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Top 5 Things You Should Never Do In Your Swimming Pool

Are you aware that there are some things that you should never do in your pool? There are swimming pool mistakes that can happen, from jumping in too early after enjoying a big lunch to adding high amounts of chlorine before your kid’s birthday party, well most of us have probably made a mistake or two when it comes to our pools. The great news is, with some care and plenty of awareness, you can avoid these mistakes. Some of these are unsafe, and some are unsanitary. Here are the top things you should never do in your pool. 

Failing to Run the Pool Pump 

yellow and black duck on white concrete surface

When it comes to pool pumps, one of the biggest issues is operational costs, since there are pumps that are available that can run night and day. This is the reason why it’s important to have the electric bill always in check because some people who have pools of their own are relatively economical with how much they operate their pumps. 

If you fail to run a pool pump long enough can lead to your filter being clogged up faster, which will only result in prolonged larger problems more often. Residential pools should have 8 to 12 hours of run time should filter the water in your pool. We recommend that you opt for energy-efficient pool pumps that can reduce your overhead without the need to suffer performance. You may ask help from a professional that will allow the pool to reasonably maintain themselves 

Taking Glassware Into the Pool Area 

Never bring your glassware into the pool area even if it may seem safe, but if you accidentally drop your cup and it gets smashed, you will have broken glasses around your pool deck. Remember that most people would run around barefoot around the pool, so it’s better to use plastic cups instead. 

Bringing Food Into the Pool 

adult white and black border collie jumps to pool

Another habit that people like to do is to take their food into the pool since it seems harmless for them. You may think there’s nothing wrong with bringing a pizza or chips into your pool but if you drop it into the water, you’ll just contaminate your pool. And if you like to chew gum and it falls out, it may clog the pool’s filter. In addition, you will only invite insects and pests into your pool area. If you want your pool to be maintained clean, then just eat your food outside the pool. Also, if you are feeding ducks or other birds near your pool, we suggest that you feed them to a new place as it will only encourage them to stay in your pool area. 

Another tip we can give you is to wear your favourite personalized swim cap if you don’t want hairs clogging your filter. 

Adding a High Concentration of Chlorine 

If you are not aware of the causes of several huge long-term pool problems such as algae growth, decaying of equipment, and surface scaling is having an out of balance pool water. Having proper chemical balance can prolong your pool’s lifespan, avoid getting expensive repair bills, including re-plastering, equipment replacement, and liner renewal. 

With that being said, if you shock a pool which means adding too much chlorine in high concentration directly into your pool is a bad idea. If you don’t stop doing this, it can have negative effects in your pool liner in three ways, including bleach stains, suffer its durability and in the end result to leaks. 

Peeing In The Pool 

two person on swimming pool

This is pretty obvious but everyone does it! Some would admit to it, some would not. Peeing in the pool is not only disgusting but mixing chlorine and uric acid can create cyanogen chloride and trichloramine, which are toxic compounds that can cause respiratory problems and can burn the skin and eyes. 

Immediately Entering the Pool Without Showering 

It may seem unnecessary for people to not shower before they take a dip, and if you’re one of them, then you probably should change this mindset. Our bodies are covered in dead skin cells, loose hair, oil, lotions, hair products, and other mixtures. 

It’s important that you rinse off before you head straight to the pool to get rid of those things. Remember when you jump into your pool, everything you have in your body will come off into the water, coercing some of the chemicals to function overtime.

Not Watching Your Children in the Pool 

Never leave your kids unattended, it will only take two minutes for little kids to drown. It’s also crucial to take note that trusting your child’s life to another older kid, depending on floatation devices, or relying on others to watch your kids is a big mistake. 

Be responsible to join them in the pool, or at least on the side of the pool. If you think your child is tired, then don’t allow them to get in the water as they can possibly drown. 

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