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Turkish Series 12 Latest Best to Watch in 2022

If you haven’t seen the latest Turkish series, you’re missing out! This year, you can’t miss the upcoming episodes of Carpisma, Yalniz Kurt, and Ertugrul. If you haven’t yet seen any of these series, you’ll be able to catch up on what’s new in 2022 by reading our article!

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The popularity of Turkish TV series has been steadily increasing in the past few years, thanks to a new television format called Dizi. These shows have huge followings in the United States, the Middle East, China, Russia, and Korea. The latest Turkish series, Marasli, features Burak Deniz as a former military man who becomes the guardian of a rich man’s daughter. Alina Boz plays the role of Mahur, her husband’s former lover.

The Turkish series features a fictional police department led by a morally ambiguous detective. The show revolves around a group of outcast teenagers in Istanbul. They deal with a variety of personal issues as they try to solve new cases and navigate the system. As they struggle with personal issues, they also face a major pushback from the Turkish government. But despite the pushbacks from the Turkish government, the series is a must-watch for fans of Turkish television.

Another popular Turkish TV series is the romantic comedy Son Yaz, with a 7.9 IMDb rating. It stars Engin Akyurek, Tuba Buyukustun, Damla Colbay, and Saygin Soysal. The plot revolves around a murder and a young criminal. The young criminal is motivated to join the criminal world because she is tired of living in an impoverished society.


If you are interested in watching Turkish TV shows, you should try Carpisma. This Turkish drama series is about four people who accidentally meet and become friends. The plot is very dramatic and involves a lot of conflict. The actors in the show are very talented and have become quite famous in their home countries. Turkish television is very popular in Turkey, so the demand for these shows is high.

The story of the series is based on the life of four people who meet after a car accident. Their lives are destined to cross each other, and a tragic event occurs in one of the four cars. As a result, the lives of the four people change forever. Kadir, who lost his wife and daughter in a terrorist attack, decides to commit suicide through a car accident. This incident, however, also changes the lives of three others.

The show is set in Istanbul, Turkey. The lead characters, Serkan and Eda, are both passionate about education. As a result, they face a lot of challenges as they pursue their goals. The show has a strong cast, and it’s recommended for viewers from all countries. This is the best Turkish TV series to watch in 2022. So, get ready to laugh and cry your way through.

Yalniz Kurt

The new Turkish drama series, Yalniz Kurt, has been receiving a lot of praise for its rich cast and interesting subject matter. The show was directed by Cagatay Tosun and produced by Osman Sinav. As for its release date, the first episode will be released on Friday, 25 February 2022. The show will air between 6 PM CDT and 7-8 PM EDT. It will debut between 8:30 and 9:30 AM ACDT on Saturday, 26 February 2022.

The main character in Yalniz Kurt is a woman named Asiye. She left her stepmother’s house when she was seventeen and married her husband, Cemal. The couple has a son, a daughter, and a dog. After Cemal decides to leave town to improve their financial situation, Asiye raises their children on her own. She begins to see her husband with a woman who is rich and has a child. The drama is very realistic, but it also has its flaws.


With its hugely popular cast and complex storylines, Ertugrul has captivated fans worldwide, from Turkish TV to Hollywood. The Turkish culture and tourism ministry exports 150 series to more than 100 countries. The series has become a huge cultural phenomenon, even causing a tourist boom. Because of its popularity, Ertugrul has become a major tourist attraction, with the first Ottoman capital of Sogut becoming a popular travel destination.

The story is about the lives of four characters who meet in an accident. The foursome begin a new chapter in their lives. But, things are not as easy as they seem. Their lives will become even more complicated when they realize their husbands are having an extramarital affair. However, they find a way to reconcile and start a new chapter in their lives.

