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Uber Clone App Fleet Management Issues And Solutions 2021

Transportation is a necessity, people cannot do without it! And, taxi apps are an inseparable aspect of it. A large number of people today are reliant on such taxi app services for their commute to work. Meaning investors have a bright chance of success in the taxi industry if their idea is good enough. An Uber clone app would stand a fair chance with the right features.

With new innovation, it is expected that new challenges and problems arise. But, with every problem, there is a solution and that is exactly what we would highlight in this blog. Fleet management has forever been an issue but online and in the traditional operations. With digitization and taxi app development, we have modern solutions for it all!

It is not uncommon for an Uber clone to have hundreds of vehicles in its fleet. Imagine controlling these many vehicles. Wouldn’t it be a nightmare without proper provision? Of course, there would be issues. But, every problem comes with a solution. 

Fleet Management Challenges In An Uber-Like Business

Every driver is different and this can cause a range of problems stemming from diverse driver behavior or faulty technology. Here are a few problems that you can expect to experience when managing your fleet. 

Inability to Track Fleet

You know how an Uber-like app works, right? A rider hails a ride and a notification is sent to the closest driver. But what if your driver does not reach even after the ETA (Estimated time of arrival) has timed out?

The rider would cancel the ride out of frustration! In the world of technology & digitization, chances are they will make their frustration felt in the form of an online review. According to how many people see this, your ratings could plummet. 

This is why dedicated drivers are exactly what your taxi business needs in order to succeed and grow a positive reputation. For this to be possible, you have to know where your fleet is and how fast they respond to riders. 

Solution: GPS Location 

Fitting each vehicle with GPS is a sure way to ensure that drivers are at the right place at the right time. Staying too far from common pick-up sites is also not ideal and something that can be improved upon. 

Location logging will help to ward off unwanted behavior from both parties, drivers and riders. 

Safety Assurance 

The safety of your riders should be your number one priority. Riders want a fast and safe ride to their destination. Chances of theft, abuse, or harassment will make riders rethink ever using your app again. It is up to you to ensure this never happens.

The secret to making the safe trip a reality depends upon driver onboarding and fleet management. Although only a few drivers are sketchy. You must avoid hiring drivers that are not up to the mark. 

Solution: SOS button and Background Checks

Provide a way by which your riders can get assistance or help if required. An SOS button on your app would be appreciated by your riders. Also, make each applicant have to pass a background check to work as a driver for your business. Setting up cameras in vehicles can dissuade crime. 

Low-Productivity Rate

Every Uber clone app owner must use a cost-efficient model to be profitable. To do this, fuel charges and rider waiting times must be minimal. For this to be possible, drivers must take the closest route and not waste time along the way. 

But, every taxi business experiences problems relating to reckless and suspicious drivers. 

Some drivers may use the fuel for personal errands and try to claim it from you. Or they may purposely take their time to reach a rider, causing negative rider feedback. All this can affect the reputation of your app and reduce your profit margin. 

Solution: Trip/Travel History 

Owners can put an end to devious drivers by implementing a dashboard during Uber clone app development. This will enable you to see all the drivers on duty and their travel logs. Thus, you can easily notice any irregularities among existing taxi drivers.

If drivers are taking detours or if the mileage and logs don’t match, the driver is contributing to low productivity! In this case, you will have to weed out poorly performing drivers and replace them with more responsible ones. 

Vehicle Hygiene

Nobody likes hopping into a dirty cab! Uber app owners must be particular about cleanliness. Again, one bad experience can cost your business dearly. Every vehicle in the fleet must smell fresh and have no trash! 

Upholstery should be clean and void of severe staining. If you can, help drivers get washable seat covers. Having garbage in a car automatically makes it smell that way. Not every driver naturally practices cleanliness and the fate of your taxi services cannot be left in their hands.

Solution: Vehicle Hygiene Rules and Regular Inspections

To keep the standards of your Uber clone app high, set hygiene guidelines and rules for drivers and their vehicles. This will ensure that a rider never has to ride in an unpleasant vehicle. 

Since it is your investment at stake, it is up to you to enforce the rules! Even have a vehicle inspection often enough or when complaints start coming in. Drivers must remove all unnecessary items and use an air freshener to offer riders a fresh breath of air.

Additionally, you should motivate the riders to keep the vehicle they are riding in clean, by not littering it.

Features of Uber Clone Apps To Tackle Fleet Management Issues

While building the Uber clone app you envisioned, there are many features that will indirectly tackle fleet management issues. They are the common must-have features that every taxi service app incorporates into their app. 

GPS Navigation

Perhaps some of your fleet vehicle drivers are not familiar with certain areas? All they need is a GPS navigation system to help them find their way around. This allows them to fulfill rides while learning their way around that particular area. So, GPS navigation ensures productivity is not affected due to a lack of area or route knowledge. 

Data Safety

A major portion of the ride details is given to the driver through digital format on a mobile device. But, what happens if the driver is unable to use his registered device? You must make sure he can access the portal immediately through another device.

Not making this move will affect productivity and could leave many riders stranded. Unique login via password and ID credentials is one of the most prominent features of Uber clone apps.

As is the case with all digital data, there is always a chance data is misused or stolen. Giving an option to log out from all devices can keep users’ data safe in case of device theft.

Real-Time Data Analytics 

Your app should have the ability to collect, utilize and act on real-time data. Such information will help you to better all aspects relating to the fleet. Valuable information can play a crucial role in identifying the weak points of your fleet. 


As you have probably come to know, managing fleet issues is important if you want your Uber-like business to thrive. A great deal of responsibility is put on drivers and their vehicles for Uber-like apps. Each member has a part to play in the taxi vehicle fleet.

If a driver does something out of protocol and is underperforming, your app will bear the brunt! Implementing the solutions at the earliest is the best option to prevent issues before their effects are felt.

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