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Top International Destinations To Celebrate New Year in Style!

Don’t you wish to give 2020 the grand ending because it truly deserves it? Are you looking for the best destination that you can visit under your budget? End your 2020 with a bang and start your 2021 with positive energy. 

As the New Year is approaching, the perfect night with family and friends is being planned, midnight kisses are being predicted, and new resolutions are being made. This time of the year is filled with much fun and everyone looks for the best way to give their New Year a kick start. Boisterous merrymaking, unrestricted boozing, and rave parties are already on your mind, but what’s better than spending New Year’s eve at your dream destination with your loved ones. Travel the world with your group of people and give 2021 a hearty welcome. 

Fly to these destinations and ring into 2021 with unlimited fun

To have a thrilling holiday experience, check out the list of these best destinations for scintillating New Year celebrations. Scroll down and discover what awaits you.

  • Vietnam

Apart from being a beautiful country, Vietnam is well-known as the story of the land. In past years, the country overcame hardships to become a peaceful country with a  welcoming and warm heart. Celebrate New Year in a traditional style in this country. You will witness the gorgeous traditional outfits at every corner of this country. Head towards Ho Chi Minh City to have the best time with your near and dear ones. With plenty of Vietnamese street food, gongs & drums sounds, and colorful bells, this country is one of the best destinations to welcome New Year. Make America Airlines reservations and travel to this country without being harsh on your pocket. Must-visit places are-

  1. Ha Long
  2. Ho Chi Minh
  3. Hanoi
  • Malaysia

If you are hunting for a cheap family destination, then you must add Malaysia to your bucket list. Well-renowned for a thriving tourist economy, spectacular theme parks, futuristic cities, and tropical forests, this country has been a favorite destination for celebrating New Year. Pump your adrenaline rush by having this small adventure within your budget. Malaysia is full of stunning places where you can have the best New Year. Some of the places that you should not miss in Malaysia are-

  1. Genting Highlands
  2. Langkawi
  3. Kuala Lumpur
  • Bali

What’s better than welcoming New Year in traditional Balinese style. Visit any clubs or hotels and engage yourself in loud parties. Whether you are looking for fireworks or nightclubs, Bali has everything to offer to its visitors. Nothing can beat the extravaganza of Bali and parties come here in better and bigger forms. You can visit Denpasar to be a part of the local celebration. While watching these celebrations, you will realize why Bali is one of the most fun destinations to welcome your New Year. Join the celebrations here and witness natives performing different customs such as distributing scrumptious Balinese food, hugging & greeting strangers, setting of fireworks, and organizing cultural parades. If you want to enter 2021 with a bash, then don’t forget to attend enthralling music events and festivals. Most recommended places to visit in Bali are-

  1. Jimbaran
  2. Denpasar
  3. Kuta
  4. Ubud
  • Thailand

Does this destination need an introduction? No, right! Apart from being one of the most famous tourist destinations, Thailand is also considered one of the best destinations to enjoy your New Year’s eve. Home to mouth watering cuisines, artistic temples, and picturesque beaches, innumerable visitors flock to this paradise to have the best time on their vacation. Come here for the jazziest and hippest New Year celebrations and experience one of the best parties in the world. Bangkok is the most popular destination where the celebrations take center stage in a different style. Attend the live concert, watch a spectacular light show, and step into 2021 with some unforgettable memories. The most popular places to visit in Thailand are-

  1. Krabi
  2. Bangkok
  3. Chiang Mai
  4. Phi Phi Island
  5. Phuket
  • Dubai

Rightfully known as the epitome of adventure, entertainment, and luxury in Asia, Dubai can be your next destination to start your New year. There are many places in this city that would sweep you off your feet in admiration and awe. The grandeur of celebrations in Dubai will be a treat to your eyes. Head to Burj Khalifa for enjoying one of the best New Year parties around the world. Book yourself a good seat and enjoy dinner by the waterfront, Sound & Light Fountain Show, and spectacular fireworks. You can also enjoy a lavish dinner at one of the restaurants in Dubai. Some of the best places to ring into New Year are-

  1. Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  2. Palm Jumeirah
  3. Burj Al Arab
  • Spain

Explore Spain on this New Year and get enriched with lip-smacking cuisines, crazy carnivals, bustling streets, marvelous architecture, and illustrious art. On 31st December, partying and fun start from the early hours. Come to Spain to celebrate your New Year and give a good start to 2021. Don’t forget to eat the traditional “lucky grapes”. Some popular traditions of Spain include drinking Cava, wearing red underwear, and eating New Year’s lentils. Explore Madrid – the city that never sleeps. For nightcrawlers and party-lovers, it is one of the best destinations. Don’t forget to visit the following places. 

  • Plaza del Carmen
  • Plaza de Ayuntamiento
  • Plaza Espana
  • Puerto del Sol Square

Opt for Spirit Airlines reservations if you want to maximize your savings. 

Good to go? Ring into the New Year with a fresh start and good energy. Pick your favorite destination, stay calm, and party hard.

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