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Top betting mistakes that every punter must Avoid

The first step in finding a solution is to identify the issue. The following are areas where punters make mistakes. Our opinions are based on long personal experience and contact with both successful and unsuccessful punters. The goal of this article is to draw attention to these typical failing areas with the hope that I will speed your progress towards profitable betting both on Online Betting Site and offline betting.

Here are some Top betting mistakes that every punter must Avoid

Loss of Value Appreciation

Achieving “value” in the bet is crucial to long-term success. To make money from a long period of betting, you should be betting on odds that are greater than the probability of winning the race. For this to be done over the long-term it is important to focus on each race in turn and determine the odds for the race. There is value at every event. The trick is knowing what that value lies. A lot of times, punters make a mistake on a losing bet slip only to declare “At the very least, I gained some worth”.

Greed For Instant Wealth

A lot of punters are looking for the thrill of a bet that could bring massive returns of instant cash with a minimal investment. Bookmakers capitalize on your desire to win and will go to great lengths to encourage you to make exciting multi-selection bets that are a single hit that can turn one stake into a huge amount. Professionals do not usually place bets in multiples. They typically bet on singles and stay clear of betting on multiple bets. Bookmakers constantly promote a variety of bets that are multiple and have exotic names like Yankee, Lucky 15, and Goliath.

Inability to Discipline

A lack of Discipline is the most significant obstacle for gamblers trying to transform an unprofitable pastime into a profitable one. Bookmakers recognize this. So, at each betting center you can place bets on lotteries, numbers, ball games, races from all over the world with horses you’ve never ever heard of and are even today, computer-generated or, as they refer to it, virtual racing. Bookmakers believe it’s an issue of gamblers who are all day long betting on whatever they can present to them and unfortunately, they’re correct in many instances. They’re simply seeking thrills and won’t mind which bet they place for as long as they have the chance to place a bet.

There is no strategy that is based on any kind of methodology and the majority of betting office regulars are an uninformed bunch of chickens who are willing to pay in the long run for the warm feeling of winning. More experienced gamblers that are smart enough to reject bets they know are foolish always fall short by constantly cutting their losses by letting a fun ten cent here and a tenner here. It requires a lot of discipline to not bet on the exact time. It requires discipline to step out of a race if the odds aren’t right. It requires discipline to tell no to that little wager that is fun.


Betting on sports is a lonely pastime. It is also a highly skilled game. The effects of emotion can hinder success in a variety of ways. It is comforting to know that as a sheep , if you’re wrong, it’s not your fault since you simply did the same thing that everyone else was doing. When it comes to betting, the laws of supply and demand in the market determine that in the long run the sheep will be fleeced. Discipline is a result of emotion and established practices that have proven to be successful. When you are able to master your emotions, you’ve made the first step towards gambling profitably.


The majority of punters are lazy! They’ve adhered to the premise of poor planning and insufficient research. They are not willing to learn and spend a lot of time looking at ways to win in betting. They don’t want to invest their money in betting and invest in their own education.

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