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Tricks to Transform your Condo into a Party Venue

Living in a condominium, even more so if it is part of a high-rise development is one of the most exciting things to experience. Think about it, in your condominium facility alone, there are tons of amenities that you can use to your advantage. Arguably the most common of them all is the swimming pool, while some condominiums have special facilities like movie rooms, play spaces, recreational rooms, fitness centers, and the like.

This is what makes any condominium the perfect spot to throw a party with your friends and family. Unlike a house, where you’re limited by whatever’s available, condominium parties offer you with limitless options to celebrate any event. It’s all about getting creative and making sure that your guests not only feel at home, but also make their stay more worthwhile. Listed below are a few cool tricks that you can do. Check them out!

Redecorate Your Room

First things first — you have to redecorate your condo room. Sure you’re working with only a limited space. But don’t use this as an excuse to just leave it as it is, especially when you want to plan the most sought-after condo party of the year

There’s so many things you can change about your condo room without actually breaching anything on your contract or lease. For example, you can add decorations that match the theme of the party you’re planning.

For Christmas parties, put up decorations like stockings, lights, artwork, table runners, or even curtains that really bring out the Christmas spirit. If you want to hold something more casual, you can buy a few tokens and small decorative items that you can place in different areas of your condo. Remember, it doesn’t have to be grand — the little things can already help transform your condo room into an awesome party venue.

Rearrange Your Furniture

The quality of your decoration is only as good as how you integrate them into your condo room. You also shouldn’t forget to make changes to your furniture arrangements in such a way that they can complement the decorations you’ve already set for the place.

Let’s say you want to hold a game night with a few friends. One of the first things to keep in mind is the location and the spaciousness of your condo room.

That coffee table in the middle of your small condo living room? Might be a good idea to temporarily hide it so that your guests will have room to walk around and do various activities. Chairs? Might be a good idea to stack them in the meantime so that you can leave more space for your party.

Throw a Potluck Party

Of course, no condo party — or even any party — is complete without the food. This is the most important element that can make or break your party. Even the lousiest celebrations are brought to life by amazing food that can leave your guests feeling satisfied even long after the party ended.

If you’re the sole planner, thinking about what to feed your guests can be tricky. What you’ll want to do instead is to hold a potluck celebration where they can bring their own dishes. Not only does it help you plan a budget-friendly party, but it also gives you guests the chance to showcase what they can bring to the table, literally.

With potluck celebrations, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Your guests would also be more inclined to hold small conversations about the food, leaving no room for silence or awkward moments

Invite Your Guests to Use the Condo Amenities

Unlike a condo party, a house party can be a tad too limiting, especially if you don’t own a swimming pool, hot tub, mini bar, or even a recreational room. Unless you have all of these amenities, condo parties set themselves apart by giving guests the opportunity to try out these amenities and take the celebration up a notch.

For example, some condominiums allow their residents to reserve swimming pools to be used exclusively by their guests. This is the perfect way to hold a pool party where you can also treat them with a few cocktails from the condo’s restaurant, if any.

If you want to go for something much simpler without sacrificing fun, then you can enjoy a quiet night with your friends at the minibar. This is the best place to catch up and enjoy a quiet night of laughs, talking, and sipping delicious and refreshing cocktail drinks.


Key Takeaway

When you’re living in a condominium, there’s bound to be moments that just make you want to celebrate and throw a party with friends or family members. Even if you’re limited by your condo room and a few stipulations on your lease, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun-filled celebration. In fact, a condo property might just be the key to holding an exclusive party the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

Apart from a number of decorations and changes you can do to enhance the appearance of your condo room, you could take your party to the next level by letting your guests try out the amenities.

From swimming pools, minibars, recreational spaces, or even function room, you can definitely choose these venues for your next condo party.

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