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Travel to Morocco on your own

Travel to Morocco on your own

Travel to Morocco on your own

Every time we talk about how easy it is to make a trip to Morocco on your own and come back madly in love, we find that there are many people who are reluctant to discover an incredible place where you can travel cheaply, that we have very close and that is very similar to Spain.

Why take a trip to Morocco on your own?

After having been to Morocco several times, we do not understand why many people are hesitant to travel to the country on their own, although we have come to the conclusion that it is partly out of fear. Not that we want to convince you. Or do we. Because it makes us angry that you do not decide, and you are going to miss such a cool trip.

We already told you our opinion on whether Morocco is safe, but now we also give you 10 reasons to take a trip to Morocco on your own. No fears. To enjoy it with all your heart. And we warn you that this post is full of photos, it is always better to see something, to check it, than to be told about it.

10 reasons to organize a trip to Morocco for free

  1. To be amazed by the landscapes of Morocco, and that they remind you of those of the West Coast of the United States.

One of the biggest surprises we found in Morocco were landscapes that were very similar to those we saw on the West Coast of the United States. We didn’t expect it. And maybe you didn’t either. Well, look, look.

And when we started looking, we realized that we have a lot of photos with similarities between Morocco and the West Coast of the United States.

  1. Experience sleeping in the Moroccan desert

The experience of sleeping in the desert in Morocco alone deserves its own post and we told you about it at the time, so it couldn’t be missing in this list 3 days Tour from Marrakech to Merzouga .

If there is a sky that has left us with our mouths open, that has been the one enjoyed from the desert of Morocco. And on the way to it, the sunsets between dunes. With landscapes changing from orange to gold.

  1. See an oasis in Morocco

Just as you imagine it, a sea of palm trees in the middle of the desert. Just like you’ve seen in the Aladdin movie. How do you like it? And if you like, you can ride a camel or a quad bike through the desert.

  1. Tour Morocco on a motorcycle or 4×4 on your own

How many times have you dreamed of being like the Dakar pilots crossing deserts, mountains, oasis… Well, come on! This is another of those experiences that you can live in Morocco.

We toured Morocco with a local agency, and the truth is that we were delighted. We can only speak wonders about the work of the guide during the whole trip.

  1. Enjoying Marrakech and its souks

Marrakech stuns. We admit it. You’re going to freak out with the unmentionable Jemaa El Fna square. People, and more people, and every one to his task. Check out our post to know everything to see and do in Marrakech.

What if food stalls, souk stores, snake charmers, henna painters, juice squeezers … A 3-ring circus in full swing in Marrakech.

But this rhythm of the South hooks, as Chambao’s song says. As in Spain, in Morocco life is made in the streets and squares.

Because it is even physically similar, the Koutobia just like the Giralda of Seville.

The call to prayer, the purest flamenco. And the souks, to the Sunday market that you have strolled through so many times.

And in the end, it is possible that it happens to you as it did to us: you fall in love with Marrakech. You’ve stopped staring in awe and you’ve sat down to contemplate, and you want it to go on forever.

⭐ We also leave you Viaje por Marruecos  to do on your own and discover a little better Marrakech.

  1. Experience the intensity of color in the Majorelle gardens of Yves Saint Laurent.

You’ve heard of color therapy. But it’s not the same as experiencing it. Intense colors. Again, Mediterranean airs and the desire to paint your house or your room, or your mother’s room, as soon as you get back from your trip.

The Art Deco style house where the great designer lived and created, the botanical garden that surrounds it, full of plants from all over the world that he brought back from his travels and that blue to which he gave his own name and floods everything.

Already in itself, a reason to take a trip to Morocco.

  1. Meet very friendly people and discover how similar we are.

You meet people along the way who smile at you at the drop of a hat, who make you feel at home again and who make those prejudices that you know exist in many people’s minds disappear from yours. Because you discover that you like to find similarities rather than differences.

  1. Enjoying its delicacies on a trip to Morocco on your own

Cous cous, tajine, pastela… You had already tried it before. But not like this.

  1. Lose the fear of traveling to Morocco

Because without fear you can enjoy much more, and it could be that you live experiences as cool as seeing a bride dress in the middle of a haima, because you have ended up invited by chance to a wedding. As one more.

  1. Losing the fear of traveling to Morocco

Because without fear you can enjoy much more, and it could be that you live experiences as cool as watching a bride dress in the middle of a haima, because you have ended up invited by chance to a wedding. As one more.

So here we are, almost at the end. And at the beginning again. Because after the above reasons, we hope that initial fear, if you had it, has been completely erased. Or blurred at least. That taking a trip to Morocco is worth it.

  1. Make a trip to Morocco good, nice and cheap

Low cost flights, spectacular riads at a price you can’t even imagine, and all the good and beautiful things we have told you so far about Morocco.

Because if you liked what you’ve seen, imagine what it’s like to experience it for yourself 😉.

Organize your trip to Morocco on your own

Leave room in your suitcase for shopping in Morocco

You are going to go crazy with shopping in Morocco, so leave room in your suitcase for what you bring from the souk, take our advice 🙂 And especially for the amount of amazing souvenirs that you will bring back from Morocco.

Our recommendation if you intend to buy a lot of typical Moroccan stuff, is to take a big suitcase (the ones that are checked in). Keep in mind that the maximum weight of your suitcase should not exceed 20 kg. But if this is driving you crazy, don’t worry, the souks in Morocco will tell you that they will send your purchases to your home.

Besides shopping in Morocco

Take note of these beautiful riads with very good ratings next to the Jemaa El Fna Square in Marrakech, and thus have at hand the souk and be able to buy typical Moroccan things at any time.

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