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Top 5 Chat Room API Providers in 2022 (Ranked and Reviewed)

Best 5 Chat Room APIs For Developers

As per theStatista Research Report more than 2.77 billion people use messaging apps and chat rooms

This means there is a great market for in-app messaging and chat room platforms. So, if you are a developer who wants to build your own chat room application, then you need right group chat API providers. However, choosing chat room API providers that offer all the correct in app messaging tools is difficult!

In the article, we have suggested the best-rated and top-used real time chat room API providers ,so that you can take the decision with ease. Nonetheless, before we begin, let’s understand what is a chat room API?

What is a Chat Room API?

A Chat API is an Application Programming Interface that programmers & developers use to programmatically connect chat and text messages. Chat room APIs are used on sites or programs with chat rooms for people to send text messages to one another on a real time basis. Developers integrate chat API for websites with chat rooms so that people can communicate in a virtual setting.

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Comparison Of The 5 Best Chat Room API Platforms In 2022

Finding the ideal chat api solution can be difficult at times, especially because there are so many top picks to consider. We’ve broken down ten of the most popular chat API platforms to give you a thorough understanding of what they’re like, what they have to offer, and how much they cost.

1. CONTUS MirrorFly Chat API

CONTUS MirrorFly is a customizable chat API & SDK that developers can integrate while building a communication solution on Android, iOS and Web platforms. It is among the best chat APIs that offers white label solutions with plenty of features such as SIP/VoIP integrations, multipurpose hosting options and call configurations. With MirrorFly’s chat API for websites and appsadding messaging functionality to any type of application is easy and swift for developers.


  1.       100% Customisable
  2.       300+ Developers’ Team
  3.       Push Notification
  4.       Message Broadcasting
  5.       Cross-Platform Messaging
  6.       Group Chat
  7.       File Transfer
  8.       Open Or Private Channels
  9.      Chat History Records
  10.      Can Create Multiple Chat Rooms

Price: Custom Quotes (only one-time payment)


  •       Completely Customizable
  •       Very Easy to Deploy & Scale
  •       Unique Cost Per License
  •      Access To Source Code to Add Multiple Functionalities


  •  Requires A Good Internet Connection
  • Is Not Subscription Based

Supportive Platform:

CONTUS MirrorFly offers multi-platform support for Windows, Android, Apple, and other devices. The software offers both desktop and mobile-based applications, allowing 24/7 access. It can be customized to suit other departments like HR, sales, office management, and more.

2. Apphitect Chat Room API 

Its a well-known chat room API provider and offers white label chat app solutions to acclaimed brands across the world. and offers best chat APIs as it helps developers to conveniently build real time chat apps. With Apphitect developers can create high-stake chat systems to support enterprise mobility, cross-platform development, mobile application and so much more.


  1.       Hi-end Operating System 
  2.       Complete Customization
  3.       Scalability
  4.       Security
  5.       Third Party Integration
  6.       Voice And Video Call
  7.       Offline/Online Push Notifications
  8.       Group Chat
  9.       Multimedia Sharing
  10.       Flexible Cloud Hosting

Price: Apphitect offers a perpetual license for $599 wherein the developer or the license holder will have indefinite access to the specific version by paying for it only once.


  •       Renders High-Stake Tech Solutions
  •       Supports Erlang, Ejabberd, XMPP Server, Amazon S3 Server,
  •       Reliable, Secure & Scalable


  •  It has a web based installed deployment that limits reach.

Supportive Platforms:   Apphitect supports all types of browsers and platforms such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Android & iOS

3. TalkJS Chat API

Another renowned name among the group chat API providers in TalkJS as it offers a complete chat solution. In a single package – developers can build frontend as well as backend and easily add real-life conference booths as TalkJS chat rooms. TalkJS offers simple ways for developers to set up virtual booths where meaningful conversations can take place. Users on TalkJS chat rooms can share documents, images, and videos within the virtual booth.


  1.       Real-time messaging
  2.       Pre-built UI
  3.       Cross Device User Interface
  4.       Multi-Lingual
  5.       Customizable design
  6.       Developer-friendly API
  7.       Out-of-the-box notifications
  8.       Message moderation & analytics
  9.       Developer-friendly API
  10.       Word Blacklist

Price:  Starting at $279 per month, TalkJS follows a subscription model and charges based on monthly active users termed as MAU. They also have customised quotes, but only for users over 40 participants.


  •       50% Less Time Spent on Chat Integration
  •       Engage Multiple Users on Channels & Chat Rooms
  •       In-Conversation Search & Real-Time Translation


  •   Clients with less MAU cannot access all features, due to the restricted subscription model.

Supportive Platform: Most of your TalkJS code will live in the frontend and work with any framework or programming language.

4. SendBird Chat API Service

Sendbird is a real time chat solution that is easy-to-use and integrated.  its offers the best group chat API for websites and apps with unique functionalities. It provides reference implementations and clone & modify options integrating the app is simple. Furthermore, the Sendbird UIKit also has pre-built UI components that makes it convenient for your developer to setup, integrate and run the chat platform almost instantly.


  1.       Delivery Receipts
  2.       Offline Messaging
  3.       Translation
  4.       Moderation Tools
  5.       Analytics
  6.       Typing indicators
  7.       User presence indicators
  8.       Push notifications
  9.       Pre-designed UI components
  10.   Start guides, sample code & tutorials

Price:  Starting at $399 per month, Sendbird follows a subscription model and charges based on monthly active users termed as MAU. They also charge an additional 2% on MAU for peak concurrent connections.


  •       Technical Team Accessible on Slack Bridge
  •       Easy To Implement & Easy to Monitor


  •       Lack Of Flexibility
  •       Lack Of Multi User Per Account
  •       No standard support for replies

Supportive Platform: Sendbird API can be used for any type of chat service, regardless of the platform. It enables an easy and fast integration of standard in-app chat features with customizable UI components.

5. Twilio

Twilio is one of the top-rated cloud communication platforms in the market that uses a PaaS model. and  offers developers tools or software-based platforms to integrate chat room APIs into any web or mobile app. It is basically a developer’s platform, which means that this platform cannot be used by a marketer or a non-developer. Twilio as a commutation platform provides a powerful API system for phone services offering companies to make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages instantly.


  1.       2-Way Messaging
  2.       Automatic Sender Selection
  3.       Handling Message Content & Conversion
  4.       Maintaining Compliance
  5.       Edit & Remove Messages
  6.       Push Notifications
  7.       Typing Indicator
  8.       Good Documentation
  9.       Wide UI Options
  10.   Integration Ecosystem

Price:  It utilizes a pay-as-you-go pricing scheme for the different communication APIs. Starting at $0.01 prices are based on per call / per min basis, however, a free trial is available to users.


  •       Cost Effective
  •       Supports A Multitude of Programming Languages


  •       Regional compliance & localization needs can be fulfilled by reconfiguring several portions of the code.
  •       No standard support for replies.

Supportive Platform: Twilio powers all of these communications and can be used to build practically any digital experience, using capabilities like SMS, WhatsApp, Voice, Video, email, and even IoT.


When you decide on choosing an eminent Chat room API platform provider for your professional chat app requirements, it necessitates deep analysis and study. We hope that this comparative listicle has given you a better understanding. During the ideation phase of selecting an apt chat API service provider, establish a list of must-have features that you’ll need to achieve your primary objectives and compare it to the features offered by your top competitors.


Richard is a Product Marketer, helping providers of the various industries like healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive better communication experience.

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