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Travel To Hoover Dam From Boston Prices, Tickets, And Schedules

The Hoover Dam in the United States is a chance to explore a huge structure situated in the middle of the desert that allows the creation of energy production within Nevada, Arizona, and California.

It is located just 54 km away from Boston, the Hoover Dam is among the places to visit when you’re visiting this part of the American West. With this huge construction built by man in 1931, The three States of Nevada, Arizona, and California can get electricity and water. Each year, millions of tourists visit Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam.

If you’re heading to Boston, the Grand Canyon or you’re making plans for an American road trip, you should consider making a stop at Hoover Dam. You’ll be able to see the size of this site of construction and be able to relax and enjoy a few leisure activities.

History of Hoover Dam

Before you visit Hoover Dam, before visiting Hoover Dam, it is worthwhile to understand its fascinating history, starting from its creation to the present day. It is important to look back to the beginning of the early 20th century to know the reason why the man chose to take on this massive project. The hydroelectric power plant was not producing enough energy to power the industry. Also, a solution had to be found to prevent the massive flooding that was caused by Colorado.

The concept for Hoover Dam was born. Hoover Dam project was born in 1928. The initial plan was on that of the Boulder Canyon. The construction began with Black Canyon in 1931 for the 1935 inauguration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The construction occurred in the Great Depression in the United States and was also referred to as the economic crisis in the 1930s.

More than 5,000 people are employed to take part in the construction work and must remain at the site for the duration of. The government was planning to build a town solely to house workers, however, it didn’t come to existence until following the opening. The conditions of work were horrible and led to the deaths of more than 100 people, especially due to the heat, sanitation, and intoxications. It was a massive job that required more than seven million tons of cement, as well as dynamite explosions. The absence of infrastructure nearby in addition to the climate and diverting from the Colorado River made the work much more dangerous.

In the present, even though it is true that the Hoover Dam regulates Colorado and generates energy for Nevada, Arizona, and California as well, it’s also an attraction for tourists on its own. The 379-meter long and 221-meter high arch-shaped structure is open every day. It is also possible to enjoy recreational activities, like Rafting on the Colorado helicopter flights, cruises, or even the exploration of Boulder City, the city constructed for workers just a bit from there.

What to see and do at Hoover Dam in the United States?

You can choose between taking a photo before leaving or exploring Hoover Dam from the inside. Hoover Dam from the inside.

The Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Hoover Dam connects the two states of Nevada and Arizona. It is also the place where time is changed. In fact, you only need to be at the center of the dam to be in between the two different time zones. So, we see two different pendulums on either end of the dam. The massive building also has a power station that provides Nevada, Arizona, and California with electricity and water.

If you’d like to go inside the factory, it’s very possible to purchase tickets online through the official website or on the spot. If you have no car to go to, don’t worry you should not hire a taxi that makes your mood upset. BNL offers a car service Boston MA that provides full luxury rides. The visitor will be able to learn about the entire background of the plant’s history throughout its development through film and exhibits. You’ll travel through tunnels and take photographs of the 17 massive turbines, and the more intricate parts. Imagine that the plant can be designed to generate 4 billion kWh every year, and provide 1.3 billion individuals with electricity in addition to 20 million people with drinking water.

Lake Mead

If you visit Hoover Dam, Hoover Dam, you will be able to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views over the mountains and along with the Colorado River and Lake Mead. This is the largest human-made reservoir within the United States and appeared after the dam was constructed. It has remarkable wildlife and flora due to its unique environment.

If it appears massive, and that is because it is 640 sq km and it is, the height decreases each day and makes it the subject of debate. In only 25 years, the lake has dropped around thirty meters in its height. Furthermore, one can easily observe the white lines across the mountain walls that are in the lake’s vicinity. There are also times when you can observe the remains of the settlement that was Saint Thomas that the lake was able to swallow in 1938. Experts anticipate a drought in 2021. The reasons for this? Global warming and the overconsumption of water.

The Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge is a well-known bridge. That links Nevada as well as Arizona and crosses Colorado. It is shaped like an arc, it’s five79 meters long. It’s relatively new as it was opened in the year 2010 to ease tensions between two American states. If you can go to Hoover Dam, Hoover Dam, do not put off visiting this bridge, whether traveling by vehicle or foot. The walkway has been designed to allow you to take in the scenery.

Boulder City

Who would say that visiting Hoover Dam? Hoover Dam necessarily says to make a stop in Boulder City. The city is usually a place to be a place for workers working on the construction. The city has become an intriguing tourist destination that offers an entirely different environment. That is not that of the Boston Strip. Additionally, casinos are not permitted in the city. A variety of excursions and activities are available, including being offered at the Hoover Dam museum, parks as well as the historic downtown as well as restaurants and shops. In the year-round the city hosts events to entertain Boulder City: arts and crafts festival the Christmas Tree, the Beer Festival cars, huge barbecues, etc. On the other hand, If you go Cheapest car service to logan airport, your ride should be more convenient and luxurious.

How do I travel to Hoover Dam from Boston?


Hoover Dam being a tourist attraction, numerous excursions are available from major cities, including Boston. Based on your needs and budget, you’ll have to pick from the coaches, 4×4, or even helicopter for various trips.

By Car

If you like to travel on your own terms then a car is the best option. It’s also a great method to explore the stunning landscapes of the desert. The dam is situated along the highway which is the main road that connects Boston to the Grand Canyon. If you are coming from Boston, it takes around 45 minutes in a car!

  • Use Route 515 east from the town
  • Sign up to join Route which is 93 which avoids Boulder City

Parking is available, but the nearest parking spot is $10 per car. There’s also the option of driving a little further and parking in spaces. That are free across the other side of the dam, in Arizona.

Hoover Dam Schedules & Fares


The plant is accessible all day from 9:00 a.m. until five p.m. The last visit was scheduled for 3:45 p.m.


If you want to explore Hoover Dam on your own with your own vehicle then. It is possible to do the Hoover Dam self-guided tour is entirely free. Consider the parking (paying) as well as a scheduled excursion (such as the plant that generates power). If should you wish to get to know the place more deeply.


Numerous excursions start at Boston: for half an hour. Once you have been taken to your hotel, you’re invited to explore the dam. And its amenities (free visit that lasts around two hours) and accompanied by a commentary route through Boston. Henderson, and Boulder City. The cost includes transportation back via bus. And also the visit to the site. If you are planning an excursion of this type. It is estimated that you will pay 45 euros per person.

The Power Station

For those who are curious You can visit the power plant, and opt to take a guided tour that is available all day. There are two types of tickets available:

  • The Powerplant tour (the classic tour): $15 per person
  • The Dam tour (the entire tour): $30 per person
  • No cost for kids were younger than 3.

It is important to know that a reduction is offered to youngsters. It (4-16 years old) or older adults (62 years old and older). Children under 3 years old.

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