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Top Laptop Brands in 2022

There are many laptop brands available on the market today, but which ones will remain at the top in a few years? Here we look at some of them. While you might not see any of these brands in the Top Laptop Brands in the 2022 list, they are all great options. In addition to Dell and HP, we also looked at Asus. Read on to see which brands will be making a comeback in the years to come.


In 2022, Apple will still be the best laptop brand, and for good reason. Its new M-series processors have given the laptop market a real boost. While the M1-powered MacBook Air maintained the same look and feel as its predecessors, the M2-powered MacBook Pro debuted a new design. And if the current MacBook Air is anything to go by, an upgrade will likely include a lighter, thinner, and different color options. It might also come with a new M2 processor.

In terms of performance, Apple’s new MacBook lineup will offer a wide range of laptop options for practically everyone. The new M1 Max chip was introduced in 2020 and boosted the performance of the MacBook range. However, if you are looking for a gaming laptop, you should avoid the MacBook lineup. Its new 2022 lineup is not recommended for heavy gaming, but it is designed for business users.


If you’re looking for the best laptop, you’ve likely considered Dell. Their laptops feature excellent performance and are affordable. However, their laptops are notoriously heavy and often slow to run programs, so they may not be the best choice for everyone. Additionally, customer service can be frustrating, and they don’t always respond to email and phone calls as quickly as they’d like. Nonetheless, the brand has a loyal fan base and many fans who swear by their products.

When looking for the best laptop brand for your needs, you’ll want to consider the various models that Dell offers. Dell laptops offer powerful processors, long-lasting batteries, and touchscreens. Depending on your needs, you may want a model that can perform multiple tasks. Some people want a tablet-like two-in-one, while others want a gaming laptop with top processing power and lots of RAM. Others simply need a laptop that can meet their needs and be portable.


HP’s laptop line spans a variety of price ranges and styles. Its high-end line of Spectre laptops is the premium end of the range, while its Envy line is the step-down premium line that offers premium devices at more affordable prices. Its Pavilion line, which features laptops for both consumers and businesses, is the general market line, and its Omen range focuses on gaming and high-performance devices for the budget crowd.

HP is among the top five laptop brands in the world in terms of overall market share, with a market share of 21.7%. The company was undisputed until Lenovo overtook it in the last decade. While it’s not the number one brand, it is head and shoulders above Dell in global sales. HP is well-known for its great computers, which are supported by good after-sales service. Its high-end laptop line includes the HP Spectre, a powerful, and expensive gaming laptop.

HP also has several premium laptops, including the Elite Dragonfly, a new premium business model that combines top-of-the-line components and a high-end design. Its EliteBook Folio thin and lightweight convertible laptop is another excellent option for business users. The ProBook line offers business laptops with no nonsense designs and performance to meet the demands of everyday office productivity.


Asus’s current lineup of laptops is impressive, offering a variety of styles and features. Asus laptops are made for everyday use, heavy-duty digital activities, and gaming. The company’s new ROG Swift is one such example. Its i9-9980HK processor and 32GB of RAM are ideal for most tasks and it has a 1TB hard drive. Its optional NVIDIA RTX 2060 GPU is a powerful addition, and its matte main panel reduces reflections, making it a great choice for brightly lit environments. In addition to its main screen, Asus laptops have a second display, which is excellent for extra use and allows users to work on multiple applications at once.

While some consumers are leery of the idea of purchasing a brand new laptop, many people still believe this is a good idea. Laptops are important pieces of technology and are often a necessity for many tasks. Therefore, it is best to purchase a quality laptop from a respected and established brand. Here are some tips to help you choose the right laptop:


With a variety of high-end models, Lenovo is sure to remain one of the top laptop brands in 2022. Its extensive lineup of models caters to different user needs, ranging from budget-friendly options to high-end options for graphic designers, programmers, and creative professionals. Listed below are some of the features of the Lenovo notebooks and their prices. Lenovo’s long-term growth and the popularity of its models make it an excellent choice for buyers.

Yoga series. Yoga series is Lenovo’s convertible line of products. The Yoga series offers a laptop and a tablet. The 7th generation Yoga 6 has a 13-inch screen, support for both touch and stylus input, and a cool fabric back. Yoga 7i sports a metal casing and fingerprint reader. The Yoga 9i features an iconic speaker array and Windows Hello camera.

Gaming-related products. The gaming laptop lineup is another area where Lenovo excels. With the powerful RTX 2080 and the ultraportable Legion 15 laptops, Lenovo is the leader in gaming. The Legion range is a great option for budget gamers as well as for professional users on the go. A high-end gaming laptop will cost you more than Lenovo’s equivalent, but if you’re looking for a laptop for gaming, the Legion 15 is an excellent option.


If you are looking for a good laptop at a low price, then look no further than Acer. The company has become a household name in the laptop industry, and their low-priced, high-quality machines are perfect for beginners and experienced users alike. The company also provides decent customer support via email, live chat, and telephonic calls, in addition to offering community support and physical service stations. Acer boasts a market share of 5.7 percent worldwide and almost 18000 employees around the world.

The best Acer laptops of 2022 will strike the right balance between power, portability, and comfort. They should offer a great keyboard, trackpad, and display. The screen should be clear, sharp, and easy to view. A laptop should also be comfortable to carry and should be able to run all day long without the need to be plugged in. Its price will be reflected in the longevity of the product.


The computer hardware company MSI is one of the leading names in gaming laptops. Their notebooks come in a wide variety of designs and have similar features. Their first laptop was developed in 1979 by Bill Moggridge, who worked with GRiD Systems Corporation to improve its design. The GriD Compass laptop, for example, had a fold-down display. Unlike many other laptops on the market, the MSI Stealth series has six speakers and an alloy hinge. It also boasts an enlarged touchpad and a larger keycap size. It also promises crisper treble and a powerful bass.

The company’s budget-friendly laptops are great for anyone. They range from budget-friendly models to high-end ones, gaming laptops, and everything in between. The company has a global market share of 17 percent and an annual revenue of $50 billion. This year, MSI is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 16 percent.


It’s no secret that Microsoft dominates the PC market and is available on almost every type of hardware. This largely results in a huge range of software. The Surface line debuted 10 years ago with a stripped-down version of Windows RT. While it failed to convince many users to ditch their laptops, the Surface range has evolved into the Surface Pro and Surface Go. Both Surface models support an optional Type Cover, and both are ARM-based. In 2019, Microsoft released a Surface Duo, the first version of which was not successful, but later made its way to a second generation.

The surface is Microsoft’s own line of convertible laptops, which are available in both consumer and business configurations. The Surface Go 3 is an ultraportable convertible tablet that can be transformed into a powerful little laptop. The Surface Go 3 is compact, lightweight, and has thick bezels for ease of handling. While it’s not the fastest device available, it’s perfect for basic web browsing, watching streaming services, and playing educational apps.


These are just a few of the most trustworthy laptop brand names on the market. When it concerns picking a trustworthy brand for your following laptop, make sure to think about every one of your options thoroughly. Each brand name has its very own strength as well as weak points, so it’s important to discover the one that ideal matches your needs. With so many selections readily available, you make sure to discover the ideal laptop for you! Thanks for reading and we hope this post was handy!

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