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Health and Medical

Top 3 Treatments For Hair Growth – We Also Throw In Our Verdict

One of the key features of your entire body is your hair. In fact, this part of your body gets noticed first whenever you meet someone. Studies have also shown that having a set of lush hair on your hair boosts your confidence and vice versa.

The world we live in today has set very high and unrealistic beauty standards for both men and women. Thankfully, the latest technology allows us to meet our definition of beauty by using different treatments and applying different products. A key example here is those laser hair regrowth helmets that have become a common choice for people facing male-pattern baldness.

Why is it important to regrow your hair?

Even if you are not one to please the world, baldness can still shatter your confidence. There have been multiple researches that point towards the lowered self-confidence after men start facing hair loss. People try all sorts of different methods to grow their hair back, so they don’t have to wear wigs and caps to hide it.

So, in short, it is essential to growing your hair back because, in our society, it can make it difficult for us to live with confidence. Besides, if there is an option for hair regrowth, why would anybody want to skip on it? It doesn’t make sense, right?

Being once-victims ourselves, we believe that anyone facing rapid hair-loss or baldness should try out the array of treatments present in the market.  We have discussed a few of our favorites in this article.

Laser hair regrowth helmet

One of the best, most reliable, and effective treatment for hair loss or baldness is hair growth helmets. These helmets are designed to make hair-regrowth a seamless process for everyone. A renowned in hair regrowth helmets is Theradome. The company has been making top-of-the-line laser helmets for hair.

The main reason why laser helmets have been gaining traction in the modern world is that they throw a multitude of lasers at different wavelengths, which reach the base of your hair follicles, energizing them. Top manufacturers of hair loss helmet also ensure proper safety and comfort while making their helmets.

All your job is to make sit back wearing the comfortable helmet for a few minutes every day, and you will start feeling the difference in no time. It is why laser hair regrowth helmets are always our top pick while discussing treatments for baldness.


Another good way of treating baldness is to go for OTC medications. Although not as effective as laser treatments, these medications let you grow your back over time. Normally these medications are applied on or around the scalp from where they enter the scalp and reach down to the base of hair follicles.

The main drawback of such creams and medications is that is they require an application more than once a day, which can become difficult on a busy day. You can visit most drug stores and ask for Minoxidil to get your hands on one such medication.


A fairly riskier alternative to laser hair regrowth helmets and OTC medications is hair transplants. People usually tend to avoid these treatments as they require a lot of work. However, they tend to be an effective measure to retrieve your hair.

The way hair transplants work is that the doctors operate to get the healthier hair follicles that may be present on the back or side of your head (where you still have proper hair growth) and embed them into the parts where follicles are weak. Hair transplants are also avoided due to the pain they cause and the fact that they are quite expensive to have.

If you’re going for a hair transplant, make sure you opt for a reliable doctor to get it done because this treatment can be quite trickier than you think, and the chances of error are high.

Our Verdict

Credit cannot be taken away from any of the above-mentioned treatments as all of them are somewhat effective. However, if we weigh the options based on parameters like safety, efficiency, comfort, and cost, then hair growth helmets win by a fair margin.

It is because modern hair regrowth helmets are designed to offer premium comfort for users while wearing them. They cause no discomfort and allow you to continue with your daily life chores while wearing the helmet on. It means that you don’t have to stop your work while your treatment is underway.

Furthermore, hair loss helmets are extremely safe to use following the standards set by FDA. They are also quite effective when it comes to growing back hair as lasers from the helmet reach the weak base of hair follicles, rejuvenating the original follicles instead of relocating them.

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