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Ultimate Guide to Make PS2 Portable

Play Station 2 is the most popular and best-selling console to date. It was one of those consoles that supported almost every game that is still famous and is loved by gamers all around the world. Many of us would still have the Play Station 2 console lying somewhere in the cupboard or our backyard. If you still want to play your old console games but don’t feel like setting up a TV and all those big jumbled up cables. There is a different way you can do that. You can make your PS2 portable with a little effort and avoid the hassle of doing connecting wires together and sit in one place to play your favorite games.

To do that, you need a small 5 to the 7-inch sized screen. You can take a bigger one as well if you want to. Many people use the SONY SCPH 131 5 inch display that can be found online at any store. However, you can also get a small-sized TFT monitor of your choice. Search for the ones that are available as Rear View Cameras for a car or a small DVD player. Another thing that you need is the PlayStation 2 Composite AV Cable to connect your PS2 to the screen.

The major part here is to do a little hack on your PS2 console and power up the little screen. The Play Station originally has an 8.4V DC supply that powers up the whole system.  This is regulated down to 5v and 3.6 v that is used by the USB slots and the controller ports. Since USB’s work on 5V and controllers work on 3.6V. These supplies are activated when the PS2 is turned on. So to the power of your small display, you can use any one of these ports.

But doing that isn’t so easy, since most of the monitors work on 12V supply. But they are again regulated to 5 or 3.6 V. To do that, you need to bypass the 5v regulator and supply 5v to the monitor from an external source. You can check out the internet for several “how-to” guides on playing with the circuitry. Seek help from a professional if you are new to this, otherwise, you might end up burning your console.

This hack although requires a certain level of expertise but is fun to have your own built Play Station Portable rather than buying one for the market (PS Vita). Since your portable PS2 will be cheap and will be able to play all the games you have had collected when you used to play it over the old TV.

You may also need to attach a controller to the portable PS2. One simple way is to use the same wired console and use it on the way. Otherwise, you can search for hacks related to hooking up a controller along with the screen. This way you will be able to make the whole PS2 a handheld device and enjoy gaming on the move.

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