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Top 5 Factors You Should Consider Before Going to an IVF Centre

Planning to go to an IVF centre already? Wait, there are some important factors you should be considering before that. IVF is doubtlessly the most recommended clinical pregnancy treatments by the gynaecologists.

Planning to go to an IVF centre already?

Wait, there are some important factors you should be considering before that. IVF is doubtlessly the most recommended clinical pregnancy treatments by the gynaecologists. But, this reason alone is not enough to make you decide whether IVF is the best pregnancy treatment for you.

In this post, we have discussed the top 5 factors you should consider before going to an IVF centre. These factors will help you understand more about IVF and increase your chances of conception. It will help you find the right IVF centre.

IVF Procedure

First and most important factor you should consider before going to an IVF centre. It is to have an understanding of IVF treatment. You should know what IVF is, its procedure, success rates, side effects. Because these potential complications that may occur throughout IVF cycles.

IVF (In-vitro fertilisation) is a clinical pregnancy treatment and gynaecologists recommend it to couples who face infertility issues. In IVF, mature eggs are taken from women’s ovaries to fertilise with sperm in a laboratory. Once fertilised, the fertilised eggs, also called embryos, are returned to women’s uterus/womb for further development of the pregnancy. Talking about IVF success rates on the other hand. The average success rate of IVF in the first cycle is about 40%. The chances of pregnancy increase with every IVF cycle, and so gynaecologists recommended at least 3-4 IVF cycles for successful pregnancy. 

Moreover, talking about side effects and potential complications that may occur throughout IVF cycles. Common side effects include mild cramps, bloating, constipation, and breast tenderness. Also, complications such as fainting, vomiting, urinating less frequently, experiencing shortness of breath may occur. Though such side effects and complications are less likely to occur, you can discuss them with your gynaecologists before starting with your IVF treatment. Because, it is one of the most important decisions in your life.

Cost of IVF

After you have adequate understanding of IVF treatment, another important factor you should consider before going to an IVF centre is to be aware of the cost of IVF.

In India, IVF treatment costs around 70-125k on an average for each cycle. Certain factors such as IVF centre’s success rate, its locality, medicines, and tests impact the overall cost of an IVF cycle. IVF procedures such as FET (frozen embryo transfer) can also escalate the cost of IVF.

Moreover, common IVF tests such as semen analysis, almost every IVF specialist recommend it before IVF treatment. Semen analysis test in Gurgaon from Grace Fertility is inexpensive.

Preparations Needed Before IVF

Once you are aware of the cost of IVF, another important factor you should consider before going to an IVF centre is to know about certain preparations that are needed before an IVF cycle.

Before you start with IVF treatment, you have check your body that is ready or not for the treatment. More importantly, to sustain pregnancy after successful fertilisation. Gynaecologists usually recommend a set of preparations or lifestyle changes months before they start with the IVF cycles. These preparations not only prepare the body for healthy pregnancy but also increase the success rate of the IVF cycle.

These preparations include:

  • Eating healthy: Intaking a balanced healthy diet is essential to prepare the women’s body to sustain a healthy pregnancy after successful fertilisation through IVF.
  • Maintaining a healthy bodyweight: Researches have found that obese women are at a higher risk of infertility, miscarriage, and pregnancy complications. Gynaecologists recommend exercising to maintain a healthy bodyweight months before starting with IVF treatment. 
  • Taking prenatal vitamins: Prenatal vitamins or supplements are intended to be taken by women trying to conceive or have conceived. To maintain a healthy pregnancy, one can take these vitamins fulfil women’s need for essential nutrients.
  • Quitting smoking, drinking, and drugs: Certain studies have found that couples with habits such as smoking, drinking, consuming recreational drugs are found more likely affected by infertility. Gynaecologists recommend quitting these habits to reduce risk of any pregnancy complications. 

The chance of an IVF cycle to be successful usually depends on whether the women’s womb accepts or rejects the fertilised eggs through IVF. But if the womb accepts the embryo, it needs a perfect environment in the women’s body to develop healthily. And, these preparations support that. 

Other Available Treatments

What if IVF is not the only option to get pregnant? Or, what if some other less invasive pregnancy treatment works out for you?

Before going to an IVF centre, another important factor that you should consider. It is that IVF is not the only pregnancy treatment, there are several other pregnancy treatments available as well. You need to find out whether you really need IVF to get pregnant or some other less invasive pregnancy treatment could also work out for you. Other available pregnancy treatments than IVF include:

  • Ovarian stimulation: Ovarian stimulation is a medical procedure which involves the intake of certain hormone medications to stimulate the woman’s ovaries to produce multiple eggs. Gynaecologists usually prescribe clomiphene citrate, a drug that blocks estrogen receptors. This makes the body believe that it has low estrogen levels so the body ultimately stimulates the production of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), the hormone responsible to produce eggs in the women’s body.
  • IUI (intrauterine insemination): IUI is another clinical pregnancy treatment option available other than IVF, except IVF where egg is fertilised in the laboratory, IUI procedure involves healthy sperm insertion directly into the woman’s womb. If you plan to try IUI for pregnancy, you can consider IUI treatment in Gurgaon from GraceFertility.
  • Natural pregnancy: Likely you had a failed natural pregnancy attempt and felt as if only clinical pregnancy is the only option left. Probably not. Improving certain lifestyle factors such as exercising, maintaining a healthy bodyweight, taking prenatal vitamins, and quitting smoking and alcohol. It can boost fertility and help in conceiving. Moreover, timing the intercourse can also increase the chances of conception. Gynaecologists usually recommend couple to have sex during ovulation (time when eggs release from women’s ovaries). Ovulation period occurs about 12-14 days before a woman’s next period begins. Women are most fertile during ovulation with higher chances of pregnancy.

Once you are aware of different pregnancy treatments other than IVF. You need to decide whether you need IVF to conceive or one of these less invasive treatments can also work out. 

Reputation and Experience of IVF Centre

After all the knowledge you soaked in, it is time that you find the right IVF centre for yourself. You may have a dozen options, but you need to choose wisely. Choose the one which is reputed, has experienced gynaecologists, and holds good IVF success rates. 

One such IVF centre is Grace Fertility, proclaimed as the best IVF centre in Gurgaon, they have treated over 10,000 couples and hold a good 75% IVF success rate. If you are planning to go for an IVF centre which holds higher chances of your successful conception, Grace Fertility is one of the most reputed and successful ivf centres in Gurgaon.


There are certain important factors a couple should consider before going to an IVF centre, and we have discussed the top 5 of them. When you are planning to attempt clinical pregnancy through IVF, it is important that you are aware of IVF treatment, cost, its preparations needed beforehand, other available pregnancy treatments, and how to choose the right IVF centre. 

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