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Top JavaScript Frameworks to Consider Building Your Web App in 2022

Do you know how many websites are live on the internet? That’s a whopping 1.7 billion approximately. Out of all these websites, more than 97% are JavaScript enabled. This stat is enough to represent the popularity of the same. And this blog will help you choose the best JavaScript frontend framework in 2022. Let’s dig deeper into it:

What is JavaScript Framework?

A JavaScript framework is a group of JavaScript code libraries, and these libraries provide ready-made code to developers for easing their coding tasks. Frameworks provide structure with a specific context and assist you in creating applications within the same.

One can build robust web applications without the use of JavaScript frameworks, but you’ll end up making simple tasks complicated. Frameworks facilitate templates that support you to build an application without writing code for implementing a particular feature.

Why Should Developers Use JavaScript Frameworks?

Like any other framework, JavaScript frameworks adhere to a particular pattern which makes a code standardised. It enables other developers to read and edit easily. Apart from that, frameworks also cut-short the application development process by providing ready-made code; as a result, you don’t need to build the application from scratch. Moreover, developers can code responsive apps without much extra effort.

Most Popular JavaScript Framework in 2022

1 ReactJS

ReactJS is one of the widely used JavaScript frameworks in 2022. Being open-source, it is the first choice of many developers for developing web apps. It was developed by Metaverse (formerly Facebook) in 2013. The Being backed by tech giants of the world. There are thousands of developers who contribute to the development of this technology.

Except for ReactJS, AngularJS is also one such technology and highly competitive to ReactJS. Both of these technologies are used for single-page applications and are popular for delivering high-performance and scalable apps. This technology utilises reusable components, due to which code maintenance becomes easy.

Not every technology is cross-platform, but ReactJS is not one of them. With ReactJS, you can build applications for Desktop as well as for mobile. With the application of this technology, turnaround time will be reduced, and developers can finish the project in relatively less time.

You might be wondering about the code quality of reusable components. Do they make applications sluggish? Are they bulky? We want you to know that the use of these components does not affect the performance of an app adversely. They are completely mobile-friendly and are fit for passing the Core Web Vitals test.

In case you want to get your app re-developed in ReactJS, you can do so without compromising on existing features. On top of that, it ensures the application’s longevity.

Benefits of ReactJS

  • A large number of reusable components are available
  • Completely SEO-friendly
  • Vast community support
  • Easy to build applications

Limitations of ReactJs

  • Novice developers would find it difficult to deal with JSX
  • Frequent updates create difficulty

2 AngularJS

AngularJS was formally launched in 2010 and gained popularity among developers only after 2016 when it was updated. Though it was developed by Google, it is still open-source, which means anyone can make use of this technology without seeking permission or paying a royalty fee. Any developer can contribute to the development of technology.

Currently, it is widely used in developing apps and Stand at #4 in terms of market share for web development as per the report of Statista. Due to its unique features, it is giving tough competition to its contenders. One of such features is Two-binding. Besides, it is one of a few TypeScript-Based frameworks.

Here is the list of some of the world’s biggest tech companies that are actively using AngularJS:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Udemy
  • Paypal
  • YouTube
  • Microsoft
  • Cisco

Benefits of AngularJS

  • Two-way data binding
  • Best server-side performance
  • Integrate seamlessly with useful third-party tools
  • Wide community support

Limitations of AngularJS

  • Not SEO-friendly
  • Debugging is difficult
  • Upgradation is challenging

3 jQuery

According to Statista, jQuery has the 2nd largest market share, clocking at more than 34% after ReactJS. It is one of the oldest frameworks launched in 2006. Right after the release, it has gained popularity among developers and has consistently maintained the same.

Though there are new technologies in the market, it is difficult to replace jQuery due to its user-friendliness.
jQuery is being widely used for developing web applications. But, it is an ideal choice for building desktop applications. And is also suitable for event handling and providing animation effects.

Though it is an old framework, it is perfectly compatible with all the modern browsers. And that is why it is a good fit for developing web apps. Developers prefer jQuery since it reduces the need to write the code and is also easy to learn and master.

Benefits of jQuery

  • Large Community Support
  • Seamless compatibility
  • The best technology for building a web as well as a desktop application
  • Limitations of jQuery

Limitations of jQuery

  • Too large library to download

4 SvelteJS

Compared to other technologies. SvelteJS was released later and is the youngest among all. Presently, it is not considered as the substitute for either. ReactJS or AngularJS, but it has the potential to replace them both. Unlike other technologies, it is not developed by giant tech corporations; still, it possesses some useful features that come in handy to developers.

Despite launching recently. It has made quite a good reputation among developers, but the problem is that the community is not as big as ReactJS or AngularJS. With the passage of time, we are sure it will get bigger. Another thing that gives it an edge over other technologies is that it doesn’t require Virtual DOM, so you can freely use this technology where target users do not have high browser processing capability.

Benefits of SvelteJS

  • Component-based programming
  • Quite easy to use
  • Novice developers can learn easily
  • Fast rendering
  • Client-side, as well as server-side rendering, is possible

Limitations of SvelteJS

  • No third-party tools and components
  • May face difficulty in scaling
  • No effective tools are available for debugging
  • Not backed tech giants like AngularJS or ReactJS

5 VueJS

In 2014 VueJS was released; in a short span, it has earned laurels from developers due to its scalability and easiness of use. If you want to build an app, then you don’t need to acquire a new skill. Basic experience of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is sufficient to get started.

It might be surprising for you that VueJS is a combo of AngularJS and ReactJS. To make it more clear, we can say that it comes with the benefits of both technologies.

Benefits of VueJS

  • Virtual DOM is enabled
  • Robust integration
  • Lightweight framework
  • Small build size
  • Easy configuration
  • Easy to learn

Limitations of VueJS

  • Extensive scaling is difficult
  • Not compatible with previous version of iOS and Safari
  • Not very flexible
  • Two-way binding is difficult

Summing Up

We are hoping till now, and you must be out of the blues and have a clear picture of technologies. And the pros and cons behind each of them. So, you must have also understood that there is no one frontend JavaScript framework that fits all kinds of projects. See what are the client’s expectations and then look for a technology that can cater to them.

If you are still in doubt, then feel free to hire our frontend developers or seek guidance from EnProwess – the best software development company to help you find the best frontend framework to use in 2022.

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