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Top 5 must-do things to do in Dubai

In just a few years, Dubai has become the city of all records. The world's tallest tower, 7-star hotel, top theme parks, largest aquarium, Dubai even managed to dethrone Las Vegas to become the new entertainment capital of the world.

In just a few years, Dubai has become the city of all records. The world’s tallest tower, 7-star hotel, top theme parks, largest aquarium, Dubai even managed to dethrone Las Vegas to become the new entertainment capital of the world.

Always taller, always higher, always crazier and more luxurious, these seem to be the watchwords of Dubai. We come here for the sun in winter, to be surprised, dazzled and stock up with memories in this dream city

Dubai welcomes nearly 16 million tourists every year, intrigued by the extravagance and excessiveness of this ever-changing island of modernity. This is the star destination of this beginning of the year!

In this article, I made you a top 5 Must-See activities when visiting Dubai.

Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai

Nature and adventure lovers, a desert safari is a must experience when visiting Dubai! The desert is one of the few natural attractions in Dubai, away from theme parks and other entertainment venues.

Whether you are visiting the desert in 4×4, quad, buggy or camel, I guarantee you that this is an exceptional experience that you will remember for a long time.

For a total immersion, some excursions in the desert even include the discovery of a camel farm, a barbecue meal in a traditional Bedouin camp, sand boarding (surfing on the sand dunes!), belly dance shows or henna tattoos.


Dubai theme parks are the most impressive in the world. How could it be otherwise in an entertainment-centric city?

Between amusement parks, animal parks or water parks, there is something for everyone!

Whether you opt for Ferrari World’s fastest roller coaster, LEGOLAND’s 60 million colorful little bricks or the stunning scenery of Bollywood Park, the theme parks of the Middle East are sure to amaze you.

Dubai also has the largest indoor amusement park in the world (over 140,000 square meters!), ideal to enjoy your holidays on hot days. Divided into 4 different themed worlds, you will find attractions around the universe of Marvel, prehistory or Cartoon Network characters.

Personally, it is the giant water slides of the amazing Aquaventure that tempt me the most! It is located on the Palm Jumeirah in the prestigious Atlantis hotel. Its tropical decor and thrill rides make Aquaventure the best water park in Dubai.


From the height of its 828 meters of luxury, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world! It hosts a luxury Armani Hotel, prestigious apartments, offices, but also the highest restaurant on the planet. The view of the famous Burj Al-Arab hotel, The Palm Jumeirah or the desert surrounding the city is simply breathtaking.

It is an average of 10,000 tourists who use the fastest elevators in the world to enjoy the incredible view of the Burj Khalifa.

Marvel at the world’S largest AQUARIUM

Marvel at the world'S largest AQUARIUM

With 1200 shops, an Olympic Ice Rink, an amusement park dedicated to virtual reality and a gigantic aquarium. This Shopping Center is the image of Dubai: eccentric, futuristic and disproportionate.

The Dubai Aquarium is the ideal place to approach and observe the 140 marine species present in the huge basins.

The Dubai Aquarium is the largest in the world (yes, still). The highlight of this aquarium is its 48-meter-long tunnel where dozens of shark species can be seen walking quietly over our heads.



The landscape of Dubai is constantly changing, the craziest projects on the planet do not cease to enrich the architecture of the city. So we have only one desire: to find the best observation points so as not to miss anything!

Discovering Dubai by plunging on the water is an unforgettable experience! The best option not to miss anything from the places of interest of the city is the zodiac cruise.

During this cruise, we discover the marina and its gigantic yacht. We admire the huge buildings that rise before our eyes, and we crisscross the Palm Jumeirah (The Surprising peninsula in The Shape of a palm tree) where we see the sublime Atlantis Hotel.

I could talk to you about Dubai for hours, but a top 5 is a top 5. I cannot go around the hundreds of activities all more awesome than each other! To get a good overview of all that the city has to offer, I advise you to explore Dubai & Abu Dhabi Pass, really convenient and profitable when visiting Dubai.

I hope this article has made you want to travel just as much as me!

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