any remaining dirt and moisture from the blade. Steels without high corrosion resistance require special storage, preferably in a special case, to minimize the chance of moisture affecting the blade.

Blade Local type

The lock affects the reliability of the tool and its safety. A folding knife must be locked in both the open and closed positions so that the blade does not injure the hand when using the tool or while carrying it in a pocket.

There are several locks with different working principles: Liner Lock, Frame Lock, Axis Lock, and others, including exclusive mechanisms, patents for which belong to specific manufacturers, such as Opinel’s Viroblock lock. It is worth choosing the type of lock, starting from your preferences.


The basis of the knife, on which the convenience of the product depends. Basic requirements for folding knife handles:

  • Impact resistance. The handle should not crack, let alone split in case of high loads on the knife or its fall.
  • Resistance to corrosion and aggressive environments. Immunity to moisture and chemicals guarantees a long service life for the product. The material should also not absorb unpleasant odors.
  • Anti-slip coating. Some models of knives have an all-metal construction, including the handle. But such tools are purely EDC blades, which are difficult to adapt for use in more difficult conditions: they are difficult to hold in a wet hand and under intense loads, so they are perceived as an urban version of a tool. If you need a reliable tourist folding knife, then it is better to buy a tool with rubberized overlays, which will provide a reliable grip.
  • Convenient shape and size. It is important to choose the handle according to the size of your palm, as the grip depends on it.

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Top 3 Folding Knives Review

It is difficult to take into account all the factors when buying a knife since there is no “golden mean”. Complicating the choice is the fact that new items regularly appear on the market from both small companies. And eminent manufacturers who improve the design of folding knives and add interesting features to them. The Top Knives YouTube channel has compiled its TOP 3 list of folding knives. Which includes EDC blades with metal handles, outdoor knives, and specialized blades that are relevant at the moment.

Excalibur M390

Excalibur M390
Excalibur M390

The compact Excalibur folding knife looks like a miniature dagger with a false blade. The blade is made of M390 powder steel with a hardness of 58-60 HRC, which retains its sharpness for a long time and demonstrates a high-quality cut. The blade is blued: it gives the steel a dark shade that hides minor scratches and abrasions and gives the product a special charm.

The Excalibur knife has a simple and reliable blade opening mechanism with a steel fin. The handle is made of carbon fiber and equipped with a backspacer and a clip made of titanium in a characteristic blue color. The dimensions of the handle are diminutive, which makes adjustments to the use of the blade: it is rather an urban-type dagger to carry with you in your jeans pocket than a tourist blade. In addition, for owners of a large palm, the size of the handle may not be suitable for a strong grip.


  • a miniature black-winged blade;
  • stylish dagger shape with a false blade;
  • The blade is made of M390 hard steel with high anti-corrosion resistance;
  • easy control;
  • compact size, which is 3 centimeters when folded;
  • lightweight, which is equal to 70 grams.

Eafengrow EF56

Eafengrow EF56 knife
Eafengrow EF56 knife

A multi-logo knife that can not be attributed to a particular manufacturer, even though visually it resembles Ganzo EDC knives. The blade manufactured from 9Cr18MoV metal with a hardness of 58-fifty nine HRC is proof against corrosion. Because of the excessive content material of chromium withinside the composition and continues the sharpness of the slicing area for a protracted time. The blade has function excessive descents and a replicate end that gleams fantastically withinside the sun.

The handle of the model is made of steel with overlays of G10 fiberglass and is available in four colors. Its length is 12 centimeters, and the shape has a characteristic extension in the tail, which reduces the risk of accidentally dropping the product while using the knife.

The basis of the design is steel bearings, which are responsible for the quick and easy opening of the blade. However, it will not work to close the knife instantly – for this, you will have to bring it with your second hand until it is completely fixed. But this shortcoming is compensated by the low cost of the instrument, which does not exceed $20.


  • multi-brand knife in four color options;
  • blade made of steel 9Cr18MoV with increased resistance to corrosion;
  • easy opening of the blade;
  • handle made of steel with smooth overlays of G10 fiberglass;
  • smooth blade opening.

Gerber ArmBar Cork

Gerber ArmBar Cork
Gerber ArmBar Cork

Unlike other tools presented in the rating, Gerber ArmBar Cork is a full-fledged multi-tool from an American company. It has a set of nine tools, including scissors, a corkscrew, a bottle opener, a crowbar, and more. Which, in addition to the main cutting function, are capable of performing several other tasks. But the main component of the tool, of course, is the knife, which is made of 420HC stainless steel with a Stonewash finish.

The blade has concave slopes with a smooth edge. Thanks to the optimal ratio of carbon and chromium in the composition. The blade easily copes with cutting high-density materials and shows good edge stability.

Despite its diminutive size (9.1 cm folded length and 88 grams weight). The instrument has a brutal design in two options to choose from: with a smooth metal surface or with textured overlays in three color shades. Regardless of the model, the Gerber ArmBar Cork multitool fits nicely. In the palm of any size and provides the user with everything from a sharp knife. To a set of essentials that will come in handy on a picnic or a long trip.


  • functional multi-tool with a set of nine tools;
  • the main blade is made of 420HC high carbon steel;
  • Stonewash treatment, which increases the strength of the product;
  • a wide range of options with a metal or colored handle;
  • compact dimensions and lightweight, which is 88 grams.

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