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Top Ways Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Revolutionizes Business

Augmented Reality Remote Assistance For Business

Augmented Reality (AR) has gone beyond visually rich experience and practical training for employees in remote places. Today, enterprises integrate this technology for improving customer services and field service. In this post, we are going the discuss the importance of augmented reality remote assistance in transforming business processes and boosting ROI. 

Augmented Reality can improve the company’s KPIs while increasing customer satisfaction and efficiency of services. An official report has projected that the market share of Augmented Reality will reach USD 72.7 billion by 2024. It seems possible by looking at its growing use in remote assistance applications.

Augmented Reality Technology has rapidly growing after 2020 and with their yearly trends AR App has improved the customer experience with many industries like healthcare, pharma and many more. For Example : Remote Support can give doctors accurate details with surgical tasks. Also With AR Support we can find the extract problem to solve them effectively. Now Let’s understand AR and its scope in Remote Assistance. 

Introduction to Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

As a rising concept, Augmented Reality remote assistance enables experts or technicians to interact with field workers or customers visually. It is possible to provide remote assistance using the AR technology by superimposing text, image, or video on a physical environment. Also It facilitates users to get real-time instructions in the audio-visual form from technicians. It also helps technician to solve the complex issues with the industrial machineries and improve work efficiency. 

Augmented Reality is now game changer for any industries like healthcare sector, pharma sector, chemical sector, consumer, Supply chain industry and many more. AR Technology has made drastic change to these industries to work faster without any human errors. AR can handle all machineries with devices to solve the complex problems easily. With remote experts your employees can get on site training without going anywhere. AR can also save lots of time and efforts to get perfect roi in your business.

The remote expert can superimpose digital media including videos and images onto the user’s real-world environment. In a way, augmented reality remote assistance transforms the user experience from an explanation to a demonstration phase. These days, two types of AR remote assistance tools are available- mobile devices and workwear.   

How AR-based Remote Assistance Solution Adds Value to Enterprises

Core industry sectors including manufacturing and O&G need remote assistance to resolve downtime-related issues in real-time. AR-powered solution can improve efficiency of various industries by offering remote services. With AR support enterprise can get maximum benefits & improve overall experience too. Here are the top four business functions on which AR remote assistance solution has major impact. 

1. Customer Services

Adaptability, responsiveness, and promptness are necessary for providing excellent customer support services. Unsatisfactory customer experience leads enterprises to reduced revenue and sales. Thanks to AR remote assistance, a team of technicians can easily transfer knowledge while addressing service escalations and companies can ensure real-time resolving of issues.

2. Remote Services

Field service industries usually face equipment breakdown and other issues at remote locations. They have to manage a subtle balance between the peak efficiency of their remote workforce and customers’ real-time expectations. Here, AR remote assistance software can assist them to achieve this objective. The software can also save time and provide flexibility. Technicians can easily use this software and get expert advice with assistance.

3. HR Services

Augmented reality can easily address the shortage of technicians. The field service industry specifically faces this difficulty as the technician population is aging. The HR department finds it difficult to train and onboard new technicians rapidly to replace older technicians. Here, AR acts as assistive technology and offers a robust solution for the technical workforce. 

After going through the scope and importance, let’s dig deep into the four steps of implementing remote assistance solutions successfully. These steps are important to get high ROIs by leveraging the benefits of AR technology. Though AR technology is easy to deploy and inexpensive, it is necessary to keep the following points in mind.

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Four Steps to Ensure Successful Integration of AR Remote Assistance Software

1. Define Objectives

KPIs or performance metrics can be the real parameters of growth. It is imperative for you to find where does your company lag behind competitors and what are the areas where your company is losing the most money? Here, AR-based remote assistance can lend a helping hand. On one hand, you can clearly define objectives and on the other hand, you can find the answers to the above-mentioned questions. 

2. Identify Loopholes

A remote assistance solution is useful for identifying loopholes or performance gaps in various business processes. AR pilots can assess a broad range of KPIs that could include-

  • Number of return visits
  • Client satisfaction
  • Dispatch rate
  • Complaint resolution rates

With this, AR remote assistance tools can consider ROIs like operational costs and changes in overtime payment. Simply put, chances are high that without adopting the right solution, laggard functions can go unnoticed. Once, companies can identify loopholes, they can eliminate them effectively to get high ROIs and increase productivity over the period. With remote assistance support employees can easily find loopholes with machines and other complex errors to solve them effectively and improve downtime errors.

3. Blend of Technologies

Another important point is to integrate the right combination of technologies in the customized remote assistance solution. All you need to consider necessary business functions and user expectations. Making the correct first-time investment in AR technology can save money and reduce the requirement of training on a repetitive basis. As we have two types of AR-powered solutions available, industries can select the most suitable option for technicians to deal with complex tasks. AR has improved its technology with 2022 to give accurate details of faults in machineries. So there is no need to worry about the daily work get affected by any faults with human errors and machines both.

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4. Consider Talent

Streamlined adoption of the AR-based remote assistance solution requires changes in work culture and overall processes. Field technicians should be given changed job descriptions in line with the remote assistant solution’s functionality. Also, it is necessary to include new equipment-related protocols to ensure seamless adoption. Some experienced field technicians are taken to the command center and serve as remote experts. It can eventually ease the demand for experienced technicians and increase retention rates. As a result, companies can stop losing talent. 

Here we have mentioned the most important aspects for the effective implementation of AR-powered solutions for remote assistance. It is better to consult a reputed AR solution provider to get more information in line with your service requirements, budget, and existing business model. 

Concluding Lines

As the field service and B2C sectors like manufacturing, retail, and O&G will grow, AR-based remote assistance solutions will gain popularity. Companies can increase productivity, enhance customer services, and improve efficiency by implementing the AR remote assistance solution properly. We can certainly expect that AR will reshape the way businesses operate globally. With Augmented Reality remote assistance businesses can easily improve their productivity and efficiency. Augmented Reality remote support has transformed business like never before with help of trending technologies to solve the impossible business complexity and improve ROI.

Eva Jackson

Eva Jackson is a content cum digital marketer at Rejig Digital, a leading Digital Transformation Solutions provider company. She is an avid reader and likes to remain updated on the latest digital transformation & industrial iot . Her articles are informative and interesting at the same time as she can express insightful thoughts clearly.

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