The story follows the lives of three warriors. Ertugrul, a former Turkish nobleman, faces several challenges in his quest to establish his new role as king. He is plagued by jealousy and despair after the death of his son. His wife, Ilbilge, is a woman with strong emotions, and she falls in love with his cousin, Tugtekin. But she is not the only woman who gets married. In addition to a new life, Ertugrul discovers the truth about a conspiracy against his tribe and reveals the plot to take him down.

Ask Aglatir

If you are a fan of drama television shows, then you should definitely check out Ask Aglatir, the fourth Turkish series. The story revolves around a young mother who married a rich man, only for him to leave the family for years and not return. She is left to raise three children by herself and ends up surviving on her own. Kivanc plays the main role in this comedy drama series.

The plot of this Turkish series is quite ambitious and has great characters. The drama has great production values and the actors in the show are very well known in their own countries. While there is a lot of competition and a high demand for this Turkish series, the storyline is interesting and the acting is excellent. The four main characters come into contact accidentally, which makes for an intense drama. The lead character is Kivanc Tatlitug, a fictionalized version of Serkan. It is an amazing series and is a must watch for any fan of Turkish television dramas.

Another Turkish TV series with an interesting plot is Kirmizi Oda. The drama revolves around a psychological clinic. Every episode features a different patient’s story, and shows different attitudes in psychiatry. This Turkish TV series is well worth watching if you want to know more about the psychiatric profession. You can learn a lot about how to cope with mental trauma by watching it.

Muhtesem Yuzyil

With the current political situation in Turkey, Muhtesem Yuzyil, the Turkish television series, has been a hot topic of conversation. The prime minister’s attack on the show has prompted the Turkish government to introduce new regulations for portrayals of historical figures. This news has already spread to the streets of central Istanbul. The mood among people is a mix of anger and resignation.

Muhtesem Yuzyil, the Turkish series, follows the life of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, who became the first Sultan at the age of 26. It also explores the relationships between Suleiman and his wife, the former slave girl Hurrem Sultan. This series highlights the Sultanate of Women during the Ottoman Empire, and aims to make viewers feel that they, too, are worthy of a good dose of historical accuracy.

Muhtesem Yuzyil, a Turkish television series about Turkish ancestry, has received heavy criticism from critics of the Prime Minister. The series has already been pulled from Turkish Airlines’ in-flight entertainment system. This ban may prove to be a sign of things to come in Turkey’s political future. While it’s unsettling to see this series censored, it does provide a lot of entertainment and are worth watching.

Yasak Elma

The latest season of the popular Turkish TV show, Yasak Elma, will air on FOX in the fall. This series has broken audience records on Monday evenings and has been on the air for five seasons. Currently, the show has 127 episodes. Watch Yasak Elma online now. The series is also available on FOX streaming. To watch Yasak Elma online, you can sign up for our newsletter, and we will keep you posted on the latest episodes!

The plot of this Turkish drama is very interesting. Cemal is a woman who was raised by her stepmother. Her father is out of town and she lives with her stepmother. Then, one day, she meets a man named Serkan, who offers to marry her for two months and arrange everything for her to go study abroad. This series stars Kerem Bursin and Hande Ercel.

Kurt Seyit ve Sura

The love story of a young Turkish woman and her romantic hero is a compelling one in the new Kurt Seyit ve Sura television series. Based on the novel by Kurt Seyit’s granddaughter, Shura, the series follows the journey of two women who fall in love. The series also explores themes of duty, friendship, and culture.

The storyline revolves around the WWI era, when two soldiers fall in love and escape to Istanbul to escape the Russian Revolution. The men are joined by their friends, including Petro, who becomes their go-between. The women are also reunited, with Farah Zeynep Abdullah playing the beautiful daughter of a noble Russian family. In the series, the two lovebirds face many challenges to be together.

In the world of Turkish television, the show is a must-watch for those with a passion for history and literature. The first two seasons are scheduled to air on PBS, and you can watch the entire series on Netflix. All episodes of Kurt Seyit ve Sura are subtitled in English on Netflix, so you can watch them in the comfort of your own home.

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