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Top 5 Things to Know about the Manicure Table

Are you searching for a modern manicure table for your new beauty salon? Look no further! A decent manicure table ensures your client’s comfort and relaxation while getting a manicure treatment at your salon. Nail Technicians will spend a lot of time at the manicure table. Thus the table must be comfortable for them as well! A manicure table that matches your nail salon’s decor is essential; after all, it is furniture and should project the image you want. If you’re having trouble narrowing down your options for a new manicure table, go no further than Salon Store’s wide selection of contemporary Manicure Tables in various styles and finishes.

Casters with a Lock:

Lockable castors are a must-have accessory to keep your manicure table in place while you perform treatments on your customers. If necessary, the castors on your manicure table may be unfastened so that you can easily move them throughout the salon. Salon Store manicure tables’ lockable castors are all medical-grade, which means they’re engineered for quiet, efficient operation. Salon Store manicure tables contain four wheels, each of which can support a combined weight of 200 kilograms and carry a single load of 50 kilograms.

Guide Rails that Make No Noise:

Salon Store manicure tables are equipped with quiet guide rails that allow for smooth, uncomplicated drawer movement. As a bonus, the drawers open more quietly than other models on the market because of their long-lasting runners.

Tables Equipped with Dust Extractors for Manicures:

Nail technicians should always have a nail dust collector on hand, operating from home or in a busy salon. Choosing a manicure table that has a nail dust catcher is essential. The nail dust collection benefits the customer and the technician, who spends a lot of time in the manicure salon breathing in nail dust. When it is impossible to keep your customers’ nails free of dust and odors while doing nail treatments, it is critical to use a dust collector to eliminate the dust particles from the air as soon as they are formed.

Finding a decent quality nail dust collector that works effectively and has a low noise level will help you keep your salon/home atmosphere serene and soothing for your customers. The AV-5 and AV-1 fan used in Salon Store manicure tables are strong, low-noise, and quick to install. They are also intended to be easy to maintain and make annual cleaning as simple as possible.

Fan of the AV-5:

Three elements comprise the AV-5 fan exhaust system, a twin turbofan exhaust system. There is no need to purchase additional filters for this fan since it features a high-efficiency, reusable Filter. You may clean and maintain the fan and set it on your manicure table. Filter dust and fragments may be gently emptied into a container, and the Filter is ready to be reinserted into the fan and used immediately.

Filtration Fan with three Levels of Filtration:

A technical air filtering system employs draft fans, ductwork, and extract systems to filter the air through the three filtration levels. There are three layers to the filters, with Filter A capturing dirt and smells and Filter B removing them. Keeping the fan clean is the primary purpose of Filter C. The filter control box is tucked away in a cabinet to keep your table clear and clutter-free. The entire specifications are shown in the picture below. They feature a 220V motor and a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. Our items must fulfill your expectations and the current UK legislation. We have CE certification on all of our goods.


These were the standards by which we judged the quality of the ventilation on our manicure tables. Is this the only criterion? Not! Our website is continuously updated, so you’ll have the latest information. Reader happiness is the most important criterion for us. Thus we use it as our last and most important Filter. Thanks for what you’ve done. Please let us know if you find any material or terminology here obsolete, irrelevant, or unsuitable. 

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