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Ultimate Guide For Managing Covid-19 Stress, Fear And Anxiety

Guide for Managing Stress, Fear and Anxiety

Covid-19 has taken a toll on our emotional and mental health by invoking severe stress, fear, and anxiety. Our psyche has changed massively during this epidemic. Simple human to human interaction has become a victim of a powerful threat of contagion. Human beings are behaving in very unprecedented ways.

The role of media in the covering of this frightening apocalypse has made us fret about it almost 24*7. From the first page of newspapers to the morning headlines on any news channel, Covid-19 symptoms are prevailing supremely. It is a period of utmost uncertainty, and uncertainty makes people worry. So, never think that you are the only one facing trouble at maintaining sanity.

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How Covid-19 anxiety affects our mental health

  • The human behavioral immune system gets affected as people, nowadays, are over conscious about being safe now than being sorry later. It ends up making us more and more paranoid and prone to Covid-19 psychological stress.
  • Humans are getting involved in the dilemma of either being a rigorous conformist or traditional or being non-conventional by breaking the societal norms. This situation is called – ‘conform leave’. It puts pressure on everyone’s mind.
  • Vigilance is good but on a limitation. When people are threatened by the spread of this disease, they tend to be more cautious which ends up increasing the Covid-19 stress scale.
  • Every outsider is fearful of another outsider. This creates harsh hostility and impenetrable Covid-19 fear. People, no longer, intend to meet people with the same warmth.

Covid-19 anxiety, stress, fear, and worry symptoms

  • Sensing dread in this situation, that is, always feeling overly apprehensive.
  • Having thoughts that are racing in mind makes people jumpy.
  • There is a state of restlessness or paranoia creeping in every minute.
  • Always being pessimistic and thinking about the worst possible situation.
  • Feeling that danger is lurking around even if that is not the case in reality.
  • Suffer from sudden and frequent panic attacks.

These are the Covid-19 anxiety symptoms that, if ignored, can be fatal to anyone’s mental health.

Picture Courtesy – University of Southern California/ USC News

Ways to cope with Covid-19 stress

Overwhelming feelings of coronavirus fear can be helpful and unhelpful, both. At times, the Covid-19 fear can make you take safety measures, but on other bad days, it can eat up your peace of mind. So, to manage Covid-19 stress, fear, and anxiety, some certain guidelines or tips will come in handy once you begin trying them.

●       Learn to avoid social media or electronic media that misinforms you –

The waves of panic appear once you begin swallowing rumors. Staying informed and updated is beneficial. However, if the news is triggering anxiety and stress in your mind, then it is better to follow – ‘ignorance is bliss’. If you follow the social media strategies mentioned below, then you will be able to control the triggering Covid-19 stress and fatigue.

1.      Constant messaging and constant posting on social media should be done minimally-

There is no humor in facing such trying and turbulent times. Surviving a pandemic is no joke. So, you must realize this and be sensitive when you post about it on social media. Don’t laugh at other’s worried nature just because you are not ridden with panic. Don’t message your anxious friend to switch constant statistics on death poll and hospitalization.

2.      Be an online audience of authentic social media sites-

There is an audience for every online forum. We suggest you stick to those which provide you with the correct pieces of information and neither sugar-coat the words nor blow it out of proportion.

●       Use your time beneficially by planning and preparing for a virtual life-

  1. Meeting up with your friends from time to time is healthy. Never isolate yourself virtually because a good, meaningful conversation can lighten up the moods drastically in the times of Covid-19. There is a significant difference between maintaining social distancing and being lonely. Use the technology like skype, zoom etc. to engage with people you love and miss spending time with.

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2. Covid-19 stress help is available. All you have to do is reach out to the right person before your mental health is affected tremendously. Staying at home for an infinite period doesn’t mean you crawl into a dark place in your mind. Unwind your coronavirus fear by listening to good music or reading a book or simply watching reruns of FRIENDS or any show you like. Having a quality ‘me’ time is equally important.

3. Make optimistic plans. This will bring down the stress to a minimal point. If you can’t control the present, then at least find peace in predicting a happier and safer future.

●       Reduce Covid-19 anxiety symptoms by reducing the potential risk-

There has been a sudden rise in online traffic. We are all looking for solutions to our anxiety on Google. However, one good thing that has happened because of the coronavirus outbreak is that we have accepted that situations can spiral out of control any day, any minute. So, focus on the stuff which is in your hands at the moment. For example –

  1. Protect yourself by cleaning your hands with a sanitizer for at least 15-20 seconds.
  2. Get used to lock down and stay at home unless necessary.
  3. Try to forbid yourself from attending any gathering that has more than the stipulated number of people allowed by the Government.
  4. Only participate in grocery shopping. Wear a mask while doing that.

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  1. Try to minimize unnecessary needs because the financial condition of the country has been affected.
  2. Make your home a haven by using disinfectants on everything. This is one of the home safety tips that must be implemented to manage Covid-19 stress, fear, and anxiety.

●       Reset your life by focusing on self-care –

Coping with Covid-19 stress as a student and otherwise can be tricky. It will take only a moment before you get engulfed by the stress and scariness. So, follow the steps given below to reset your life and practice self-love, self-care at home.

  1. Maintain a gratitude journal. There are things to be thankful for even during Covid-19.
  2. Do some physical exercise to burn all the calories that your body is consuming by sitting at home all day.
  3. Follow a daily routine so that you have a structure for productive or semi-productive days.
  4. Do get involved in indoor activities, but take small breaks in between.
  5. Get rid of Covid-19 stress and fatigue by being organized.
  6. Also, don’t forget to eat healthy food and maintain hygiene.
  7. Get quality sleep every night as sleeping boosts the immune system

Stress management during Covid-19 is very important. The bottom line is that although you might feel mentally exhausted, you can see a change in your emotional health if you practice the tips that are given in this article. Don’t be hesitant to ask for professional help in case you are unable to overcome or cope up with the Covid-19 stress, fear, and anxiety.

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