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Top décor elements to beautify your spiritual corner

All of you might be having a corner at your home that is completely dedicated to spiritual activities. It’s essential to keep the vibe of the house positive and the best way to do so is by beautifying your spiritual area or Pooja room. To incorporate the idols of the god you worship you must build a beautiful mandir that radiates blessings. With time, the way mandir designs have evolved is tremendous. Earlier a perfect Mandir was usually located at a specific place but now a mini version of it can easily be constructed at your home.

Having a place where your faith resides is important and to make that space look wonderful, here are the top elements that can elevate the look of your Mandir or spiritual area.

  1. Incorporate a mandir constructed with white marble – The center of attraction of any Mandir is the idols you will place there and generally, these idols are heavy and attractive, and to make them stand out its essential to have a simple background like white marble to balance out the entire space and try not to make it look gaudy. The materials that you choose for your Devghar designmust create a calming and relaxing effect on the surroundings and therefore marble is the best choice for it.
  2.  Go for high statement copper Diyas – A mandir without a diya is incomplete. To create a wondrous look at your Mandir you can place a pair of copper diyas on both sides of your Mandir. This will elevate the look of the idol that is placed in between the diyas, creating a royal and traditional vibe. These diyas would uplift the entire look of your spiritual area as its golden appearance would make it look attractive yet complementing.
  3. Include wall carvings and jaalis – To give your mandir a traditional royal vibe, you must go for wall carvings and jaalis. As per the theme you want to create you can also customize the jaali patterns. Adding subtle lighting behind this jaalis would create tones in your spiritual place making its ambiance blissful. Moldings and wall carvings inspired by traditional Indian art can also make your spiritual place look creative and inspiring.
  4. Imbibe Sanskrit shlokas to create positivity – Imbibing Sanskrit shlokas on the walls of your spiritual area or putting up a well-lit board that contains shlokas can make your mandir look aesthetic and positive. You can also customize these shlokas and beautify them using calligraphy. These prayers when added to the décor of your home would radiate immense spirituality.
  5. Use dramatic lighting – The lights you use in your mandir areas can completely set the tone of your space. To create a positive look the correct selection of lights is essential. You can also use golden fairy lights to make the space look spiritual and calming. Further, you can also add a majestic chandelier to upgrade the overall visuals of the spiritual area.
  6. Apart from these ideas, you can also use simple DIYs that would make your Mandir look beautiful in this sacred place of your home. Luckily, you can browse through the wide variety of Mandir designs available with this brand.

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