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Top 6 Functions of CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relation Management. Customer Relation Management (CRM) is a strategy for improving an organization’s relationships with customers. CRM software is becoming an indispensable part of every business as every organization wants a good relationship with customers. Dealing with customers can be a challenging task. Diagnosing problems and satisfying the customers is the key to success so CRM software helps us to manage it. CRM software can carry a lot of that workload for business and sales process. CRM software gives amazing opportunities to small businesses and large enterprises alike to thrive. Using a platform with the best features of CRM is an essential part of that strategy, so have compiled the top 6 functionalities.

Customer Relation Management Functionalities

According to CRM systems UK choosing the right CRM for your organization is crucial to customer success. There are two key points to select the right CRM for your organization.

  1. Get familiar with the features provided by CRM
  2. Know what specific CRM capabilities your team need

Contact Management

Contact Management includes a recording of a customer’s details. We record all the details, such as names, phone numbers, email, addresses, in a searchable database. We can search for records of every customer present in the database. It also tracks customer interactions to build the customer’s profile. It also improves the personalization of all contacts with customers, making them feel important and satisfying. Contact Management plays an important role in customer satisfaction so it is considered a key factor.

Lead Management

This is the first step in the sales cycle as it helps to capture lead details from multiple channels including web forms, social media platforms, and emails. Lead Management allows a business to determine the best customers to follow up with the best customers based upon demographic factors. CRM features list would be incomplete without mentioning lead management. It helps to improve the efficiency and productivity of your sales so it is considered an important function of CRM.

Reporting and Analyzing

Reporting and Analyzing have become one of the top CRM features. Users can view statistics from a visual and, engaging perspective using customized reports. It helps to track the metrics such as profitability and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. You can share the reports with different teams to make decisions.


Marketing is also one of the most important functions of CRM software. The marketing function covers aspects such as content marketing, marketing resource management, and automation. Marketing automation helps the company to reduce the cost. It also improves the efficiency of digital marketing initiatives. A good CRM platform or software will provide you to control the terms of automating parts of your marketing program.


Email is also one of the most important features of the CRM platform. It allows to send mass emails, track emails conversation with clients or customers, and send automated emails to clients such as birthday wishes.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Management helps you to sort and filter deals and perform bulk actions, such as sending emails to selected customers. If you are selling different products you can create different pipelines to compare the sales volume across products.

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