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Top 4 Career Options For History Graduates 

Do you know History is a subject that has great potential to offer the students, specialized in this discipline, awesome career prospects? Every subject has got its own special attributes. And, guess what? No subject is greater or lesser than the other. So, if you have graduated with History as your core subject, just get delighted. Because we are here to share with you some fantastic career options that have been created just for the History lovers like you. So, let’s start with the list of amazing career options, shall we? 

#1: Museum Archivist 

This is really an exciting job and you are sure to enjoy this to the fullest. As you have probably come across this term in the classes taken via the teacher app, this job entails displaying and critically interpreting the various artifacts that are kept on display in a specific museum. No museum can do away with an archivist. So yes, it is a good job for the History students out there. 

Stepping into the role of a Museum Archivist often involves researching the remains of crucial artifacts, ensuring their maintenance, and keeping proper track of the important material remains that are stored in that museum. Your job will be to apply your historical knowledge and come up with unique plans to design exhibitions, galleries, and special programs that demand a meticulous display of the artifacts and various other archaeological assets. 

The pay range of this job varies from 4 Lakhs per annum to 8 Lakhs per annum, depending upon your expertise and experience in the designated field. Now, isn’t that quite an interesting job profile?

#2: Heritage Manager 

This is yet another appealing job for the fraternity of History students. So, you can already comprehend what this job is all about, right? Well, this profession involves working as a manager whose job will be to oversee, maintain and keep a strict eye on the myriad of monuments, forts, memorials, and various other historical buildings scattered throughout the country. 

You have to constantly chalk out plans for the heritage site’s proper maintenance, adopt new rules and guidelines, and come up with good fund management plans. Having a MA in History is preferred for this job post. Separate vocational courses on Heritage & Museum Studies are also conducted. You may consider enrolling in these courses to eke out a career in this field. 

#3: Civil Servant 

Preparing for the UPSC exam and succeeding in it to emerge as a civil servant is going to be a fantastic career option. Being a History student, you are going to have a competitive advantage as compared to the other candidates who are prepping for it. After all, a major part of the syllabus gives greater weightage to History and its related aspects. Since you are a History student, you won’t have a hard time studying this. As a result, you can focus on other difficult sections of the paper and succeed in coming up with killer marks in the exam. In that way, you can draw an excellent career option for yourself. 

#4: Teacher 

If you wish to take up the noble job of a teacher and impart knowledge to the students via a teaching app, this is yet another good career choice for you. Just make sure you have got your B.Ed completed along with BA Hons. in History. 

But, if you wish to teach in a college or university, make sure you have completed your master’s degree and qualified for the NET exam. Do you know what is rather fantastic? By starting your career as a History teacher, you can actually pave your path towards becoming a researcher or council member at ICHR or the Indian Council of Historical Research. Sounds amazing, right? 


Move ahead with your favorite subject, and see how well you start prospering in your career. History opens up diverse career pathways. So, study hard and build the best career for yourself. All the best!

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