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Top 3 Great Scholarship for Students Education in Singapore

Future Ready Merit Scholarship

Singapore is one of the most prominent education hubs in Asia and around the world. The vast infrastructure, consistent economic growth, and political stability make a lot of students flock to the beautiful country in search of high-quality education. The education system emphasizes the importance of structure and cultural integration. The institutions in the county also offer a wide range of scholarships that ensure education is affordable and accessible to local and international students. Below are some of the scholarships that you can apply for in Singapore.

The Global Future-Ready Merit Scholarship

Singapore is home to a lot of international schools; one such school is the Global Indian International School (GIIS). The school offers several scholarships to deserving students through their global organisation, Global Schools Foundation (GFS). One of their unique scholarships is the GIIS Future-Ready Merit scholarship. GFS identifies students who excel in their academic performance and gives them a chance to study at the GIIS flagship smart campus in Punggol, Singapore. The meritorious students gain access to the 21st century School with modern technology and high-tech facilities. It covers a percentage of the student’s tuition for two years. Singaporean students under the IBDP, IB PYP, IGCSE, CLSP, and CBSE curricula between grades 7-12 are eligible for this scholarship.

The Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship

The ministry of education in Singapore emphasizes the need for inclusivity in education facilities around the country. Many institutions understand that not all students can afford quality education every year. Therefore, some scholarships are put in place to cater to such students. The MCM scholarships by the Global Indian International School (GIIS) offers financial support to the students who have outstanding academic performance but cannot afford the institution’s tuition fees. The applicants present family income records and two-year academic performance records for consideration by GFS. The scholarships have two years of tenure and are open for all Singapore residents between nursery school and high school.

School of the Arts scholarship

Students who wish to pursue their creative talents in an artistic environment can benefit from this scholarship. The Sota School of Arts offers financial assistance to students who want to pursue an education at the institution. The curriculum integrates academic work and artistic development.  The beneficiaries receive a range of benefits, such as tuition fees, transport allowance, book allowance, and other miscellaneous allowances. To qualify, you must be a resident of Singapore.

Mobility Seeker Outdoor Sports Scholarship

Mobility seeker is a sports apparel and equipment company that offers scholarships to international students. The company believes in empowering young people; therefore, through the Outdoor Sports Scholarship, they hope to help deserving students by paying for their education. The applicants need to write an essay about a specific sports-related topic and a poem explaining their challenges. They need to have an outstanding academic performance, maintain good grades and show proof that they are currently in a high school.

Scholarship opportunities for high school students in Singapore are endless. Many institutions offer these scholarships as a way of creating opportunities and moulding future leaders. All you have to do to secure a scholarship is to extend your research.

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