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Top 9 Business Ideas to Invest In 2022 

The year has just started, but you have business plans this year, and you aim to make it successful. The most important question is, what business will you be investing in? That’s the primary reason behind this article. We have created it to guide you on five companies you can invest in 2022 that will be a success. 

It is no news that managing a business comes with challenges, but this list comprises business ideas that are easy to start and don’t require a severe financial investment. These are businesses where you can make your profit with time. Let’s go!

Top 5 business ideas you can start in 2022 


  1. CBD business

There are many areas to explore when selling CBD as a service or product, or both. CBD is still new to the mainstream and is projected to keep booming in sales; hence it made it to our top 5 list. Slowly the CBD name is becoming a household name in the west. 

A little about CBD: It is one of the most active compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant alongside THC. THC used to be the only and most famous Cannabis component in the past, but due to the health benefits of weed, CBD started gaining popularity.

CBD possesses numerous health benefits, and as a result, it has a massive market size even though it is just rising. At first, it was sold in CBD gummies, tinctures, topicals, capsules, and edibles, but now there are also CBD services in the state of aromatherapy through CBD candles.  

It is good that the market is at an early stage; you can take advantage and come up with ways to sell differently, maybe with your packaging. You can offer to sell both oral and topical products in one package as a bonus. Try something different and be creative. You will have your customers trooping in to buy what you sell in no time.  

  1. Cleaning service

This is a business idea that many run away from, making it perfect as you don’t have much competition. Several busy people don’t usually have to clean up their mess, so they prefer to have someone do it for them, which is where you come in.  

The great thing about the cleaning service business is you only have to make little financial investment but more time investment. If you are looking at a big business idea, you should also look to hire a team as time goes on. 

Let’s take a look at some cleaning business ideas below: 

  • House cleaning service: Many families and single busy individuals would prefer someone else who could clean their homes and pay a fee for it.  
  • Vehicle cleaning service: Again, you can offer to clean some of these busy people’s cars as many leave them at a car wash to wash them for them. You can contribute to coming over to their place to clean it. In that way, there is more security, and they will be happy about it. 
  • Office cleaning service: You can apply for jobs as an office cleaner when you see job postings that request one.  


  1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the most remarkable ways to make money on your expertise while doing what you love and In your free time. It’s one of those businesses with a low-cost financial investment, but you will need to invest your time. All you would need to be successful are a computer device, writing applications, and internet access. 

Also, you don’t need to be perfect in the English language to become a writer and a degree, which is contrary to popular belief. Depending on how serious you are with freelance writing, you might need to build a brand to gain trust and relevance. For example, if you love cryptocurrency, you can start a blog and Twitter account and give your expert opinion on them. In no time, you are bound to blow up. 

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is surprisingly here to stay. It is an avenue for 9-5ers to make extra cash as a side hustle or passive income.   

So how does affiliate marketing work? 

You help a brand sell its digital or physical product or service. You earn a commission every time you make a sale after driving traffic to the brand’s site or store.


  1. eCommerce

Due to the pandemic, millions of people had to think of several ways to sell and not run on loss which brought about the fame of eCommerce. You can now sell to people online without stressing so much.  

eCommerce can be an extremely profitable business if you are intentional about it.

There are several platforms used for eCommerce to use and become successful, e.g., WooCommerce, Shopify, Oberlo, etc. 

6. Cleaning Service

Consider starting a cleaning business if you don’t mind doing the dirty work others cannot do for themselves. The financial reward can be incredible.

Starting a cleaning business is fairly easy and you can start with very little capital. Sometimes, all you need is a scrub and cleaning soap.

That said, here are some cleaning businesses you can easily get into:

  • House cleaning services: Know some busy, single professionals in your neighborhood? Why not approach them and ask to clean their homes for a small fee? You’d be surprised how this business can grow quickly.
  • Vehicle cleaning: Some vehicle owners do not have the time to clean their vehicles. Why not give them some help? You could even take things a bit further by approaching companies and asking to clean their fleet of vehicles.
  • Carpet cleaning: Got carpet cleaning equipment or know where to hire? Consider starting a commercial or home carpet cleaning service.
  • Graffiti cleaning: Do you know how to take graffiti off walls? A graffiti cleaning business might work.

7. Daycare

Are you great with kids? Why not help give busy parents a helping hand by starting a daycare business?

Starting a daycare business can be fulfilling and rewarding. On top of that, you don’t need so much upfront investment to get it off the ground. You could even start one from the comfort of your home.

Remember that you might need to get a permit to start your daycare, so look into that before starting one.

8. Pet Grooming

If you enjoy having pets around, and grooming them doesn’t seem like much work, consider starting a pet grooming business.

To stay flexible, consider offering home services. In this arrangement, you visit the homes of pet owners, groom their pets, and get paid for your services.

Creating a Google My Business Page for your business can help you reach more clients in your local area.

9. Property Management

If you’ve worked in the real estate industry before, or you are just good at management, you might find success as a property manager.

The thing is, there are lots of property owners who don’t have the time to manage their properties spread across town. They need someone they can trust to collect rents, fix broken stuff, and kick bad tenants out.  If you’ve worked in the real estate industry before, or you are just good at management, you might find success as a property manager, especially with the right property management software.

So, if you are up to the challenge, by all means, give it your best shot.


You can invest in several other businesses in 2022, but we have limited it to these five as they are easy to start and require little money or time investment. You can choose the business idea you love more or have the skills to do to get started. For example, if you have excellent negotiation skills, you can start selling products through eCommerce, and if you are a great writer, you can create a freelance writing business. 

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