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Travellers Prohibited to Visit US From These Countries

Trump's Predicament on Travel Ban for These Countries

Are you feeling curious to know the top countries which are banned by the U.S. administration to enter the country? Or what are the reasons behind it? Some people argue that it reflects the administration’s Anti-Muslim policy while some are in support of this new rule. Whatever the opinions are, the truth is that citizens of several countries are banned from entering the country, which is not a welcome decision, especially for the tourist sector, as it was a direct ban on around 135 million people in these nations.

Here, we bring you a complete list of countries whose citizens are banned from entering the United States and its major reasons behind it:

Banned to Visit US From These Countries

  • Libya

The State of Libya is a country in North Africa, which is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and Chad to the south. The country is believed to be one of the most affected by this decision in all prospects. After a few months of this ban, there was a massive decrease of about 80-percent in the number of immigrant visas. The reason behind Libya being one of the travel ban countries is believed to be because of its inability to provide public-safety and terrorism-related information. 

Note: If you are from the US and wish to travel to Libya or any other country from this travel ban list you have to take a connecting flight to any other Country by making Qatar airways reservations  from the US and then reach your destination.

  • Yemen

Once known for its knowledgeable Jewish silversmiths and their excellent craftsmanship, Yemen, for the past few years, is only in the buzz for its ongoing civil war activities and conflicts. After the travel ban, most of the Yemeni citizens, including immigrants and nonimmigrants on both business and tourist visas, are barred from accessing the U.S. According to a report, Yemen is a country in which most people need humanitarian aid with about 24 million in the count.

  • Venezuela

Venezuela has long been witnessing the socioeconomic and political crisis for various reasons, such as starvation, crime, hyperinflation, and mortality rates. Also, there have been countless protests and demonstrations on the streets, due to which many international airlines have ceased their operations in the country. This results in a decline in the tourism industry. Due to the failure to provide and verify several citizens becoming a security threat to the U.S., restrictions have been imposed on all government officials. Further, they are barred from entering the United States. 

  • Somalia

Located on the Horn of Africa in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, Somalia, officially known as the Federal Republic of Somalia, is a Muslim country whose majority of the population belongs to the Sunni sect of Islam. Time and again, Somalia has been considered as one of the most dangerous countries in the world, due to lots of terrorist activities, such as kidnapping, threatening westerners, murdering, happening in almost all parts of the country.

The strong reason behind Somalia being in the list of travel ban countries is that the U.S. has known and identified the country as a haven for terrorist groups. Issues, such as unstable government and those related to the electronic passport, has also contributed its citizens and officials to be banned from entering the U.S. Thus, No other airlines including Hawaiian Airlines reservations will provide direct flights to Somalia from the US.

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