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Top 7 Strategies: How to Grow Your Podcast Audience

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Growing your podcast audience takes a lot more effort and bravery than getting started. Despite having excellent content, many podcasters struggle to increase their subscriber base. This makes them wonder what they are doing wrong. If this is your experience as a podcaster, you are not alone. 

There are several methods for increasing your podcast subscribers, some of which you may have already tried. Yet, there are some strategies you must use to increase your subscriptions.

If you do not have a sizable audience, you may not be successful as a podcaster looking to venture into paid podcasting. This is due to the host platform’s rule that you drive traffic to it in order for it to pay you royalties. However, if you are able to grow your subscribers, you can benefit from subscription service providers. 

Besides popular subscription services such as Apple podcast subscriptions, there are other platforms as well. These platforms can help you achieve your podcast monetization goal. They help you promote your podcast and grant access to only subscribers. As a result, expand your audience.

  1. Know Your Audience

Any podcast that wants to expand must focus on a certain audience. Although you may believe that everyone who listens to your podcast will find it interesting, this is not always the case. 

Finding your niche and tailoring your content to this audience is essential if you want to become a successful podcaster. Finding a niche is one of the keys to expanding your audience. Knowing your audience will not only help you expand your podcast but will also enable you to provide niche-specific content. 

For example, when starting a tech podcast, you should specify your genre and stick to it. A crypto podcast is also under tech. But talking about data science on a crypto podcast will confuse your audience. Having a niche also makes it easier for your audience to find you. If your audience finds you easily then nothing stops you from growing. 

2. Plan Out Your Content 

A content strategy would aid in the expansion of your podcast. You must release contents that will entice your followers to return for more. The fact is that no one will want to listen to your podcast if its contents are bad. 

It would be worse if you are involved in paid podcasting, as you cannot make money from royalties without listeners. You must therefore plan your material. 

Speaking about topics that are currently trending in your niche will increase traffic. Everyone wants to know the latest details when a story breaks. The most popular YouTube videos are those that are focused on current events according to content analysis. If you care, you can use this tactic as well.

3. Engage Your Audience

Audience involvement is a further tactic that encourages podcast subscriptions. A delighted audience is an attentive audience. You should make sure that your audience is heard. The individuals who listen to your podcast may help a lot with promoting your content. 

Ask for content suggestions from your audience, then choose the one that garners the most attention. You may give your listeners a sense of community and make them more eager to share your content when you publish stuff that they suggest. 

Additionally, you need to maintain audience engagement on your social media sites. Inform them about your current projects and the anticipated release date.

4. Pay For Promotion 

You might not have to pay for social media promotion if your podcast is not monetized. To make sure that your podcast is heard by the correct audience, you should spend money on social media marketing if it is monetized. 

Through paid advertising, you could expand the reach of your podcast into new areas where your audience may be found. You can increase your subscriber base, and gain new listeners by purchasing social media ads. 

You have to spend money before you can earn it. Paying for promotion is a good option if you want to profit from your podcast.

5. Invite Guests on Your Podcast

Invite Guests on Your Podcast

Image Source: Unsplash

It’s more intriguing and engaging when a guest on your show engages in discussion with you. It would keep your audience interested while also bringing your subject to life. Having a guest on board could also aid in promoting your podcast. 

You post on your platform after the program is finished and prepared for broadcast, and your guests do the same. Fans of your guests, if they are a star or celebrity, will undoubtedly want to listen to what they are going to say on your podcast.

Therefore,inviting guests to your podcast may also help it gain more listeners and expand. Although not all visitors may desire to share your content on their page, you should nonetheless consent to it before inviting them.

6. Podcast SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is used by many websites and blogs to increase their visibility on Google through keyword optimization and other techniques. 

At some point, you must have performed a Google search and received a recommendation for a podcast. These podcasts have been tailored to draw viewers when particular keywords are typed into Google searches. 

By using searchable keywords in your podcast description, you may additionally market your podcast using effective SEO techniques. Compared to many other techniques, this method is more affordable to utilize and gives you even greater visibility.

7. Use Call To Action (CTA)

Every podcast you create should have a compelling call to action (CTA). This would serve as a reminder to your listeners that they must take action after hearing you. Your CTA can invite your audience to subscribe to your podcast or to leave a review of the most recent episode. 

Your call to action should essentially reflect the goals you have for your podcast. If a listener truly enjoys your podcast, you can simply ask them to share it with their friends by adding, “Please share this podcast with your buddy if you enjoyed it.” 

Your listeners shouldn’t be hesitant to share your material with their peers if you actually provide outstanding stuff. Therefore, you have to have an appealing CTA. 


You cannot be at ease with having few listeners if you host a paid podcast. The kind of brands who wish to collaborate with you will depend on how many listeners you have. 

As a result, before attempting to monetize your podcast, you must invest in building your audience. But, if you’ve been attempting to scale up your podcast subscription and it’s not working, using the above-mentioned advice will enable you to achieve it on a budget.

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