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Uber Eats Biking: Is It Worth Your Time?

Uber Eats Biking: Is It Worth Your Time?

If you’re looking for a side hustle to supplement your income, you might have considered food delivery via Uber Eats.

What throws a lot of potential couriers off are the transportation expenses for Uber Eats. As an independent contractor, you’ll be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your car.

As gas prices rise in the USA, you’ll have to ensure many deliveries to cover the high costs! Luckily, there is another option available.

You can consider Uber Eats biking rather than relying on a car. Here’s what you need to know about Uber Eats bike delivery:

Finding a Bike

The biggest concern for new couriers is the strain of riding a bicycle. Uber Eats bicycle delivery is strenuous and can limit the number of deliveries you can complete on a given day.

At worst, you can miss entire days of work if you feel exhausted or sore from constantly riding your bicycle.

The best solution is to look for an electric bike such as those from Green Bike USA.

These types of bikes help you travel long distances without having to constantly pedal. It reduces the strain of riding a bike and makes it easier to travel long distances for your deliveries.

Now let’s look at the other procedures needed to succeed as an Uber Eats courier.

Applying for Uber Eats

When you apply for your Uber Eats courier application, you must provide a valid ID card. If you don’t have a driver’s license, then a state-issued ID should suffice.

You also have to be at least 18 years old to work as an Uber Eats courier. You’ll also have to specify that you’ll be making deliveries via bike.*

You’ll have to upload a clear scan of your ID card. Uber then conducts a background check on you before they hire you. This process usually takes up to 5 days.

After the background check, they’ll review your application to see if you’re eligible to work via their platform. As soon as they grant approval, you’re ready to start making deliveries!

*As a result, you might want to drive long distances with your bike first before registering as a courier.

Best Practices for Uber Eats Bicycle Delivery

So what happens once you’ve become an Uber Eats courier? How do you ensure that you succeed in your new role?

The Best Practices to Ensure You Build a Lucrative Income as an Uber Eats Courier

You want to ensure that you get adequate rest. Since you’ll have to rely on your body to make deliveries, don’t exert too much pressure on it outside of your courier work.

When you’re not making deliveries for Uber Eats, try to rest your body as much as possible.

If you work out or exercise, then you might want to take a full day to rest before making deliveries. Late deliveries can result in poor ratings of your services!

You want to also guarantee that you keep yourself safe when riding your bike. Make sure you invest in a great lock to protect your bike. If you can’t find a place to lock your bike, keep it by your side as you make your delivery.

Make sure you always carry snacks and water with you. You’ll want to ensure you can always maintain your energy during a busy day.

You should also have protective gear with you at all times. Wear a helmet and protective clothing when you ride your bike. You might also want to look into insurance in case you injure yourself while delivering through Uber Eats.

Make sure your smartphone is always fully charged before you begin your day. You also want to always carry your phone charger and a power bank with you at all times!

Should I Deliver for Uber Eats?

Now you’ve got to decide, is Uber Eats worth it for earning a lucrative income? You have to assess your current situation in life to determine if the financial and time investment is worthwhile.

What You Should Consider

You want to consider how much free time you have to pursue a gig as an Uber Eats courier. With Uber Eats, you can work as much or as little as you wish.

But if you want to earn a lucrative income, you want to be able to dedicate an entire day to making deliveries.

You need to know how many full days you can schedule each week to make deliveries. If it’s only 1 or 2 days, this might not be ideal for you.

You might want to consider how in-demand Uber Eats is in your area. For example, during the beginning of the pandemic, Uber Eats became a necessity almost everywhere! But as many cities are opening up, the demand for Uber Eats might be lower.

You also want to gauge how well you know your area. With Uber Eats, you’ll be expected to make deliveries on time. While the app gives you directions via GPS, it’s always best to know the area yourself so that you’re never late.

A question you should ask is if your city or town is bicycle-friendly! If it isn’t, it’ll be a lot harder for you to navigate through traffic to make your deliveries. If it is, then you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make deliveries with Uber Eats!

Those Are the Benefits of Uber Eats Biking

Now you know the benefits of Uber Eats biking and can determine whether this is a great side hustle for you.

You want to first ensure that you find a great bike that’ll reduce the strain of making deliveries. Afterward, you’ll have to begin the process of applying to be an Uber Eats courier.

You can work as much or as little as you wish as an Uber Eats courier. If you organize your schedule accordingly, this can be a lucrative side income!

You can find a few great tips on how to succeed with Uber Eats on our blog!

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