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Top 7 Foods That Help You Fight Diseases

Ha, chew!! Excuse me, I just have flu and it’s making me feel weaker and weaker. So this is what made me think why in the world do we get sick and what the logic behind all this is. This led me to think that there are millions of people in the world who might have this question in their minds as well. Everyone wants to know how these diseases happen and what actually happens in our bodies so we could come up with a better solution that simply going to the doctor and have some anti-biotics. 

I know anti-biotics are like health boosters but of course, they have their own side effects. I wouldn’t recommend you to go to the doctor and have antibiotics until it’s serious enough. These days, people go for it even though they just have a little scratch on their body that can be healed within a day without causing any problem. So instead of that, you must go for more natural ways that will actually prevent you from getting sick. Basically what I mean is that you can boost your immune system easily by consuming natural medicines like the food I’m going to list right now. If you just eat these 7 foods regularly, you’ll be strong enough to fight a lot of diseases and keep you super healthy. So let’s get started, shall we?

7. Citrus Fruits

If you’re interested in keeping yourself healthy every day, then you need to consume citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, grapefruits, limes, etc. As I’ve caught a cold already, it’s good that I eat these fruits because the vitamin C in them is the thing that my body is looking for and I can get that from these fruits. There are white blood cells that are produced in our bone marrow. They flow through the blood flow and fight everything that threatens our health. The magic that citrus foods do is that they boost the production of white blood cells, hence, improving our immune system. 

6. Red Bell Peppers

You seriously need to eat more of these if you feel weak. Even if you’re healthy, just add these peppers to your diet since they will prevent you from diseases better than the citrus fruits. Why? Red bell peppers contain 3 times more vitamin C than a normal orange. Plus, they have beta carotene in them which heavily prevents the body from catching bigger diseases like cancer or conditions like a heart attack. Now that we know that red bell peppers have the strength to give you a strong immune system, you should also know that the vitamin C in them will give you healthy skin as well. There are multiple health benefits with zero side-effects. Choose for yourself!

5. Broccoli

I’ve concluded something in my life that there are hundreds of millions of haters in the world and most of them are kids. They don’t like the taste of it, however, broccoli is a highly filled vegetable. It’s filled with vitamins like A, E, and C, fiber, minerals, antioxidants. If you ask me, I’d say that it’s one of the most healthy veggies that you can eat. And trust me, broccoli is delicious. I don’t see a single reason why I should refuse to eat this health potion. The best way to consume broccoli is to cook it at its least or not cook at all. Just eat it as it is like it’s salad and you’ll have the full bunch of nutrients right inside your body.

4. Garlic

Ah, it’s one of the most important ingredients of a lot of foods in the world and it’s important for good taste and good health. If you’re looking for a great and easy way to make your immune system work much better, then consider adding garlic to your regular routine. It will help you fight bodily infections and regulates blood pressure to keep your heart’s health at the right level. 

3. Ginger

Garlic and ginger is one of the most used food combinations around the globe, do you know why? It’s mostly and prominently because of the taste that these two babies have in them. But the nutrition that both of them has is like the powerhouse of immunity. If you feel cold or you’re nauseating, then ginger is going to help you fight with it. 

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is used not only to boost immune systems but to also many other health advantages like hair smoothness and moisturizing, facial glow, muscle growth, etc. So I don’t think that you should only eat yogurt just because you want to strengthen your immune system. There are many benefits that you can have so make sure that you add yogurt to your daily diet. Also, get plain yogurt instead of the one with sweeteners in it. If you want, you can sweeten the yogurt with honey or healthy fruits. Sugar is a no-no!

1. Chicken

It’s really important that you add protein, carbohydrates, and many other powerful minerals to your diet and you can find all that in poultry foods, chicken! You must have noted that you have chicken soup when you’re not feeling okay. This might prove to you that chicken actually helps you gain stronger disease-fighting warriors in your body so you could get healthy and stay healthy again. It’s a rich source of vitamin B-6 which helps in not only boosting your immunity but also produce more healthy red blood cells. 


When you’re looking for ways to a healthy life, that is when you should first think about improving your diet instead of having mediations. Medicines are dangerous and should not be taken unless it’s necessary. But if you keep having your healthy food properly, you will barely need a doctor. And make sure that even if you need medicines, you check out the medicine’s brand credibility before buying them. For that, just examine the quality of the packaging. It should be high. And if the companies are using high-quality window packaging boxes, then it’s a sure plus! This indicates that the company is highly professional and thoughtful towards the consumers. They buy the boxes from high-class brands like Dawn Printing. But try not to go for medicines because these amazing foods are enough to keep you safe and healthy!

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