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Top 7 UX Design Trends You Should Be Following in 2021

There are billions of websites on the internet, and millions of them belong to the same niche and category, then what makes them different from each other. It is the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the websites that distinguish and highlight them from that of their competitors.

UI/UX shapes the experience of the website or app users and makes them prefer one over the other due to the ease of use. Therefore, the website owners pay more attention to these design elements while getting a website. They have to stay updated on UX trends and implement them on their websites not to seem so old and boring.

Dig deeper into this article, and you will be able to explore UX design trends to follow in 2021 and beyond to attract and please website users.

Top 7 UX Design Trends You Should Be Following in 2021

The population of the modern era is quite sharp and creative. They have a very keen eye for details, especially in the case of websites. They try to relate to the message, mission, and aim of the website to support it. They find meaning even from the minor details. Therefore, paying attention to UX is critical in this advanced age.

Here are the top UX design trends you should be following in 2021 and even after that.


Minimalism is not a new trend in UX; however, it is here to stay for a long time. Minimalist UX helps the website owners to direct the attention of the users towards the points and aspects they want. It requires proper skills and expertise to execute minimalism, which is why website owners contact website design Dubai-based companies and let the experts visualize their needs and imagination perfectly.

Dark Mode

The dark mode is another UX design trend that has gained immense popularity in the past few years, and it is also here to stay. This trend is mostly applicable to mobile apps; however, the users also prefer the website with dark mode over those with a bright or light mode. You can boost user experience and attract them to your site by using this trend. However, refrain from using it if your website has too much content as it can then strain the eyes.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is another UX design trend that is becoming more common and popular with every passing day. The design trend helps the users augment their reality and check the impact before finally deciding about trying something. Following this trend, you can help the users get an advanced experience and make a better decision that will be in your favor.


Another UX design trend that you should be following in 2021 is the mobile-first design. Mobile phones have already become too common. People use their mobile phones to explore and visit websites. So, if you do not adopt the mobile-first design, it will negatively impact their experience, and they might not even come back to your site. So, pay attention to it to attract more users.

Powerful Voice UI

Voice search UI is becoming increasingly popular among app and website users. In the near future, more and more users will be totally dependent on voice searches. To facilitate that and ensure a quality experience for users, the website owners need to work on their UX design. So, powerful voice UI is another UX design trend that is becoming normalized and essential.

Catchy Typography

Most website users do not pay attention to each and every single word on it. They only see what catches their eye. In such a scenario, having catchy typography is critical because the users might not even see your slogan or tag line if it is in some small or non-understandable font. Paying attention to typography is another UX design trend that you should be following in 2021 and beyond.

Ethical Design

Lastly, the UX design trend that is getting hype and popularity in 2021 is ethical design. It is not mainly about morals but portraying and supporting the values and ideology your brand, product, service, or business promotes. Your UX design should not conflict with the message you are trying to endorse. If you lack the skills to achieve it, hire website design companies, share your requirements with experts and get exactly what you want.

Follow the UX design trend to get more website traffic!

A trendy UX design has the charm of attracting more and more users. On the other hand, an outdated UX design can even repel the users who explore your website regularly. So, do not disappoint your users by sticking to old ideals and follow the new trends. Do not hesitate and get in touch with experts to make your website look more appealing and welcoming.

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