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Types of handsfree

Types of handsfree

Just observe at a mobile shop, which is the most selling mobile phone accessory. You will find that hand free is one of the best selling accessories of mobiles.

Hands-free; as its name indicates that equipment which can be used without the involvement of hands. It is a mobile phone accessory that is all the time favorite of mobile users. While you are traveling to another place or cooking in your kitchen, at the same time you can talk to any of your family members or friend with the help of hands-free attached to your mobile.

In this article, you will learn about the type of hands-free and their availability in Pakistan.

Importance of hands-free

Hands-free can be said to the present use of mobile phone technology. You do not remain bound to keep the mobile in your hand rather you can perform other tasks while doing conversation with someone else or listening to your online lectures. This multitasking is a great function of hands-free.

Let’s suppose, you have to cook food by following a recipe, put your hands-free in your ear and start cooking the dish, instead of wasting time to listen to the recipe again and again and then start cooking. You want to listen to your lecture but do not able to pay attention due to the noise in your surroundings, use your hands-free to pay full attention. Many countries have now passed the laws that you can listen to your phone calls with your hands-free while driving a vehicle. But do not go to use your mobile often, it can distract your attention and lead to be a victim of an accident.

From where can I purchase the best quality hands-free?

Hands-free is a common mobile phone accessory, available on all mobile shops easily. But purchasing low-quality hands-free can be a complete wastage of your money. Cheap quality manufactured or copies of the brands just serve the purpose shortly. They run out of order and you have to buy it again. When you choose a reputed seller, you will forget all these issues.

For a quality purchase, visit “Hktdesigns”. “Hktdesigns” has completed 20 years of excellence in the field by providing quality and branded mobile phone accessories. Hands-free is one of the top accessories that are sold at their selling point. They offer the best hands-free price in Pakistan for all the brands. It is the reason that their customers love to visit their shop situated in Lahore when they need anything. Hktdesigns also offer online purchases, you can order them for the desired accessory and they will send at your home.

Types of hands-free

There are two main types of hands-free in the market. One is the old-styled with the wire that is attached to the phone and the other are wireless. Below is the detail about them.

  • Wired hands-free with microphone

They possess a wire with an attached microphone and a pin to insert in the mobile. You have to keep your mobile in your hand or pocket while using them. you can fo multitasking but it is somehow limited due the wire and the holding mobile in your hand. Their popularity has now reduced a little due to the advanced wireless hands-free in the market. But due to their economical price, a lot of customers purchase them. Hktdesigns offers hand free of all mobile companies.


  • Bluetooth hands-free
bluetooth handsfree
Bluetooth handsfree

Almost every one of us has used wired mobile hands-free or may be using now, knows the issues about their usage. Sometimes after use, they are being rolled up in hurry and the wire gets stuck badly. When it is unrolled, it may damage the wire and the sound from them starts causing a disturbance. Technology has gone advanced now, simply wired hands-free has now replaced by blue tooth hands-free. They are very easy to use; you can work freely while placing your mobile phone on the bed or table. They are in trend because of their convenient use. Telecommunication staff in offices also prefers to use them as they can do other tasks like handling files to find out the data of clients while talking to that client on phone.


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