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Urbanization Changes in Metropolitan Denver: A Complete Guide

Denver is one of the largest cities in the US, with recent statistics showing that it’s home to more than 700,000 adults. Over the past decade or so, the city has recorded exponential growth in various sectors such as health, transport, and education.

It is due to these effects that the capital of Colorado now attracts millions of visitors and investors annually.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the urbanization changes that have occurred in metropolitan Denver recently.

Housing Changes

As with all top US cities, the demand for houses in Denver has been on the trajectory over the past few decades, and this explains the high prices of houses here. But that’s not all; looking at modern Denver, you’ll notice that the housing industry has changed significantly, probably to match the changing consumer taste.

For example, apartment rentals in Denver are growing at a rapid pace all over the city as more residents prefer renting stay-ready homes that don’t need furnishing.

Other housing changes in Denver include the mushrooming gated communities and the construction of smart homes that come with advanced tech features like smart security systems.

Modern Amusement Parks

The past few years have seen a good number of private or public parks come up where people can relax and unwind after busy days. Some of the most notable ones are Lakeside Amusement Park and Elitch Gardens.

These are not your ordinary parks, and they pack lots of fun activities for kids and adults alike. While here, you can participate in dark rides, flat rides and transport rides among others.

EV Charging Stations

Not many years ago, the shift to electric vehicles became a significant trend in most parts of the world. For example, the UK is today in the process of imposing a ban on diesel and petrol vehicles, leading to millions of people now switching to EVs.

Recent statistics show that EVs account for at least 5% of vehicles on the roads today, and these numbers can only keep going up. In response to this inevitable change, investors have started to install EV charging points in Denver.

You will find plenty of EVs charging points installed in the city’s public places for easy accessibility, although motorists must pay fees to use them. Either way, nothing feels better than living in a city where everyone welcomes technology with open arms.

World Class Stadiums

Denver might not be one of the biggest or flashiest cities in the US, but it has enough stadiums to accommodate huge social gatherings. For instance, Empower Field, one of the most popular places in the Mile High City, has a capacity of a whopping 76,000 people!

Sure, some of the stadiums in Denver might have been there for a long time, but it helps to touch on the modern features added to them to make them stand out.

For example, today, the city has stadiums with retractable roofs and adequate lights, which makes it possible to host night events including sporting competitions involving games like NFL, soccer, cricket and football among others.

At the time of this writing, there were more than eight high-level stadiums in Denver, which makes it one of the most social-centered cities in Colorado.

Exotic Restaurants

As one of the fastest-growing cities in Colorado, Denver plays host to thousands of people from different backgrounds and races. Some of them are there to study, work, explore or start new homes.

No matter the reason for their movement into the city, these people enjoy different delicacies. This easily explains why a lot of local and exotic restaurants are being opened in Denver every passing day.

Most of these restaurants hire world-class chefs with knowledge of various delicacies. This, alongside the friendly nature of people in this city, makes Denver such a pleasant place that people are not afraid to relocate to regardless of their backgrounds.

What’s Next For The Mile High City?

Urbanization is a big topic all over the US and the world at large. Some cities are slow in adopting the changes that come with it, while others like Denver are moving at such a rapid pace. If you are looking to relocate to Denver in 2022, expect to have it smooth, whether that is in finding a good place to stay, unwind or eat out.

The Mile High City is easily the perfect example of what good urban planning is about. We hope you can enjoy your stay here. 

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