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Top Sights to See in Atlanta

See in Atlanta

The capital of Georgia, Top Sights to See in Atlanta, is the chief center of the American South. Originally, it was a military outpost and later became a railway junction and developed into a notable commercial town. During the Civil War, the city was a significant Confederate and supply hub. But later, it was diminished to rubble when captured by Union General William Sherman. These events and their popular museums and art galleries represent the area’s rich history and cultural heritage. 

Top Sights to See in Atlanta

Today, Atlanta has become an important economic and cultural center and a hub of air traffic. Reputed companies like CNN have their headquarters in the city. However, you won’t find a romantic getaway in the Southern town. But you can experience the Southern charm and several attractions to explore in the American city, Atlanta. Tourists can find popular sights from arts to sports, including historic attractions, museums, and botanical gardens. 

Get to know about the top sights to see in Atlanta through the comprehensive travel guide. You and your travel companions will have so much to explore in the city. 

The Atlanta History Center

The Atlanta History Center is the largest historical center and a major landmark of Atlanta. It is home to the Historical Museum and Centennial Olympic Games Museum, representing ancient and contemporary history. It features 33 acres of gardens, wildlife trails, and woodland regions, offering breathtaking views of nature. In addition, the site features the Kenan Research site, Top Sights to See in Atlanta Smith Family Farm, and many ancient gardens worth taking a tour of. Visitors can be a part of interactive exhibitions of a diverse collection about the American Civil War. It includes Folk Art of the South and other shows on Atlanta’s history. There are exhibitions on the 

In addition, there are six gardens in the formal regions in Atlanta. For example, Frank A. Smith Rhododendron Garden is a great sight to explore in the spring season. The garden was built in 1860s style and designed at Tullie Smith Farm. There are several ancient buildings from the 1860s to 1920s in the area, which talk about the lives of locals. The Margaret Mitchell House is a place where he used to write the Gone with the Wind book.

The Piedmont Park, Atlanta

Visitors can head to Piedmont Park and spend a quiet time surrounding flowers and utmost greenery. It lies far from the west side and is counted as the ancient and largest park of the city. Originally, it was a part of the Dispute at Peachtree Creek during the battle times. Therefore, there is so much to know about the area, from its fascinating history and attractions. Visitors will find several hiking trails in the shadow plantation and field of the park, taking them through the site. 

Natural areas, historical attractions, and beautiful botanical gardens are the major highlights of Piedmont Park. You can visit the park in the early morning to walk or work out in the fresh air. Moreover, you can also join the fitness club on the running track within the park. Besides this, there are dog parks, sports venues, a large swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, a lake, making the place magical. So, plan an unforgettable trip to Atlanta’s by making an Alaska airlines booking from its official site. 

The Center for Puppetry Arts

The Center for Puppetry Arts is a unique and large museum featuring a diverse collection of puppets across the globe. The site’s notable highlight is the Jim Henson Collection Art Gallery, which is a paradise for Sesame Street fans. Visitors can trace the puppets from four continents in the Global Collection Gallery, exhibiting Chinese puppets and African rod puppets. In addition, the Jim Henson Collection Gallery will treat the Sesame Street fans with the collection of Jim Henson puppets. 

True fans can find puppets and other interesting things from the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth created by Henson’s imaginative world. In addition, the museum hosts existing live shows, exhibitions, workshops, and special events for tourists and locals. The theme will be unique, including Stories of Color for all the kids and children below 14 years of age. It also offers the New Directions Series programs, and one can explore African folktales through music and puppet structure. 

The Center for Civil and Human Rights, Atlanta 

Atlanta’s other popular attraction, the Center for Civil and Human Rights of the 1950s and 1960s, is beautifully made into a museum. It features the fascinating history of Jim Crow laws with speeches, pictures, videos, interactive talks, and real television newscasts. Moreover, it tells about the stories of the rewarding work, rewarding people who had lost their lives in the battle. There is the Human Rights Movement art gallery, exhibiting the story of human rights across the globe. 

Moreover, the site is associated with Apartheid in South Africa, women’s and children’s rights, and laws to create awareness of rights. Visitors can visit the site from Tuesday and Sunday between 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. However, on Saturdays, the site gets open for public visits from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The last admission is at 4:00 pm; make sure to take the entry before the deadline. You must purchase the tickets online from the official site before you arrive in the city. 

The Fox Theater, Atlanta 

One of the major landmarks in Atlanta, the Fox Theater was built in 1920 and is home to endless entertainment. Originally, the site was the Yaarab Shrine Mosque designed with a beautiful Arabian theme. The museum represents the rich history and problems during the Great Depression, but it has always been a major landmark. Moreover, the museum is also listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. The theater’s interior features great restoration artifacts from ancient times, keeping its charm in the modern era. The contemporary collections in the museum are very antique and have been well-preserved since 1929. 

In addition, tourists can be a part of interactive performances, special events, and programs at the Fox Theaters for entertainment. It includes ballet, movies, concerts, operas, and numerous live performances throughout the year. There are two ballrooms, including the Egyptian Ballroom and the Grand Salon, catering to the visitor’s requirements. 

The Martin Luther King Jr Historic Site

The Martin Luther King Site is among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which lie on two blocks of Auburn Avenue. It covers a 14 square feet area and astonishes everyone with its contemporary and classic architecture and designs. The site features the fatherland of the freedom advocate, Martin Luther King dating from 1895, and the Christian church. The cultural site was built between 407 and 413 when both father and son were leaders. Moreover, it is the burial place of Martin King and Coretta Scott King, famous personalities from ancient times. 

Free guided tours are available for history seekers and offer them interesting things to do on a day trip. In addition, several other attractions are worth exploring nearby the historic region, including the Freedom Hall. Besides, the Ebenezer Christian Church represents the lives of other people who share an interesting history of Martin King. If you wish to experience something unique, join the interactive exhibitions, wreath ceremonies, and important historical events in the area. Moreover, Martin Luther King Jr. The Center for Nonviolent Social Change is also an ideal destination to visit. Plan a history tour of the iconic landmarks in Atlanta by making Jetblue booking from the official site.

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