Top 5 Job Interview Questions and Answers That You Need to Know In 2021

Job interviews are not less than a nightmare especially if you are just one day away from your scheduled interview. We can surely say that your thought horizon must be triggering you with many interview questions and answers like; what recruiters will question, will you be able to answer each of the questions perfectly, will the recruiter get inspired with you, and the list too long to be discussed.

Don’t worry, we got you! What? If we say that we can relate with the pre-interview anxiety that most of the candidates have and due to this non-stop anxiety, most of you often end up turning your dream opportunity into a failed attempt.

Let us reveal this biggest secret, some of you might think that you were rejected because you did not answer those technical questions expertly. But no, it happened because you got confused in some of the basic questions. So yes, this is why it is important to know the basic questions and answers of the interview.

Here we will share the most expected interview questions and answers that recruiters will be asking in the job hunt 2021. So, be prepared and grab your notebook now and ace your interview like a pro!

Introduce yourself (the most complex one)

Well, no matter how professional or experienced you are but when it comes to describing ‘yourself” we all get freeze and the conversation starts with ‘Umm my name is.. Aaa, I have.. completed my bachelors.. ‘ and this way our confidence goes all in vain.

For this, we suggest you to answer this question wisely and avoid omitting your information in one go. Instead, start from your career journey and try sharing only productive yet most effective parts. Afterward, shed light on your educational background and then come to your aims/ambitions. Try this tick and play with symbolism. Answer this question while giving an idea to your recruiter that how you are going to fulfill their needs with your possessed skills and experience.

Why this position attracts you

This ‘why’ plays the most crucial yet dangerous role, throughout the recruitment process. Many times, you will be answering this question and then, of course, you have to convince them with valid reasons. If we give a quick reality check then, of course, the reason is, you need a job. But solely this is not the go-to answer so, its time to use your mind-tricking skills and to impress recruiters.

Instead of telling them your need, try hitting on their need. Tell your recruiters that since you admire their work environment, have received positive reviews hence, you have this dream to work in this organization. Moreover, take this brownie tip and tell them that you are willing to learn under the supervision of such experienced professionals and assume that it will be the greatest opportunity of your career life. Be confident with your words and you are all good to go! For more options, feel free to take help from cvresume.ae company.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Oh, here comes the biggest one. To this, your might may trigger you that ‘you don’t know this yet still, you need to assure that you are giving a perfect answer to your employer. Because deep down your recruiter already know that you don’t know the answer to this but no one is ready to face the reality.

Ok so here, you need to play smart! You may give them a quick good impression by saying this, in your company as one of the leading resources, I see myself as an employee of your company who works brilliantly to celebrate the success of our achievements, together. Though in other cases, feel free to share your views by following your statement, I see myself in an executive’s position and aim to grow without putting a full-stop on my learning ability.

Shed light on your greatest strengths- Be wise!

This one is not easy, so just calm down and don’t be too quick with your answer. When the recruiter asks about your strengths it simply signifies that they are expecting you to share something that will contribute as an important factor in the firm. So, be wise with your choice and count on the factors that serve as an asset for ideal career growth.

For this, you may collect pinpoints from the job post and details posted by the recruiters. Make sure that you are convincing them enough that you are the one who fits perfectly for the required position. For example, if you are being hired as a writer then tell them that completing maximum words in a day is your strength, proofreading your draft multiple times is your strength, and coming up with creative writing strategies is one of your biggest strengths. You can also take assistance from any cover letter writing service UAE, according to your skills.

Share your weaknesses with us

Ok, here again, you need to be clever. One thing that you must know is that telling someone about your weaknesses is equal to giving them the opportunity to bring you down. Though, you are bound to answer this question and thus, play a trick in this one.

Enlighted the factors that barely plays a role in your job role, for instance, tell them that you are not expert in running specific software or have zero knowledge about excel sheet (make sure these things have no connection with your job role). So, instead of going straight and telling them that you procrastinate or you are not punctual, answer them with twisted tricks.


Your recruitment process may give you anxiety attacks and you might feel nervous. But, take this brownie tip; never go without preparation. Train your brain to answer some of the basic questions that are mentioned above, nail your interview with inspiring comebacks, and become an ideal candidate. Besides this, don’t forget to dress up nicely. Good luck to all the ones who will be getting on board for the scheduled interview!

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