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Top Best Startup Business Ideas

In this article we would be going over in details the Top Best Startup Business Ideas

You can get started with this Businesses in 2022 and begin earning cash from them.

So make sure to read this article till the very end.

If you want to get started with businesses and want to start earning cash online but do not just know the business to actually get started with then read this article.

We would be going over best online business ideas that users can get started with.

This article and start up ideas will be given to you was the best ones we could get after our research.

This ideas are not actually a get rich quick scheme which will start making you millions in month.

We would honest to you all and telling you the truth.

This startup business ideas are actually once which you can add up to your real job and begin working on your own skill.

If you are consistent in the jobs which we will be giving to you all then you can begin earning enough cash to be able to quit your job.

Importance of Small Businesses

A small business is very important for those who want to start earning cash online.

A small start up business is one which we would love to get started with if you wish to quit your 9-5 job.

Small businesses are very important as it is not healthy to be working under someone and expecting payment Monthly.

Most people are not cool with it but if you are then there is no actual need to work on a side hustle.

Enough explanation let us go over what the best startup business ideas actually are.

Top Best Startup Business Ideas

Event Organization

An event organizer is simply some one who organises event, this event could be festivals, conferences, ceremonies, wedding, concerts, formal parties and even conventions.

Event planners are focused on their brand image and popularity, which may be improved with a good web marketing strategy.

On the other side, the initial expense of building this brand is little, if at all.

Mobile App Development

This is another start up business which is very recommended for those who want to start earning a passive income.

But the downside to this business is that you do not begin to earn cash just immediately.

Pretty much all the businesses in this article does not guarantee money immediately but with time you will start earning.

Mobile app development will require enough knowledge on app development and creation.

A solid knowledge on coding and Programming is required before beginning to start earning from your mobile app.

There are multiple ways to earn from your mobile app, you can earn through in app purchases or even through google advertisement.

Drop Shipping

This type of business is like a middle man which helps to connect the seller (vendor) with the clients.

Drop Shipping business is one which can make you millions of dollars, lot of business men are making millions from this business.

To begin your drop shipping business you will need to establish your own online store.

This online store can be established from popular business sites such as shopify or alidropship.

Although apart from this online store establishing sites they are much other sites asides from shopify.

We recommend you read this article to know how you can start your very own ecommerce website

An average drop shipper earn up to $100,000 dollars per year, although this depends on your efforts and dedication.

Fashion Designing

This business idea should be one you should only think off if you are some one who love designing clothes.

There is a lot of money to be made from fashion designing, you can start designing and promoting your self in your local area.

This way you can start up with out having to invest cash.

And once you have enough cash you can go ahead and start advertising your self to other places.

Consultancy Business

A consulting firm, often known as a consultancy, is a professional service firm that charges a fee for expert advice.

Consulting firms might have one person or hundreds, and they can provide services in a variety of fields, such as management, engineering, and so on.

You should know that this business requires your time, so this means you have to quit your job.

Although there is a way to work around this but you should know it would be easy juggling this business with your current job.

An office space is needed as well if you wish to begin a consultancy Business.

Food Delivery Services

This is not your regular food delivery business, this one is directed towards the train and rail way areas.

This services work along side with hotels and their main job is to make food available in trains and railway.

You can collaborate with meal delivery applications like Railyatri, Travelkhana, IRCTC eCatering, and others to bring food aboard the train.

Online Fitness Instructor

This is another good lucrative business which you can try out.

An online fitness instructor means you would not be assisting the people you are instructing in actual workout.

The way this business can be done is by creating a fitness course showing them the work out routine they need to be fit.

This also means you posting your online workouts on youtube and other platforms.

To begin this type of job you should know that you will have to be physically fit as well.

And you should be some one who loves working out business it can be hectic some times.


Every body wants to have good grades and every parent wants their kids to have this good grade.

So random thought why not become a tutor, this could be physical tutor or a tutor which is based online.

Physical tutors are ones which you will have to promote yourself after doing so you will have to create a room for those who are coming for your tutorial.

You have to set a time every day or every week which is convenient for the parent, the child and you as well.

This type of business can earn you a lot of cash you can also become a tutor by posting your tutorial on youtube.

By doing so you can earn through google adsense, I recommend you try out the both of them to increase the amount you earn.


This is a very popular business that I think every one should be familiar with.

As a freelancer you can either work as a web developer, copy writer, transcriptionists, business consultant and much more.

You can begin earning on freelancer by going learn a solid skill.

After you have successfully learnt this skills you can begin your Freelancing.

To begin you have to head out to a Freelancing Platform and create an account.

There are lot of Freelancing Platform but I recommend you try out or upwork those are the two most popular freelance website.

Digital Marketing

As a digital marketer you deal with jobs such as

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creating
  • Google ad optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marker Analysis, the list goes on and on.

Online Customer Support

This is a legitimate start up business which is very lucrative.

A lot of businesses look for customer support which makes them a very high demanding in the job market.

A Customer Support are those people who helps to listen to the customers and help them rectify any issue they have.

They also help them to answer any question and explain anything they might be confused about.

A Customer Support business requires your time and effort, business customers can need you at any time of the day.

To begin this type of job all you need is a good data connection, a personal computer and a working mobile smart phone.

Travel Agency

You can work as a travel agent and begin earning cash.

Travel agents are very high in demands, they help people with making of visa, organizing of documents and booking of flights.

Again this type of job requires your time and effort.

As an affiliate partner for a large online travel company like MakeMyTrip or Goibibo, you can earn a commission.


This lead us to the end of this article, we are now sure that you can begin earning because you have gotten the information you need and you now know how to start.

You should know that there are other type of businesses out there that you can actually start doing.

This businesses do not require a degree or Certificate wish to know this type of jobs then click here.

Make sure when trying out the jobs which are listed in this article make sure you go for ones which you are interested in.

If you go for a business because of money that you think you can make from it you would not actually be successful in it.

Thank you for taking your time to reading this article

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