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Top Fun Gift Ideas For The Writer In Your Life

If you are reading this article then you must going through a struggle of finding gifts for the writer in your life. See, like a painter needs a canvas, paint brush or a board for his creativity or on the other way a musician needs notes, sheet music and audience to show their talent. Then, what did the writer need the most for creating an art of writing? Now, you will say that they need a paper, pen, books and inspiration to write as it is quite obvious. But it’s not as simple as it looks to find gifts for a writer. Basically, we think of gifts to present to them a book as every book writer is known as a bookworm. But what if they already have it? So we have to think little on different sides for them.

Don’t worry now as you landed on the right page and here you will definitely find something for your book worm. Here, we have covered you in everything from a customized happy birthday cakes to funky accessories for them. So, let’s dig into our curated list!!!!

Beautiful bookends

What about a pretty end holder for your writer who holds a huge collection of books? This will help them in making their book rack look more elegant and beautiful. These are available in two metallic shades of gold and silver. So according to their book rack colour you can choose any of these. For Making little more attractive you can also engrave the base of this holder with your writer’s name.

A one-on-one consultation with a professional

Is your writer a fan of a particular book, author, or publication? Do they have a crush on a certain writing coach? You already know what that means: they can’t wait to speak with them. Request and/or purchase a one-hour virtual chat or a three-hour mentorship session by contacting us. Give them a package of sessions if you can, because you know your writer has a lot of questions.

Pro-tip: In addition to Googling their name, LinkedIn and Twitter are wonderful places to find professionals and their websites, so include them in your search.

The waterproof notebook Aqua Notes

Do you have a habit of having your best ideas in the shower? And then forget about it by the time you get out? Rather than letting your treasures float away, let Aqua Notes assist you in capturing them. This waterproof notepad, which attaches to the shower wall, allows you to jot down your best ideas and grocery lists…or leave messages for the next showerer.

Author accessories

How it’s look if you presented them with beautiful accessories that match their passion? This is the best way to adore their personality and love regarding their skills. So, you can give them a necklace with their favourite famous writer’s name or bracelet with the words “future writer”. Well, if you are thinking of gifting accessories to your female writer then you also have an option of fun earrings. As both earrings are engraved with the words “first chapter” and “the end”. She will really love to receive such a present.

A new writer’s website needs a domain name

Is there a website for your writer? If not, they’re undoubtedly planning to start a blog this year. Give your writer their own domain name, which will give them the confidence they need to publish their work or start blogging. Bluehost makes registering a domain name simple, and most domains cost under $12 per year. If you’re not sure which domain to buy, a combination of your writer’s first and last name, such as, is a solid bet. If it doesn’t work, go to

Rocketbook is a reusable notepad with a smart design

The Rocketbook smart notebook transforms the classic pen-and-paper experience into a digital experience. Upgrade your writer’s doodles and musings this year with a notebook that is infinitely recyclable (as long as it doesn’t get misplaced) and links to cloud services.

Yes, people can connect their iPhone or Android smartphone to this notebook. This paperless notebook is still a wonderful alternative if your writer wants the true feel of writing because they’ll use dry-erase markers or a Pilot FriXion pen to record handwritten tale ideas or fast notes — simply clean off the surface with water and a rag.

Literature candles

Well, forget about writers and tell us don’t you love the smell of new books around you when you were kids? Obviously yes, as we all love to smell that mild fragrance everytime we get into the new classes. Similarly, for your friend who craves for this fragrance these literature candles are the best. And you can easily find three famous scented candles with different scents named as ancient books, ancient scrolls and new books.

Books about writing

Giving a writer a book is always a good idea, especially if the book is about writing. After all, the majority of us are self-described bookworms anxious to enhance our skills.

Here are four books that every writer should reread:

Anne Lamott’s book Bird by Bird

Stephen King on Writing

Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way

Jeff Goins’ You Are a Writer

Do you want additional options? Checkout Google for that by typing “best books for writing”

Give the gift of time to write

Finding time to write can be challenging, especially when you have a busy work schedule, children, pets, and household responsibilities. Support your writer by lessening their load over the holidays so they can, you know, write! Here’s how you go about it: Volunteer to take 5 or 10 hours off their hands — but don’t stop there — by taking care of their chores, such as meal preparation, laundry, housecleaning, or child care.

Send your writer on a writing retreat or residency and divide the expense if you think they need more time to write. Take our word for it: any present will be greatly appreciated.

Sweet book gesture

No celebration and occasion is ever completed without a sweet gesture. So how could a writer’s birthday be celebrated without a sweet gesture of a cake? Though, we know that writers are so creative in their world of writing. So we have to think little creatively for them. Don’t stress as for a book work a customized cake in the shape of a book, keyboard or even with other writer related things. And now you don’t have to hustle for getting these as you can receive high quality cakes at your doorstep through online cake delivery providers.

A love story

If you like a writer, express your feelings in a way that will make them fall in love with you: a bespoke Love Book. You may personalise everything from the cover to the number of pages, as well as choosing from a variety of artwork and text to create a book that is uniquely yours.

Kelly Gurnett, a writer for The Write Life, received one as a gift from her husband for their anniversary, and she said, “It was the finest gift I think he’s ever given me.” What a unique way to add a personal touch!

Personalised journal 

A writer is always in need of a journal in their life as they have a lot of stuff to write all the time. So you can also consider this option to present to your book critic. And this seems perfect even if they want to carry it at any place. As it is easy to carry in your bag and the personalised touch makes it more defined just for them.

These are some gift ideas for a creative writer in your life.

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