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Trend Micro Worry-Free Service Advanced Review

Advanced Review

In this Trend Micro Advanced review on the Worry-Free Business Security Standard, you will come to know everything starting from its initial setup, features to pricing, customer support and our verdict.

This cloud-based security management solution was designed to meet the security needs of business who have little or no IT employees. It provides you with a centralized tool where you can manage and monitor every system to ensure that they’re always secured.

The advance version of Trend Micro Worry-Free services provides you not only the basic features but also with additional features like extended protection with the help of Cloud App and Email Security products.

Trend Micro Worry-Free Services not only focuses on protecting computers but also Android and iOS devices, using this you can put complete focus on your business.

As you will read this Trend Micro Advanced Review, you will know how this solution meets the security demands of businesses.

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Detailed Worry-Free Services of Trend Micro Advanced Review

The Pros & Cons for Trend Micro Advanced Review


  • The detection rate of scripted and binary threats is quite good.
  • It offers management of native encryption.
  • Phishing prevention capabilities are good.
  • The device management is simple.


  • Detecting inactive threats are often slow.
  • If you want anti-phishing there is a requirement for a browser add-on.

Initial Setup

Worry-Free Business provides a cloud portal which is very easy to use. When you register yourself, you will receive a link using which you can download the pre-configured agent.

If you choose to manually install it, it will take around five minutes to install on one device, and you will download and install a more than 300 MB file. But once you’re done, the tool immediately contacts and takes the settings from the cloud server and provides instant protection.

The web portal will keep you updated with all your client’s activity and warns you with live threat status if in a particular area there is a malware, outbreak of web threats or violation of web filtering.

The Main Interface

Trend Micro Worry-Free Services Advanced offers an easy and well-constructed web console. If you want to add devices, click on Devices tab and then click on Add Device, after that it will send links to devices, that can download and install package.

After multiple devices have been registered, every devices name will come in the dashboard, being an administrator, you can arrange and easily manage them.

Also, the console’s main dashboard is very intuitive and it displays required information like computer/device name, their status, infection statistics, IP address and so much more at once.

Features Offered

In this Trend Micro advanced review, we will discuss all the features offered by Worry-Free Advanced in detail.

In short, this solution provides security features that can provide endpoint protection to Windows desktop and server installation, macOS workstations as well as extended protection to both Android and iOS devices.

The features offered by Trend Micro Worry-Free Advanced Services are discussed below.

  • Virus Scanner. It can scan files both before their execution and also during their run time. The detection capabilities include every malware whether it’s file-less or cryptocurrency mining and even ransomware.
  • Endpoint Security. To protect endpoints, it uses the integration of behaviour, predictive and runtime machine learning analysis techniques. It even protects Microsoft app’s known vulnerabilities.
  • Ransomware protection. This solution uses the integration of web reputation, behaviour monitoring and other techniques to block ransomware attacks.
  • Web and Email protection. It prevents endpoint users from accessing malicious content and websites. Its cloud-based email security tool ensures that email servers, especially MS Exchange are secured on-premise.

Email protection can prevent viruses, spyware, viruses, spam, etc. that are being received as emails. Also, the Cloud App Security tool can protect Google Drive, Dropbox and other platforms.

  • Full-Disk Encryption. Along with full-disk encryption, it even offers you better control over the endpoints using the help of both application and device controls.
  • Protection for mobile devices. Trend Micro Worry-Free Advanced Services not only protects computer but also offers real-time malware and privacy scanning features for mobile devices.

Mobile devices also get theft prevention functions like remote wipe, locate devices and remote locking features.

Protection & Performance for Trend Micro advanced review

When it comes protecting against malware and other dangerous threat, Trend Micro Worry-Free Advanced Services does the job properly. 2018, AV-Tests results show that its scanner detected 100% widespread and known threats.

On December 2020’s scanning results, it could detect 99.2% of threats and zero-day threats with zero false positives. When it comes to performance while protection, WFB Advanced Services measured 22% slowdown in the AV-Tests results.

If you perform deep scans on more than 300,00 files, it will take about 52 minutes and going for a quick scan on more than 50,000 files with taking only 30 seconds.

Pricing & Customer Support

Trend Micro Worry-Free Advanced Services price decreases with the increase in the number of users. If you choose to distribute the solution for up to 25 users, it will cost you around $60 perusers, which is a little higher than Kaspersky’s $58 per user price.

Going for up to 250 users, the per-user cost goes down to $42 which is still more than what Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus offers at $39. In contrast to Bitdefender Gravity Zone Ultra’s $75, it is very cheap.

As for customer support is concerned, Trend Micro WFB offers 24-hour support that includes troubleshooting to information on Start-up. You can even exchange your ideas and techniques with other users with the help of the Ideas Exchange feature.


I hope after reading this Worry-Free Business of Trend Micro Advanced Review, you come to know a lot about the solution. If you use either Windows or macOS endpoints, this solution offers everything you need along with Android and iOS device compatibility.

Also, this solution also works best in protecting cloud-based services, if you use, like Dropbox, G Suite, etc. Overall this solution is very good in protection as well as in terms of usability.

Though the protection for mobile devices is basic, you can still easily manage the devices using its web portal, even deploy and administer easily. This solution is a good choice for Small to Medium-sized Businesses and it does the job for protecting against dangerous threats.

Along with Cybersecurity training and education, this solution can be very reliable.

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