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Ultimate Guide To Buy Diamond Watch

Diamond watch still only tells what a time it is; I wonder how great it would be if wearing this watch could also turn challenging circumstances of life into a diamond one!

Diamond is something secretly admired by everyone; and a source of charm and temptation for every individual. From the diamond ring to a diamond necklace, and even diamond wristwatches, a tiny dot of a shining diamond is enough to raise the price of these products, and thus to see a glimpse of arrogant side in the wearer, as a sign of high spirits, or fame.

However, have you ever pondered what if you get a fake diamond watch at a highly high price? What can be a more traumatizing loss than being trapped in this fraud? Companies like Rolex will never provide this precious item at wholesale or at least discounted price (at least for the sake of retaining their global brand image) and so other leading companies; so from where can one expect to buy full diamond watch wholesale?

Is this just a fantasy, untold impossible dream, or truth? This is the main catch! Well, for your convenience, this comprehensive post will share a detailed guide to buy diamond watches and a guide to buying the best Rolex diamond watches. You’d be wondering;

what’s the distinction purchasing any precious stone watches or Rolex jewel observes?” well, it’s more like telling the difference between common and proper nouns since the attached label of Rolex name is enough to provoke the curiosity of getting insight.

After reading this comprehensive guide, I am certain you’ll be able to approach any reliable luxury watch supplier, if not Rolex, then at least you’ll be able to make a successful money investment buying a Diamond wristwatch, so stay tuned and keep reading.

Guide To Buy Rolex Diamond Watches

When looking for Rolex diamond watches, the main concern is what type of diamond this company uses, what best models they provide, and a bit of difference between factory set diamonds and aftermarket diamonds. So, here we’ll touch on each aspect of it.

Like every material that goes into a Rolex watch, the diamonds are of the absolute highest quality, as Rolex demands using the best diamonds. When they hit the market, they’re hand-selected for every diamond; it’s either rejected or selected in case if not up to Rolex standards.

If you’re looking for a Rolex watch with diamonds, then you’ll notice their diamonds are placed in a few different areas along with the watch. Some of them are placed on Bezel, on the date chest, or they could be on a lug hood. Rolex has plenty of models to choose from; the common is “the date” and “Pearl Master” these are those models which have the most often set with diamonds.

But, they do also offer diamonds on sport models like Daytona. AS you would expect, diamond set Rolexes comes in premium over the non-diamond versions, yet there are few things even in premium watch set that are responsible for affecting the price, such as;

  • the size and number of diamonds used
  • the watch model on which diamond is placed

What never affects the price is the quality of diamonds used; as discussed before, Rolex is known for using the best quality diamonds, so there’s no chance of doubt in quality; this symbolizes the Rolex standard.

What else?

Besides, the larger watches that use more diamonds, or at a higher premium in a smaller watch, is Day-Date, with diamonds around the Bezel. There are more diamonds set in the Bezel. Also, the price, size, and shape of diamonds used can affect the price.

For instance, a standard diamond dial Daytona with diamonds costs around $2000 over the non-diamond dial. If you want Baguettes set with the six and nine o clock markers, that’s about three times the price of the standard diamond version.

The range of premium that you can expect to pay for an upgrade can vary like it starts around $2,000 on the absolute bottom end and goes all the way up to $20,000 or more for every rose yacht master with the pave diamond dial.

The Rolex charges for the diamond upgrade when you get to the secondary market. These premiums are diluted; you can get a diamond dial or diamond bezel and add it on for anywhere between a few hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars.

Whereas, in the secondary market, you can get a diamond dial or diamond bezel anywhere from a premium as little as $200 up to thousands of dollars, but in general, on the secondary market, the price of compensation is going to be much less steep than they are from an authorized dealer.

These were examples of factory Rolex diamonds set if we talk about aftermarket diamonds, which are applied to watches that initially did not come with diamonds, rather two different things with Rolex cent diamonds.

In a nutshell!

These watches tend to hold their value well compared to aftermarket watches that don’t own their value and can even affect the cost of eyes. Now, let’s move to guide buying full diamond watch wholesale, or at least at a reasonable price from any well-reputed supplier.

What Things to Consider While Buying Diamond Watch?

While choosing the best diamond watch, everyone will like to look and feel good, but we also need to make it worth buying and valuable. Here are things one must look for;

Your Budget

The right diamond watch reveals one’s financial status. An investment that has been handed down from ancestors to coming generations. However, not all diamond watches are expensive. There are affordable natural diamond watches out there that look luxurious; you have to know how to find them.

Your lifestyle

If you need a diamond watch for daily wear, you need to pick the right one as per your requirement. Do you work outside or inside? In an expert setting or a relaxed one? Picking the right watch includes choosing the right style for your way of life.

Blingy / Sleek or Modern/exemplary – pick your style!

Is it true that you are searching for a frosted-out watch as an assertion piece, or do you need a more discreet jewel watch? Which one suits your character? Do you need a work of art or vintage jewel watch look or something new?

The Decision of Brand As Per the Budget

Is it true that you are set on a Rolex precious stone watch, or would you say you are available to various extravagance brands? A genuine, unique stone watch is a piece of delicate adornments belonging to an extravagance brand that adds agelessness.

If you have a smart thought, you can shop online to track down the best precious stone watch bargains and browse a more thorough cluster of styles.

Buying Tips for Diamond Watch

Following are few buying tips on choosing a reliable diamond watch.

·         Consider used extravagance jewel watches in case you’re searching for bargains

Assume you’re searching for bargains. This will get a good deal on a beautiful piece. For instance, this completely frosted-out Patek Philippe Nautilus jewel watch is delicately used.

·         Search for unique archives

Does the merchant incorporate the first box, manual, and guarantee card? These things give verification of validness and increase the watch’s value as far as a venture.

·         Pose inquiries in regards to measuring

Merchants ought to be adequately responsive to respond to your inquiries. Numerous ladies stress if their precious stone watch fits tiny wrists, so posing queries like “will this watch fit a 5-inch wrist?” is applicable.

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