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Top Factors to Make the Right Career Choice

There are multiple facets that are at play while making the right career choice. In fact, many opt for a career counselling session with a psychologist who uses tests like DMIT, Aptitude, IQ Test or other Psychometric Test to understand various factors for professional guidance.

Here are some of the top factors come into play to make the right career choice-

  • Personal Competencies- Understanding the personal assets and areas of improvement helps in streamlining the job sectors suited to individual strengths.
  • Paycheck- Every career decision ever made has this factor considered and is usually the most important reason.
  • Personal Growth- An ideal profession gives you the opportunity to use your skills and expand them.
  • Value Addition- It is crucial to feel appreciated and valued in the organisation one is working in.
  • Personality- Getting that work environment which fits with your approach to people and tasks is crucial.
  • Core Philosophies- Aligning the values and principle of the organisation with yours helps to be comfortable with the methods and work-style of the company.
  • Social Status- The work you choose should grant you a dignified position in your social setting where your contribution to social development is recognised.
  • Work-Life balance- It is paramount that your work understands your personal priorities and gives you reasonable space to pursue personal endeavours.
  • Job-satisfaction- Last but most importantly, your work should be something that makes your efforts feel worthwhile and fills you up with a sense of pride.

Thus, the BRAINWONDERS DMIT is here with the solution, The U.S. patented Brain Mapping test comprehensively understands the inborn profile of a person, shedding light on personality, multiple intelligence, learning styles, brain dominance and a thorough career guidance followed by expert psychological counselling.

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