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Unique Features That Make Metal Ceiling Battens A Better Choice

Ceiling battens made up of metal frames are ideal options for preparing steel frame structure. The material selected is always of high quality. if you want to prepare a reliable roof, then ceiling battens are more suggested options.

You can find ceiling battens manufactured by different brands and manufacturers. Each type may vary in standard and quality. You can search for top-grade Rondo ceiling battens online.

Metal ceiling battens made up of standard quality steel is cost-effective. You have to select one that is quality material and right-priced. The rates may vary from one grade to another.

Safety Uses

The ceiling battens are bought for many different uses. One of the first uses is that it is used as the best support for the roof. The metal used is of standard quality and durable. They are used widely to ensure the roof is stable and consistent.

In case you have rafters installed, battens will help in regulating the movement. The battens will also help in providing a high level of safety to the plastering boards. They guarantee a long life span for plastering boards.

They prevent the plastering boards from collapsing or slipping under each other. The battens are light n weight and so they are easy to clamp and fit together.

Standard Grade Metal

The metal that is used for manufacturing steel batten, is of standard quality. The metal frame is appreciated for its durability features. You can use the same batten for many years. It has been tested for its strength and durability.

Weight and Size

Another major benefit of using metal ceiling batten is that they are much lighter in weight. So they are easy to carry to any height. They are also of perfect size and in most cases, you may not need to cut them to a smaller size.

Each metal batten will easily fit inside the second metal batten. You can prepare an entire framework during the construction stage.

Easy to Transport

The metal battens have channels in between. Each metal batten will easily fit inside other batten frames. So the process of transporting the batten is easy. The battens may not occupy much storage space

During transporting you can fix battens together and transport. The metal batten will nest inside each other offering perfect grip. This feature is unique and useful during the construction phase.

Installation and Texture

Metal batten is provided with standard texture. So the edges will easily grip each other when placed in the place. They are also easy to install and do not require many skills. This is why the ceiling battens are widely used for constructing all types of false roof and wall partitions.

The batten will also hold wooden boards in between that are of standard size. You can use the metal batten with steel, wood, and plastering boards.

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